Operation Pink Squad II 1987

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We have known for a long time.
It is, I see you more often than my mother.
Shall we get married?
Keep the etiquette as this is the first time.
No, the atmosphere is too serious.
Remember to keep calm!
Never let him know this is your first time
or she will laugh at you.
Why are you taking all these books here?
For reading, I can't sleep without reading.
How long will you read?
Sleep first, I've got to read a long time.
Do you feel the
romantic air tonight?
Romantic? Let me read you a prose.
I suspect the moonlight to be frost.
Looking at the moon while thinking of hometown.
You know this style?
What? I am picking up the pins.
Picking up the pins?
What do you think I am doing?
Let me read you another.
Boiling the beans with bean as fuel
Why all this as they are the same kind?
Why all this?..., I can't wait.
Wait, we must be frank now.
Is this your first time?
My first time? Of course not!
Of course
It's really too good!
What so good?
Because this is not my first time, either!
Neither yours nor mine is the first time,
Let us forget all the past.
Forget the past?
From now on, we must never have casual sex.
We must behave ourselves, OK?
Are you picking pins again?
Second hand, I married a second hand wife...
Johnny! Who is Johnny?
Johnny, don't!
Behave ourselves? You vixen.
You dream of your secret lover!
Damn it, vixen!
Mary, turn around!
It's intriguing...higher...
See where you can run!
You dreamed of your lover in Thailand
and is still like this back in HK.
I must fix a eavesdroper to see who he is.
Let's go.
See you later.
Hi, Johnny!
So you are Johnny?
Not me, it's him.
What is your English name?
My name is Richard.
Why do you get so nervous hearing the name Johnny?
I don't.
You deny?
Say another name.
It is not me, let me go.
I am just passing by.
I am very happy to see you.
Are you happy with your marriage?
Forget it!
Why? I see, you don't have pleasant sexual life.
You are wrong.
Then what worries you?
I'll tell you but don't tell anyone else.
You don't understand me.
Being an inspector, I have been trained
I won't tell
even they beat me up.
While we were having our honey moon in Thailand
My wife called the name of another man every night
It's nothing.
My wife calls the name of Adam Chow every night.
It's nothing wrong.
Let me tell you.
I always join Chung Chor Hung in dreams
That's alright.
But if the man exists
It is then serious.
Let me see!
For me
I would saw that man up
Then I would have to buy a saw first.
No need, I'll lend you one.
You must act secretly and get the evidence.
Tell me to come
if you get them red-handed
Sir, I am too grateful that you help me.
It's easy-job
Stop this as we are men.
Call me Johnny from now on.
Stop, Johnny!
Wait till I finish the meeting with your wife.
Get me a cup of coffee.
Sit down.
Is everybody here?
The seniors handed this case to us.
These four Japanese women
Seem to be club hostess in HK
in fact they brougt in
a print of forge money
They were arrested yesterday when they arrived HK
The man the other side is Maddy.
In order to find out the local buyers, the senior
ordered you to disguise as these women.
You want us to be prostitutes?
What do you mean?
You want them to be 'Japanese' prostitutes?
What 'them', you are one of us!
Me too?
Yes, everybody.
To be fair,
even my niece joins our action.
Come in, Min.
It's my pleasure
to work with you.
How do you do?
Sir, she resembles you.
They nearly look alike.
We are relatives.
Sir, I can't as I am married.
What? You can't?
Come here, I have something to talk to you.
Officer Loo will give you information.
Come here.
Be easy!
I must poison you!
Don't hang around me, please.
Why mustn't l
I am married now.
How can I do such thing for you?
I understand how you feel.
I can't do without you,. promise me one more time
He is dirty!
There are so many policewomen,
why me?
I know you should be careful.
I have tried all others, only you are fit.
You are strong and versatile, promise me?
It's OK with me, but now I have husband
What if he knows this?
He will never know if we keep it a secret.
Never know? I must poison you two.
Come on, promise me.
