How to Find and Download Free or Purchase Apps from Windows Store on a Sony VAIO PC with Win 8

Uploaded by SonyListens on 26.10.2012

This video will show you how to access the Windows Store on a Sony VAIO PC
with Windows 8.
In order to download free or purchased applications from the Windows Store you
must first have a Microsoft account.
For information on how to set up a Microsoft account, please refer to our
video on "How to get a Microsoft Account Using Windows 8."
First we'll show you how to find applications in the Windows Store. Select
Store within the Start Screen.
The Windows Store opens.
Launch the Search charm by holding down the Windows key and the C key.
Select Search.
Type in the word or category that you would like to search for and press enter.
The search results will appear. Select an application and select Install.
You may be prompted to sign into your Microsoft account. If you do not have an
sign up for a Microsoft account.
If you've already created an account, input your email and password.
The software will now download and install.
To launch the purchased application, press the Windows key to switch back to
the Start Screen.
The application will now be displayed.
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