Do Ketogenic Diets Really Work? (Ketosis and Weight Loss)

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Ketogenic Diets and Weight Loss
Dr. James Merchino, DC, MS, ND
Today I want to talk to you about Ketogenic diets and weight loss. Ketogenic is a process
that places the patient into a state of ketosis in order to help the patient lose weight.
Some doctors place their patients on these Ketogenic diets to help them lose weight,
and I will tell you that I strongly disagree with the methods in most cases.
What is a Ketogenic weight loss diet? That’s when you eat so few calories that your body
is forced to release a lot of fat from your fat cells. You might say well, that sounds
good! Hang on. Not all the fat can actually be burned by the body and so the body converts
some of that fat into what are called ketones. Ketones are a water soluble form of fat and
as they are filtered by your kidneys, they get into the urine and you can now literally
urinate out ketones. So you’re actually urinated out calories that once were in your
fat cells. So this sounds great, like an easy way to lose weight by actually urinating calories
from your body and the weight loss is fairly rapid.
But here is what doctors don’t tell you when they place you on a diet that puts you
into ketosis where there are just very few calories through the entire day. In a ketosis
state, about 50 percent of the weight loss is your body breaking down muscle. Your body
does this because if you breakdown muscle, some of that tissue can go to the liver and
the liver can then convert that broken-down protein into some blood sugar, which your
body is craving because of these processes. So you break your protein down very quickly
in your muscles. And your muscles then shrink down because you’re breaking them down.
As a result, your metabolic rate slows down dramatically. So 50 percent of the weight
loss on a ketosis diet will eventually come from breaking down your own protein. This
slows your metabolism way down and as an adult, I can tell you, it can be very difficult to
get that muscle mass back. You might say, well, I’ll just get the muscle mass back
later, but that’s very difficult to do. When you’re a teenager secreting growth
hormone, testosterone or lots of estrogen or progesterone – all theses hormones naturally
help you build an adult body. But later on in life, those levels are dropping way down.
Once you lose that protein mass in your muscles from a ketosis diet, just try to get that
lean mass back. it’s really, really difficult, and as a result, people slow their metabolism
down and then eventually, they can’t stand being on such a low calorie diet anymore and
the minute they start eating normally again, they’ll regain all the weight they lost
plus they go beyond the weight they started the diet at in the first place because their
metabolism is so slow. 95 percent of people regain all of the weight back within two years
of losing weight. The program is too grueling, no one can stay
on a diet like that long enough to make it a permanent fixture in their life and it’s
dangerous to do. So you go off the diet and you gain weight.
Not only that, but when your body is breaking down fat that quickly, you raise your uric
acid levels and people develop gout. And high uric acid levels also link to increased risks
in heart attacks and high blood pressure. So the whole idea of a ketosis diet for weight
loss is total insanity. Now I’ve coached hundreds of people over
the past 25 to 30 years in terms of weight loss. What gets the job done is not a Ketogenic
diet. What you need is to understand how to use the three natural laws of metabolism to
lose the weight and keep it off permanently in a way that’s not grueling so you can
have the body nature intended you to have – fitter, leaner, healthier, sexier and
more functional. It’s all explained in detail in my live
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