Jesus, please don't say any more.
I will give in if you insist.
I know you will promise me.
I will give you overtime allowances.
Overtime allowances?
Let's make arrangement.
Is one night enough?
I have rented a place, at least a few days.
What? A few days?
Is it necessary for several days?
I know it's hard,
but I need this.
I know you really need this.
But you are great!
You are still high-spirited working day and night!
Young people like us do it as we are interested in.
Interested? You loose woman.
I must poison you, see how you can...
Why do you try so hard now that you are aged?
I was for interest at first
but now it's my hobby!
Then I feel uneasy if I don't do this a day.
I must poison you, bastard.
I must poison you... go to hell.
You are physically strong.
It would be perfect
if my husband were half as strong as you,
I am gifted for that.
Come to Fun Lin building tonight at 7.
I must definitely poison you.
What are you doing?
Nothing, have some coffee.
I don't need a saw from you...
Mom...are we moving away?
Great, then the ghosts could no longer sleep on me
Shut up and don't run.
It's good we are moving away.
Come quick...
Wait, there's still a chair.
Someone is still moving in?
The landlady likes money.
This is ignoring the safety of tenants, and you?
I work as long as midnight.
As long as midnight?
They are catching the ghosts today.
Are you making movie?
Then you must be tenant here.
I come to catch the ghosts.
What? There are ghosts here?
Does this work?
If you are interested in, I'll give you one.
Free of charge!
You come at the right moment, come and help.
I'll stay behind and you get in the front.
It's so heavy, what is it?
A video-recorder.
What is it for?
Our seniors want to see all that happens.
You will be rewarded if you do well.
It's dirty, the seniors!
The cover (condom) is broken!
It's broken?
Have you brought covers here?
How will I take cover here.
Forget the cover.
Forget the cover?
No, it will wear fast.
I take it in the car
Damn it! I must beat you up.
Please give me power.
You have no sense of time.
Why does your dad have so many things?
Move them and shut up!
After moving, I want that.
I won't work without that.
I'll get you one.
Still not out, bastard!
You bastard, not using cover (condom)!
Not using cover, let me beat you up.
Whether using cover or not is out of your business
You have every excuse of not using cover!
I'll get one now!
Now? What have you done?
Bastard, not using cover with my wife.
But I don't know your wife.
No? I'll still beat you for not using cover.
Do you mistake me for someone else?
Of course, I do.
I can't stop now.
Not using cover...
I'll use it next time with your wife.
Dare you say such thing, using or...
No, don't!
Stop, why did you smack him?
He didn't use a cover.
Not using a cover?
Take it easy, you might kill him.
How can l? She is my sister.
Are you using or not...
You commit adultery, I must find you.
Why are you wearing like this?
I'm not your supervisor now
I am your pimp.
My nick name is Chief Chin, got it?
Yes Chief Chin.
The dealer has never
met the Japanese girls.
Their password is Japanese.
Have you learnt it by heart?
Yes, Chief Chin.
OK, girls, let's go.
Thanks everybody.
Where is the washroom?
It's over there.
Ah, there.
Dare you touch me!
Are these flags useful?
These are flags to summon ghosts
If I hang them out, the ghosts will come tonight.
But there must be moon.
But weather forecase says there'll be rain,
how come there will be moon.
To avoid injuring tenants
You must evacuate everybody
before midnight tonight.
No need for that.
When they heard of the ghosts, they have all moved.
But some have just moved in,
they look like club hostesses.
They won't be back before midnight.
I depend on you,
my dear monk.
If this building becomes empty
I must hang myself.
Monk, where are you going?
It's nearly midnight, where is she?
The moon is there.
Behave yourself.
My glasses!
Why did you say such thing being a monk?
I am not such easy person.
What do you think I am?
Where's that damn thing?
Where is it?
I lost my virgin!
You want to kill me...
It must be destined by Budha.
I am ready, come and possess me.
Let me do it.
