Fortissimo EXA//Akkord:Bsusvier - Scene 62 Part 2

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Like aiming straight for the eye of a needle, Ryuichi's strikes with pinpoint precision...
His lightning-enhanced strike can easily blow right through massive trees or even the hardest wall of rock.
His thunderous attack was hurled at full strength...but it did not reach Keisuke's body.
Ryuichi: !!
Keisuke: Ojou...
Hinako: ...
The thing that blocked Ryuichi's fist from connecting squarely with Keisuke's body was...
Umi: A wall...of light...
Behind Ryuichi, Umi says that in awe.
...Actually, everyone other than Hinako is struck by the same thought.
It is exactly that, a wall of light. Within the space in front of Hinako, a large field of magical energy has formed this wall.
Ryuichi: really are...
...A mage.
Yes. In this space where only magi can exist, she is able to form a magical weapon as well...In other words, this is hers.
Ryuichi always thought that his existence as a mage was a gift so that he could stop the fighting.
However, what she seeks is not a world of peace, and in this world where one's wishes are fulfilled by thought...
Rather than relying on the strength of others, she is standing on her own two feet, fighting for the normal life she seeks with
her own power.
She can't be stopped now...Ryuichi's expression of sorrow deepens even more as he sees that this girl has chosen her path, the
path to "Live".
Hinako: Well, Onii-chan? Are you surprised that even Hinako was able to do such a thing?
Hinako: I'm the same as all of you, a mage...So, if you say you will still fight, Onii-chan...Hinako will do her best to stop you!
Ryuichi: Hinako-chan...
Her awakening as a mage has made her too excited.
That is because Hinako is panting and sweating hard as she stares at Ryuichi.
Keisuke: ...Ojou. You've already done enough.
Gently tapping Hinako on the shoulder, Keisuke quietly hugs her small frame.
Hinako: Sanada-san...Hinako wants to...
Hinako looks up at Keisuke in tears, pleading to know why he stopped her.
Is he saying this is not also her fight? Or, is he trying to express something more?
Keisuke: ...Ojou.
Hinako: Eh?
However, Keisuke's gentle tone of voice changes into something completely different.
...No. To Hinako he is still the same as always...It is the voice of the man who always came to visit her in her room.
Keisuke: I believe I told you before. Words should not be spoken to your enemy. They are reserved for those important to you.
Keisuke: On the field of battle like this...You should not speak to those who are your enemy.
Hinako: ! Sanada-san...
In other words, this is proof for Hinako that Keisuke sees her as a partner.
Because Keisuke does not like to talk, those words are like an oath that he sees Hinako as an equal when in battle.
Keisuke: ...However, even so...There is a large thorn in our side here.
Hinako: Nn, I understand...Therefore, Sanada-san will never say "This does not involve you" to Hinako, right?
Keisuke: ...Yes.
Hinako: Eheehee, thank you... Sanada-san, what else should I do?
Keisuke: ...Something easy. Suppress your feelings down to one thought.
Ryuichi stands there as he watches the two hugging each other like a normal parent and child.
Yes. After all, she has chosen this road.
In order to protect her own life...She will continue to walk alongside this lonely and wounded man.
...This girl has transformed from a beautiful dove into a deadly bird of prey.
The "Sleeping Demon" of Tsukiyojima no longer exists as just one person.
Umi: W-Why! Why is that girl saying such a thing?! ...What do you mean by "mage" and why do you have to fight?!
Ryuichi: ...You're wrong, Kajiura-san. That girl...That girl is not fighting just because she is a mage.
Umi: T-Than why...
Ryuichi: Those two are only fighting because they have to...and because they have to rely on his "power".
Ryuichi: However...Really, it is a simple reason...that surely is what fate had in store for them...
Umi: F-Fate?
When she hears Ryuichi say that word, Umi raises her eyebrows.
Umi: That's not funny...not at all, Sumeragi-kun...Saying something like "Fate" is just a selfish excuse...
Ryuichi: ...
Umi: Well than...does that mean it is my "fate" to die to those two people?
Umi: I refuse to believe that...I do not believe in something like "fate"!
Ryuichi wonders if she's trying to convince herself as much as him with that statement.
That is because as she says that Umi crosses her arms across her body.
As if to suppress her complex of being ordinary, that girl will desperately fight the "fate" that is in front of her.
Ryuichi: ...
Protecting Umi at his back, Ryuichi focuses his gaze on the enemies before him.
Two against one...The numbers are not in his favor, nor can he change the odds anymore.
Than he will at least concentrate on place of being alone, he will rely on the memories of his friends for support.
Ryuichi: Hinako-chan...Is there no way to convince you to stop? If you want, I'll even share some of my life force with you-
Hinako: Sorry...Onii-chan. I'm glad you want to, but Hinako can no longer live like that.
I want to live by making my own decisions.
Hinako: Therefore...therefore, I'm sorry. The life of Onee-chan over there...will you give it to Hinako?
Umi: (Gasp)
Ryuichi: ...I see.
After hearing Hinako's decision, Ryuichi slowly opens his eyes.
