How to Sublimate a Mug Using an Oven Wrap - with subtitles

Uploaded by sawgrasseurope on 19.11.2012

Welcome to our How To Video Series featuring Create. Print. Press
This video 'How to Sublimate a ceramic mug' will demonstrate the use of the oven wrap
We will sublimate a typical 11 oz (250 ml) coffee mug
The following items will be required for this process
Sublimation-ready ceramic mug
Sawgrass sublimation inks
Heat resistant tape
A pair of scissors
Quality sublimation transfer paper
A pair of high-temperature oven gloves
A small standard convection oven
An oven wrap suited to the size of chosen ceramic mug
To begin the process create your image using a graphics program such as CorelDraw or Photoshop
Size the image as needed to fit the mug
The typical printable area is usually about 3'x 9' (8cm x 23cm)
Dealing with small substrates such as a mug
we suggest using 'copy and paste' function to print multiple designs on one sheet of paper
This lowers costs and makes the production process more efficient
When sending the design to the printer be sure to use the proper settings in your Sawgrass colour management software
ensuring the best quality print possible
Print the image you have just created using the Sawgrass sublimation inks
quality sublimation transfer paper
and a compatible inkjet printer
If you have not done so, set you oven up as follows:
Dial up to 'Convection' setting
pre-heat to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C)
set the timer for approximately 12 minutes
These are suggested settings in lieu of any setup parameters provided by the wrap manufacturer
Trim the paper on which the transfers printed to a size that is just slightly smaller than the mug in both directions
Wrap the printed transfer with the image turned in tightly against and facing the outer surface of the mug
Secure with heat resistant tape at each end of the printed transfer
It is critical that the transfer is tightly pressed against the surface of the mug
The oven wrap then can be placed usually with fastening hardware through the handle of the mug
Be carefull to ensure that the transfer is not wrinkled or folded during this process
Once the oven temperature has reached 200 degrees C you are ready to sublimate
Place the mug in the oven up side down
Close the oven, set the timer and begin the sublimation process
When the desired time has passed, open the oven and using the high-temperature oven gloves remove your creation
Carefully remove and set aside the wrap
Quickly remove the transfer paper taped to the surface of the mug
Note that the item straight out of the oven will be extremely hot
it may take a long time to cool completely
NOTE: for best results we recommend to place the mug in the container filled with cold water to stop sublimation process
The creativity arises from the images and designs you choose to sublimate
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