You have no reaction, so good?
You can keep calm but I can't, I can't bear.
Get off!
Take this.
Be quick!
Will it bite?
The spirits are rushing up.
Go and fetch the bow and arrows.
Why are there so much to do?
I should have hired an assistant.
Take them, there are sixty here.
So many? Do you include the mice?
What is it?
Take it for me.
Amida Buddha, show up!
This world no longer
belongs to you.
Why don't you leave?
This world owes me too much!
So I won't go!
This was before you died, get another life.
Put your head back!
We still have an hour.
We must take the ghosts to the hole.
Mr Chen, it's long time since you last came.
Our target is there.
Be careful!
Is this our instruction?
Glad to meet you.
We are from Japan for t he forge money print.
I am Ono
and they are my colleagues.
He has sharp eyes.
Did he read through us?
Our Japanese side wants the transaction as quickly
Glad to meet you!
Shit, what is money print in Japanese?
His Japanese is worse than ours!
Board, blackboard, chopboard.
Your Japanese is too bad.
Let's speak Chinese.
Aren't you Japanese?
Well, Chinese speak Japanese
so Japanese speak Chinese.
Agree, where's the print?
We aren't dealing here, are we?
Tomorrow night at my place.
I thought my Japanese would cause fault.
But he was worse than us.
I just scared him and he became chicken.
Are you tired working at this late hour?
It seems to be coming out from here.
Now you've caught so many ghosts
you should take them out of this building?
Why do you seal them in this building?
This is a door belongs to the underworld
we call it Door of Hell.
This is where the ghosts come from.
So we must send them back from here.
Coming from where returning to where.
So simple? Will they come out again?
I have sealed it with Buddhistic classics!
The ghosts will not come out.
Have the door and classics
sealed with cement tomorrow morning.
Have a window set up to let the sunshine in
then it will be all right.
What smell? It is very stink!
You step on some turd.
Why are you so nervous?
Is this turd? This is over a cloth bag.
Green turd?
Strange, why is there turd on the table?
What shall we do? It's stink.
I won't pick it. Go on if you can't bear.
Don't you feel the stink smell?
Stink? What then?
I was brought up around toilets, I just love turd.
I won't pick it.
You laugh?
Why do you laugh, you're just picking turd!
Did I scare you?
Yeh, you scared me.
It's amusing...
I scared you!
It's strange, we have lived here so long
Why haven't we met a single neighbour?
Hong long? Just a few hours.
You met or rather ran into them.
You don't know their difference?
Met means you met a ghost.
What so funny?
It's stink!
Of course it is, it's garbage room.
That cloth is moving.
There may be a mouse, run.
No, it isn't like a mouse.
See if you want.
Why did you scream? What did you see?
A cat!
What then?
There must be mice when there's a cat.
Jesus! Can't you be smarter?
Wait for me!
Be quick!
They made me mad.
Why? Make love at this hour?
Why do they make so long?
I must find where you are.
I will get you.
I mustn't let anyone know.
I must look indifferent.
And when they won't take care
I will kill them.
I must grind them into mince
and put them in cans
send them to Ethiopia for the starving people.
They will be nothing if found.
And probably no one will know.
What if they know?
She betrays her husband
I have reason to kill, I must kill them.
I must kill you both.
What are you doing?
I am sorry, I am only cleaning...
Bye, sorry!
It's nearly done.
The meat is real fresh.
Coming, coming...
My vegetables are even fresher.
Open the door!
Open the door, quick!
I know you are inside, open the door!
Your husband.
I must fight!
Why it's you two?
Yeh, yeh!
Why are you here?
I'll make you some coffee.
Come here, show up.
What is it?
Why are you two here?
Yeh, yeh!
Just as your wife here.
Yeh, yeh!
Officer Shin makes use of you too?
Yeh, yeh!
It's not my first time.
There used to be thre of us
but now we have a new-comer.
Making the four of us.
Three are not enough and now four, who is she?
