Loreen was received by the fans at the airport

Uploaded by LoreenDailyorg on 07.06.2012

Was it the Swedish soccer team that landed after an EM-gold at Arlanda yesterday?
No, it was Loreen that landed and what a reception she got.
...by her fans. Amazing!
Why are you here?
Because we’re going to see Loreen and she is like... the best!
Why is she the best?
I don’t know, she just is.
Yes, she’s singing very good songs!
She is a very worthy winner because she has gathered Europe.
There’s not a lot of people that can do that and above all that women get to do that.
And that she is standing on everyone’s side; coloured, white, yellow, red, gays, straight people.
She is always on everyone’s side.
You are the best honey! Welcome home!
There’s a lot of kids here, many girls. Do you think you are a role model for them?
I hope that. I hope that I am a role model for them. That they think that I’m cool enough, I hope.
How does it feel to be a role model?
It feels good. Because I am a girl that stands for good things. Another type of ideal.
How big is it that she won?
It is the biggest thing that has happened in our lives. It’s totally amazing!
I’m very happy! When she won, my friend was running around and screamed!
So it was pretty big, what can you say, it was a joy!
You even did your own sign for her?
Not me, she deserves the credit for it.
Loreen, I am the owner of your fanclub!
Is it you?! Are you kidding? Oh my god! You’re very good.
Did you edit the pictures too? You’re so talented! Aww, wow!
Loreen, what does this mean to you?
Very much. Because they give me energy and I am going to try to give them as much energy as I can.
And tell them how special they are. They mean everything. Is there someone that wants to sing Euphoria?
I can sing Euphoria for you!
The fan’s favourite!
Yes, lovely!