Sports Science: Exercise Practice BSc (Hons)

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Greg: Hi I’m Greg Hettie: and I’m Hettie and we’re studying
BSc Honours Exercise Practice Sports Science at York St John.
Greg: The course involves a lot of bio mechanics psychological and physiological work.
Hettie: The course also gives you the chance to get loads of vocational qualifications
like in the first year you do your gym instructors you can do nutrition qualifications and personal
trainer you can also do qualifications in adapting for children so as well as just having
a degree you have loads of vocational qualifications which look good on your CV.
Greg: It’s quite challenging but as long as you have done your readings and do some
background research it should all fit perfectly. Hettie: The kind of people who would want
to apply for this course have got to have an interest in sport and exercise.
Greg: The course involves practical use such as lactate testing where you go by and get
some blood samples. Hettie: There is quite a lot of chance for
work experience on the course one of the modules it’s compulsory so by the third year you’re
doing up to forty hours work experience and you get to pick where you do the work placement
so you just do it wherever you have an interest in so that’s good.
Greg: This year I’m at a elderly home doing exercise with the elderly which ties in with
my module but also gives me an opportunity to see if I want to do that in the future.
Hettie: All of the staff from the sport they’re all specialist in either psychology bio mechanics
physiology so you get a really good understanding. Greg: My favourite aspect of the course Is
the testing for example we did some lactate testing where by you look at different thresholds
anaerobic aerobic and see where you can work at a nice intensity.
Hettie: if you’ve got a keen interest in exercise and how exercise can help people
lead a healthier lifestyle if you have got a passion for that I think that’s all you
really need. Greg: get some work experience see if you
like that area first before you come to uni. Hettie: I think just like coming to the actual
campus and seeing the facilities it really inspired me that I wanted to come here.