It's me, I am Shin's niece.
What, Shin makes use of her niece too?
He is too bad.
I was brought up by my uncle
I will do whatever he asks me to.
Though this is my first time
and I know it's going to be hard work
I will, anyway, make him happy.
How can you do this, Shin?
Have you had late supper?
I must kill you.
I must kill you.
Don't run!
What wouldn't they let me eat something?
Take your time...
It's Maddy, he says he is coming here.
How can we manage?
Don't go!
You beat the wrong man!
Excuse me!
What you look like?
Anything you say.
How dare you!
Don't do that.
You're wrong.
Open the door!
Where's the key?
Are you hungry?
It must be Maddy!
It's yur husband.
What's good with him?
Open the door!
Open the door!
Come in.
How can I if you don't open the door.
But the door is open.
It's open, I'm coming in.
What happened to you?
There's ghost outside.
No, there's a ghost, I even shot at her.
Officer Shin saw it too.
How is my uncle now?
He's down there.
Let's go down and see.
Yeh, yeh!
What is it, just like having excretion.
What is it?
I found the ghost here.
It's horrible.
Are you listening to me?
And then?
And then I shot her to dead.
And then?
And then she didn't die.
It's then ok.
Where is my uncle?
He deserves it,
he must have been killed.
Why don't you respect my uncle?
I don't respect him? If I don't
I will call him Sexual maniac.
Yeh, yeh!
You are too much.
Yeh, yeh. Forget it, let's run.
Who are you?
I live next door.
I found this ring, is it yours?
Big diamond, of course it's mine.
Give it back to me.
Who is she?
She lives next door and found this ring outside.
So big a diamond, is there anymore?
Your husband.
What is it?
Your are troublesome.
No, listen to me, I did see a ghost.
You said you saw a ghsot, how is she?
Don't lie!
Yeh, yeh!
The ghost's hair
Her hair, very...very long.
nearly touches the ground.
She has six heads, seven hands and eight legs.
Her head is as big as a dinosaur's.
If you have no questions, I want to go home.
I have a little...a little headache.
Are you going, so am l.
Let's Go home
Don't kill me...
Good acting? I am an actor, did I scare you?
I am sorry!
Help! There's ghost.
I am also an actor and I act better than you.
I will get a reward.
Few people can act a ghost as well as you.
Let's exchange our experience.
Why is the lift so slow?
Let me make it faster.
Is it fast enough?
Yes, it is.
Is it exciting?
Let's do it a few more times.
I don't want any more!
No, then suck your own toe.
How to?
Are you sucking or not?
Yes, yes!
My belly stops me.
You can't, then suck mine.
You really mean it?
Of course.
Suck it? Never!
Suck it.
Is it tasty?
Yes, it is.
Suck these two as well.
I won't!
Make love with me then!
No, can I make with myself?
No, I will make love with you.
Ghost rapes me.
Go on, go on...
Be concentrated on doing.
Go on or I'll beat you up.
Can't you manage?
I'll get you balm.
Go on, don't let her rest.
Why are you so generous?
Open the door...
Your husband again.
I can't stand it, we are acting
we are not real whorse, why all this? Open the door.
There is... you vixen.
What? Why are you running up and down?
I am working, do you think I am playing?
Let's talk it at home.
No, now, there's ghost in the lift.
Don't treat my husband like that.
Let's go and see.
It's here! It's here!
Look if you don't believe.
I am sorry, I am sorry!
Are you the ghost?
I am ghost?
It's not he, it's she.
I am just playing as there is time.
Take this back.
Have you got the balm?
What did he get balm?
He nearly made
her faint!
It's done.
Let's go on with our work.
Don't kill me, just play me...
Come on...as you like, play me...
Damn, dare you deny
she's not your mistress?
Tear the Buddhistic classics off.
What is behind the classics?
It's out of your business or I'll make you suck
Ok, I'll tear it off.
Hold on and I'll try to kill her with a club.
