Review : Carbon Twitter Client for Windows Phone

Uploaded by wpxbox on 29.11.2011

Welcome to WPXBOX Windows Phone App Review and today we have a comin sooon aweome Twitter Client : CARBON
Pretty Fast when it comes to loading timline and messages with notifcation of how many new you have.
Makes use of Fluid Panaroma View
You can check Retweets by you, for you and to you along with lis with one single tap
The Text is pretty smooth and you can read it along easily though if you prefer small text, the option will be availle in the final release
You can share Tweets by Email SMS or Copy the tweet if you want.
Email sent contains link to the tweet which is useful if you need to mention source in editorial work
With less taps you can find more details about any twitter account.
Direct Message includs option to Add pictures also.
The way pictures can be seen is soothing. Any picture in the tweet gets loaded right in same tweet so when you tap on the tweet you get to
see it
Vide Prevew gets loaded in the same tweet but its played in the browser.
Supports Multiple Twitter Account
When new tweets are loaded while you ar reading one, you can set option to switch to new tweets, stay on last tweet or stay where
you are. This makes sure you dont get distracted.
Switch Account when composing a new tweet
You can also Pin Compose Tweet as Tile on Start menu which gives you quick access to tweet something quickly
Supports Live Tiles for Accounts, Search and Compose New Tweet
The back of account tile indicates how many people mentioned you and messages.
Settings for Number of Tweets to pull, What happens when new tweet comes in.
Supports Google URL Shortner and Twitter Official Picture Support
Read Later and Insta Paper
Background check for New Mentions and Messages. Saves Battery as it is 30 minutes duration.
Threaded conversations
Overall an excellent app to use, so keep an eye on when it comes to the market.