Bronze I Cha Cha - The Sweetheart with Fan Ending Ballroom Dance Lesson

Uploaded by aanw97 on 31.05.2011

Step #3 is called the Sweetheart
and it looks like something like this – right hand to right hand hold.
2, 3, a 4 and 1; 2, 3, a 4 and
1; 2, 3, a 4 and 1; 2, 3, a 4 and
1; 2, 3, a 4 and 1; 2, 3, a 4 and
1; 2, 3, a 4 and 1. I’ll do it from this angle.
2, 3, a 4 and 1; 2, 3, (a) 4 and 1; 2, 3, a 4
and 1; 2, 3, a 4 and 1; 2, 3, a 4
and 1; 2, 3, a 4 and 1; 2, 3, a 4 and 1.
We’ll teach to you in this angle. The man is going to dance a basic in place,
leading the lady to his right side. Starting with a handshake hold,
right hand to right hand, so he goes left,
replace right, cha cha cha on the spot; cha cha cha, bring the lady to right side.
We’re going to take a shadow position, left hand to left hand,
right hand behind the lady’s back. The lady is going to come forward
on the cha cha cha, turning 1½ to her left,
cha cha cha, don’t take big step, making sure you are stable on your own,
still in front of the man. Once we have this position,
we step with the inside foot, forward for man,
backward for lady. 2, 3, we change
crossing each other, switching the hold,
forward inside foot for man, back inside foot for lady.
Step, step, cha cha cha. We can repeat this as many times as we like,
we just repeat it 2 more times. Step, step, cha cha cha;
step, step, cha cha cha. When I keep this shadow position,
and dance back, replace, forward lock,
forward outside foot, replace, backward lock.
We have an exit, back, replace inside foot,
sending the lady out, she’s turning to her right,
she’s going to end up in front of you, facing you.
Man dance on the spot, cha cha cha. Come back together with basic,
step a cha cha cha. Facing the camera, 2, 3,
shadow position, inside foot,
always forward for man; always back for lady. Changing hands and sides.
We did this 4 times, come back to this position.
We go back, replace, forward lock, forward, replace, backward lock,
back, replace, release, cha cha cha. Step, step, cha cha cha.
And there you have “The Sweetheart”. We’ll dance this one to music for you.