I will but you must promise me one thing.
If I tear it, you must let me suck your toes.
Because I've taken to sucking toes.
You fool me?
Not me, it's the one behind you.
You betray me!
Good, good!
Where's money?
I havn't got it here.
Dare you fool me?
How will I take money
without seeing?
What don't you shoot?
You do keep calm!
He is just a chick!
Are you alright?
I am Ok.
Being nervous is normal reaction.
I'll take money later.
We will kill you when you come.
I really saw a ghost.
Can you say something else?
Yeh, yeh!
Even my uncle says about a ghost.
There are no ghosts!
We don't believe either.
You must believe, this is an order.
She is after my wife, I must save her.
You are really too rash.
The ghost is nowhere to find.
We should take action.
Listen, we must find a place to hide.
When the ghost isn't aware
We shall kill her.
Where is that guy?
Is he at toilet?
No, he is too nervous!
Why not, he did it here.
This is not urine, it's sweat, go!
Where is he? Was he killed?
Where is Shin?
Let's kill her.
Why is it you?
You want to kill me? I must kill you.
No, this is misunderstanding!
My bottom!
Uncle, are you Ok?
Yes, I am alright.
Are you alright, honey?
Care about your secret lover.
Secret lover? What are you talking about?
You think I don't know your monkey afair!
Why you keep calling sercret over or sexual maniac?
You shot at me? You are too much!
You are even too much,
you not only play my wife but your own niece as well
No, uncle does it for the sake of me.
If we can solve this forge money case
it will help my future career.
Forge money case?
What do you think it is?
I thought...
Say, it's ok.
I thought he had you work as whores
We should beat him.
What is it?
Where is the head?
It was there!
Let's look for it.
Where's it?
It feels good.
What are you doing, uncle?
I am looking...for the head.
Where is there dripping sound?
How will I know, the pipe blew, let's look for it.
The urine gets all over my trousers.
There isn't!
It's only a ball, there's nothing to fear.
Well done!
Well done?
I meant you!
Who smack me?
You betray your uncle?
Stay there, ghosts behind us
Me too... there is a head
Is everybody ok?
Yeh, all the seven of us.
Yeh, four girls and two men make seven.
Damn! Where is that head?
We must still risk.
Run fast!
Smack it...
Why are you so talkative?
Sorry, I am famous for that!
Take your hands off...
You mustn't joke!
Take it easy, sir!
Put her head down...!
Let me kick it!...
Oh! My offspring!
Are you alright, sir?
How are you? Run quick!
Balm again? Aren't you tired?
Grasp my money? Run away?
I must get you, don't run!
Don't chase her!
Damn if I don't!
Give me back the bag.
Are you Ok?
I was lucky.
It scared me.
But this is wonderful.
You nearly killed me.
Come here, husband.
Uncle, what shall we do now?
Inform the headquarters to locate Maddy
that all constables pay attention
the suspect has dangerous weapon
What is it?
It's a flying head.
Flying head?
No, no!
This is too ridiculous!
Forget what I just said.
Call two cars.
One for the body and an ambulance for him
Amida Buddha!
How dare you to take my money
It's impossible!
May it be illusion?
Yeh, it must be illusion!
It may be a coconut!
I must tell myself it's illusion!
I can break it with my finger.
What if it's real a head?
How will there be a head?
It must be illusion, be easy!
Whatever you are
I can put you to an end with my finger.
I won't fear a false head.
It's false.
It's real?
A wet false head? It looks like real.
It's interesting, there are nosetrils and even dirt.
Let me brush you teeth.
You won't bite me anyway.
Where is my money?
Do you speak?
Of course I do.
Shall we talk about conditions?
Take me back to that building tomorrow night.
Then I will give you back the money.
I will bite the money into pieces if you fool me.
Why tomorrow?
Let me take you back now.
It's nearly dawn, wait till it gets dark.
Dark? Great!
I should have checked
before I left.
I found I missed a bag only last night.