For the first time here, there is a certain gleam within them.
This kind-hearted boy only saves those eyes for those he truly sees as his enemy.
Keisuke: ...Now, Ojou.
Hinako: Nn...
Just like Ryuichi is ready to fight, Hinako settles into a guarded stance as well.
Even though she doesn't know anything about fighting, or anything about martial arts, Hinako has the instincts of a mage...In
her heart, she knows what she has to do.
Hinako: ...Sweet Home!
Ryuichi will not let her weapon form that easily, and had already begun moving beforehand.
Ryuichi: ?!
Ryuichi: Tch!
However, when Ryuichi sees the wall of light, he retreats back to his former position at once.
...Or rather, the punch he just begun to throw had been repelled by Hinako's power.
Ryuichi: I see...So that is your magical weapon, Hinako-chan.
Hinako: Nn...That it is...
Floating next to Hinako, her magical weapon leaks out it's magic, and a wall of light is created in front of her.
It does not seem to be very capable of fighting...but than again, that's probably because she knows nothing of combat.
Hinako: This is Hinako's magical weapon...Sweet Home...AEGIS MAIDEN!
A cage that normally confides birds within it...
And overflowing from that cage is a veil of light that will prevent any and all attacks.
That is Hinako's...This is her power as a mage.
Ryuichi: That is a frighteningly powerful magical field...No, magical barrier!
Even though he calls it a magical barrier, they are usually not powerful, and used for battling evil spirits. Their individual
performance and effect depends on the controller's ability.
However, the barrier in front of him is obviously a far cry from what is normal.
It is able to absorb all the lightning that his magical weapon is capable of producing, and blocks all physical blows.
This magical barrier is surely one of the highest rank possible...
In war, it would be the equivalent of a military-grade blast door.
But magi are capable of having extremely strong powers...A mage is close to being as effective as their mind allow them to.
When their mind allows them to concentrate on a spell of this magnitude, it is possible to create such an enormously powerful
magical barrier like this.
The surprising thing is the fact that this girl's willpower is so strong that she could create and maintain such a thing.
Especially considering the fact that she did not even know what her magical weapon was a few minutes ago.
Ryuichi: Keh...Huh! Haaaaaaaaaa!!
Hinako: Useless...Hinako has decided that nothing other than Hinako and Sanada-san can get past this barrier!
And to top it off, while it normally would reject everything, she can control what can and cannot get past this barrier.
That is Hinako's power: Aegis Maiden.
It will refuse everything. Only those two people can exist within her Sweet Home!
It will not allow anyone to step even one foot closer to them!
Ryuichi: Na!
Hinako: Ah...Hauuu...
Than, he will just have to wear down her willpower.
Even though it might take a long time to do so, Ryuichi can fight all day if it's a battle between willpower.
Like a battering ram against a fortress gate, he continues to throw all of his strength into it...Not giving her anytime to try
and mentally reinforce the barrier.
Ryuichi: ?! Na!
Keisuke: ...
However, there is another enemy who will protect that fortress.
Hinako: Sanada-san!
Keisuke: Ojou, focus your efforts on the barrier. ...My Mistelteinn will defeat him.
Ryuichi: Shit...He's already recovered himself to that point already!
Ryuichi's face is one of surprise as he realizes he was off in his estimation of how quickly Keisuke would take to recover.
Ryuichi in contrast has still not recovered his strength. Even though he's only been hit once, Stormbringer has made it to where
they are on equal ground.
As he is right now, Ryuichi can only fight with his fists, and can only force a small amount of lightning into his attacks at
the point of impact.
Without the power of his lightning, he is little more than a normal human right now.
Ryuichi: Geh...Guaa!
However, the enemy's weapon is no normal blade.
They are the trump cards of the God of Death that absorbs the life of the opponent,
making even a minor wound a mortal one: Mistelteinn.
Ryuichi: Keh...Damn you!
In addition, those attacks that would ravage his body like a virulent poison are not stopped by the magical barrier, and
pass through the wall of light as if it wasn't even there.
He is in a very unfair position. At this rate, he'll keep being worn down.
Ryuichi: (I can't let that attack hit. But if I can't hit them, than...!)
It is an ideal situation for them.
At those two who face him as a pair, he feels angry, even a little envy welling up inside him.
Even though they are not very strong, Mistelteinn will drain his life force completely if it hits him.
And everything other than the two of them are protected within her Sweet Home.
There may not be a more ideal combination of magi on the battlefield than this.
Hinako: Onii-chan...Will you still not give up?
Ryuichi: Eh?
Hinako: Onii-chan, your attacks cannot reach Hinako...
Hinako: But yet, you still haven't given up the fight, Onii-chan...Resisting like this can only be painful...and useless.
Ryuichi: Useless...Maybe so.
Ryuichi says that as if ridiculing himself.
Ryuichi: It's certainly true that my fist hasn't reached you, and my words have not reached your mind...
Ryuichi: And so, I've been wondering the same thing myself.
Hinako: ...
Ryuichi: But, when you said it, I realized it again...If I give up so easily like this, I won't be able to save everyone!
Hinako: !