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Title: Collections Operations Careers #foraliving
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See Mike sharing his experience working in Phoenix and fostering his American Express
career within Global Creadit Administration.
What I do for a living is Im a coach. I motivate. I inspire and develop employees to be the
best they can be. I came into American Express from the National Football League. I played
for the San Diego Chargers and also with the Dallas Cowboys.
What NFL teaches you is how to be a team player. It teaches you to problem solve and also the
dedication. From day one as soon as I came to American Express it offered me the same
things that I had playing professional football the pride of being part of a team environment
and also working for a company and shooting for a goal is bigger than you yourself. You
want to make sure that you have fun. You mix the fun into the goals that you have. By doing
it you have contests. You try to compete against each other. We definitely like to recognize
and reward success. Being a part of a company thats been around
for 150 years you know that the things that youre doing today influence the company 5
10 20 years from now. That makes you proud. It makes you take pride in regards to the
things you do.
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