So there is one missing.
But it's too late now.
What shall we do now?
You don' t respect me.
I am your superior. I should ask that.
Anyone can ask, what shall we do?
Right, what shall we do?
Listen to our monk first.
You were lucky like this.
But that ghost will come back for you.
The only way we can do is to get rid of her.
We must get her head if we want to.
Even with ghost.
As the ghost's body is here
she will come for it, and then
It's difficult to handle with it flying around.
Shall we get the Air force?
Air Force?
The sun is bright, let me shine you to dead.
Let me shine you to dead.
You want the money to ash?
No...no. I'll save you.
Sorry, miss.
The car won't go.
It's a long way to walk on.
Is it too much if we don't inform the monk?
But we are helping him.
Monk, will the ghost come back?
She must come back, be patient.
What is in you hand?
Remember to close the door.
I've sealed the door with Buddhistic classics.
She can't come in.
Don't come out to see whatever you hear.
We will.
I am going now.
What is it?
I know.
You are handsome.
I know, many people say so.
I am very handsome.
Devil, let me fight with you.
Who are you?
Bald, where are you from?
I am from monastery.
Monastery? You damn Bald.
Leave here at once or I'll teach you something.
You dare to help the devil, I'll let you see.
Damn you.
The fight is serious outside.
Yeh, the ghost will die
This is terrific, monk.
He cries appallingly.
Why does a female ghost cries like a man?
It's the monk, let's go out and see.
Wait...Iet's split into two groups.
One groups stays here and the other goes out.
Good, you stay and we go out.
I stay alone, no.
Ok, you go out and we stay.
No way, let's draw with our hads.
Palms up and down.
You are going out or staying?
I'll stay.
Monk, you are stupid.
I can catch ghosts but ot fight,
Chopping someone?
Such a big crowd!
Kill you!
I must kill you.
See where you can run.
Where to? Ask her.
See where you can run.
You keep asking that, do you want to run with him?
Don't get in the way, Bald.
How's that?
It's bad, Monk is still outside, how's that?
Rather than dying here
maybe we shall go out and fight with her.
Wrong! Who's going to look around the body?
One of us stays and the rest go out.
If five of us died
Who tells the police about this?
One flees from the rear door, the rest fight.
Maybe Maddy is at the rear door!
Then one leaves by front door, the other three fight.
Then we are only half the force.
How can that be?
Then we mustn't split.
We stick together.
Then we were bullshitting?
Kneel down!
Catch me if you can.
Nine-life cat?
How can I cope with this?
This is unfair!
Unfair? You did this to me too!
Then nine-life cat is nothing unfair.
It's scaring!
Get up!
Make them open the door with the monk.
Listen, the monk is in our hand.
If you don't want him to die, come out at once.
I'll count three, one, two.
Take it easy!
Don't come out!
Shut up!
Maddy, hold it!
Who are you? Must I listen to you?
Come out or I'll kill the monk.
Don't come out...don't.
Beat him, Maddy.
Wait, I will beat you too.
You don't believe?
What good?
I don't know.
Why say good then?
We are husband and wife.
I'll beat you...are you afraid?
What? Let me grasp you.
Me too...
Stop, I won't beat the monk then.
Dare you still say!
It's bad if she sticks back.
We can't let you die, let's exchange.
Let's exchange.
Monk, are you alright?
Maddy, take it here.
It's bad, she's sticking together.
Your finger tips.
The hand comes off.
Dare you saw my body.
Yeh, we split your body.
You are too weak.
What can you do to me?
I can only press this botton.
I must fight with you.
Shit, you will die.
Are you joking?
Blow her up!
Are you joking?
Monk, we must share this.
Monk, this is for you.
Where can you run?
You force me?
I must die with you all, 'Blood Out'.
Monk, all of us get blood, what shall we do?
She hasn't told me where the money is.
This is 'Blood Out'.
Blood Out'!
Is it movie?
What is this noise, Monk?
Blood Out' is the most evil way to revenge
She gives up the chance to a second life.
Really, this is wonderful.
Wrong, this blood will attract all ghosts nearby
to take revenge for her within 3 minutes.
Three minutes?
Three minutes? You bullshit for one minute
we have only 2 minutes to run.
I don't intend to run.
Anybody who has blood on can't run either.
The ghosts come for the smell of blood.
We can walk noiselessly.
It's the smell.
I have no blood on,
am I alright?
Now you are not alright, you get blood all over.
You made me suffer!
Min doesn't have blood.
We shall die together if we must.
Damn you!
Min, only you can run away now.
Right, you have no blood on,
the ghosts won't touch you.
Run from the back stairs and get help for us.
Let's run together.
No way, the ghosts goes after the blood.
We will only die together.
We will draw them away, run quick!
Don't hesitate, run!
See you later, everybody!
Here comes Chu Feng!
Monk, what shall we do?
Yeh, what?
If we can invite the Elf, we might survive.
This is only stories.
Shut up!
Go ahead, Monk.
Ghosts fear men most.
Virgin man and spirit becomes Elf.
How to invite?
We need a virgin man
to invite the Elf.
It must be you, Monk!
But I used to lead casual sex life.
I was not virgin.
And you?
Me, not after my honey moon.
Monk, I haven't done for decades, can l?
We are destined to die.
Wait, there is still one.
Are you virgin?
Say, no one will laugh at you.
Tell us.
You won't laugh?
Yeh, I am virgin!
Poor virgin boy!
You can invite the Elf now.
Are you crazy, how can l?
Don't hurry!
We can if we find a cymbal and drum.
And you
Monk, cymbal and drum now?
We can make them.
How can we make a cymbal? A drum? Maybe!
If only we can have 1 5minutes more
If the ghosts can't find us, we have time to make a drum.
Monk, speak clearly.
I don't understand at all!
We all know the ghosts will come from all way
Whether we walk the stairs or take the lift
we will meet them.
If we can get to the basement
seal the entrance, we can then make a drum.
Monk, why to the basement?
The door at the basement is the Door to Hell
When the Elf opens the classics
all ghosts will be pulled in.
It's wonderful.
You must be my Protectors
and let no ghosts approach me.
At exactly midnight, you play the drum
We must play with the chimes of the church clock
and the classics prayer by me
we can then invite Elf.
Let's get to the basement.
Be quick!
Wait, there's a noise.
Run quick!
The door is locked.
Open the door!
Get me the key!
This is not my house, I have no keys.
It's over there.
I dropped it.
Go down and get it.
There are ghosts down there!
Let's push!
Faster! Come here, close the door!
Faster, Monk!
How's it, Monk?
Faster, Monk.
I come and help.
Don't come.
How's it, Monk, I can't manage.
The door is going to break.
Come here.
Come here.
One, two, three
Come here.
Don't, help me.
Come... quick.
Maddy, don't go.
Why didn't you help?
It's evil.
Buddha sacrificed himself to save us
Maddy sacrificed himself to save us too.
Maddy has done well.
He is on his way to see Buddha.
You have every excuse.
No. he's meeing the Buddha soon.
Damn you!
Run quick!
Where are you going?
To the roof.
Why? The ghosts are inside.
Why did you open the door then?
Must you do what I do?
Will you jump down if I do?
You are eloquent.
You should become a lawyer.
Invite the Elf quick.
Right, get Maddy...
Maddy was killed.
Yeh, what shall we do?
There is a way.
But one of you must sacrifice.
Elf will come to virgin man
So we want Maddy to
There are two kinds of virgin
Virgin since birth
and virgin afterwards.
What does that mean?
One of you must castrate.
Castrate you.
No, way, I have used it only a few times, not enough.
Husband, don't!
Of course I won't.
I don't mind if I have this or not.
I havent' usd it for a long time.
Right, sacrifice it then.
What sacrifice?
I have just had a late love.
I hope to have
a good memory.
Don't ruin my late love.
What's the use if you can't leave here.
You should sacrifice.
Evil deeds
are all caused by this.
Get it out and cut it.
How can you talk to your superior like this?
How should I say?
Let's us cut it respectfully, OK?
You are too much, bastards!
This is not your thing.
Anyhow, this is personal property.
Take it easy!
Let us use it!
Can you lend it ot us?
No way, I have had it for decades
I won't let you use it.
How can you be so selfish?
This is not your any more.
It is confiscated.
It's ours now.
You cut it or l?
Wait, why mine and not his?
It's simple!
Ihis world needs me.
It needs me too.
Yeh, but not now.
Who says this?
I know in this world
many women need me
This is young men't work, not yours.
You mean I am old and useless?
Good, let's do a game of shooting
Who loses will be castrated.
You've got my words.
One, two, three
Anna, come and cut his.
Wait, not only we two are men
Monk has it too.
I have to say prayers and invite the Elf
Sorry I can't help.
You eunuch!
Monk, please. I don't want to be eunuch.
We can't force him to.
Don't cut it then.
Monk, to have spirit
and male virgin and it will work, right?
Yes, you get it.
This Tom-cat will do.
We are inviting Elf not Cat.
If cat can,
why don't we invite dog?
Dog are better than cat.
You have reason.
Why not fight our way out?
Monk come here, I have something to talk to you.
They must have a way.
It looks like.
What can it be?
They want to castrate you.
Good, let's bet with the ghosts.
It all depends on you.
But don't let your husband know.
I fear he will disagree with this.
Why don't you tell me?
Of course they want to castrate you.
You want to scare him to dead?
Put them away, one is enough.
Start to make the drum now.
Pull the cloth over the barrel to make a drum.
Lay the table for the Elf.
Monk, are you going to castrate me?
Castrate you?
What do you mean?
Castrate you, get it out, cut...
You let them castrate your husband?
Who said we would castrate him?
Monk asks him to be Elf!
Not him, it's me.
Women to be Elf?
I can't, but the unborn baby can.
You are having?
Having what?
Shut up, idiot!
If it is a baby girl, what then?
Monk says we must bet.
Why don't you tell your husband?
I fear he won't let the baby suffer.
What are you having?
What is different with my belly?
It's getting bigger.
This is pregnancy.
Why didn't you tell me?
Pregnancy can invite Elf.
Sir, we've been colleagues for a long time
and good friends, why all this just of the knife?
You are man too.
It will be very painful.
Let me shoot me off, you won't get pain.
What shall we do now?
Invite the Elf!
You sit on the Elf's seat!
Monk, aren't you going to castrate to invite the Elf?
Can you stop saying castrating?
Have you learnt the words by heart?
I have.
You be protectors.
Sir, you protect me, you three play the drum.
If we can get the drum play with the church chimo
the Elf will come.
We can also invite other fairies.
Does it work?
Get ready!
Give it to me.
Concentrate on saying prayer.
I'm coming.
Go on and we will shoot.
What is it?
Why can't you make them sound at the same time?
Play the drum faster.
How come we missed 1 1 times.
Elf is coming.
Monk, is it a girl?
We have no bullets!
Monk, we have no bullets, what shall we do?
I can't manage myself, either.
Protectors, show up.
He is too slow.
Let's go.
Is it fast enough?
Tie up!
Why do you tie me up?
Protectors, send the ghosts in.
Get the pattern!
Please, my fairy!
Let it done!
Seal the Door to Hell!
This tonic is for you.
Are you alright?
Are you fine?
Does the baby look like you?
I don't know, I haven't seen it myself.
Here comes the baby.
Little Elf, it's wonderful.
You are happy to give birth to a little Elf.
I still have one more wish.
What is it?
Don't ask me to be prostitute anymore.
Absolutely never.
Because I have found someone better.
Have you?
My dear wife!