[ENG SUB]09-27-2010 The Beat feat. Rain

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Original video by isobelle0423 FIL-ENG Translation and Subbing by Agent P for Cloud Philippines
Hailed as the 'Global Korean Superstar'
He first caught the attention of fans in the hit Korean series 'Full House'
And earned the adulation of more people with his breathtaking concerts
Even Hollywood, he conquered it all
And now, in a rare opportunity, he will showcase his talent in the Philippines
According to my weather forecast, a strong typhoon will hit the country
But there will be no scattered rains because a Korean pop superstar is coming
It's Jung Ji Hoon, more popularly known as RAIN
Oh, it's starting to drizzle! It's gonna Rain...
Mommy Cathleen traveled all the way from San Diego, California just to see her idol
Actually, at first, according to them it was just for shooting
And then all of a sudden, they said there will be a concert
Which I find hard to believe because it's been planned for so many times to have a concert here
And then, I kept on monitoring a website which confirmed it
So... I rushed and bought a ticket
But... do you know how much of a fanatic Mommy Cathleen is?
Well... she just added RAIN on her name in her US passport!
Even her kids in the States support her hobby

We can't hear ourselves think because of the magnitude of screams coming from 20,000 fans
But did you know that this performance is very special for Rain?
Because they said it's his last concert before he enlists in the Korean military service
So... let's end this night with a bang!!! Woo-hoo!
It's awesome but I still want more
Right! The ticket price was worth it, really!
You know what, I've been noticing your backpacks
I have to see if you brought some stuff
Did you bring some? -YES!!!
Lemme see!!!
What do you have there? RAIN!!! Oppa, saranghae!!
5th album, it's called Rainism
And he performed one of the songs a while ago
But Rain is not just for the youngsters
Because even the mommies adore him
(AgentP's note: wait... some of these women aren't moms!)
On top. Awesome! He's great. He's really great.
I have no other words to say.
Aside from die-hard Filipino fans
A lot of Japanese fans also flew in just for the concert
Of course, Rain's official fan club, Cloud Philippines, weren't left behind
One of their members is Evangeline
His talent, as in... he has everything.
He can dance, sing, he can act, and he's also an ambassador of Korea
He also models and he created his own fashion line
So he really has conquered everything.
From his very successful concert, let's follow Rain's footprints from his hotel,
shooting locations, up to his favorite dining place.
The Manila Hotel was Rain's official residence in the Philippines
For 10 days, Rain stayed at the Manila Hotel
So join me as we trace the Korean superstar's favorite spots in this hotel
I immediately grabbed the opportunity and went straight to his hotel room
This is where he stayed. This was his living room. WOW.
This is the master's bedroom... obviously, this is where Rain stayed. - Yes, he stayed here.
Look at this. It's like he's a king in this room.
Same mattress, same pillows...
I'm sure there's still a little bit of Rain's essence here so I'll just stay here for a moment
(AgentP's note: Ew??)
According to the hotel staff, the Korean superstar would always roam around the hotel
They said this was Rain's favorite spot
because from here, you can see the view of the pool area
where they sometimes film - Yes, they also filmed in that area...
After the concert, Rain continued filming his Korean drama
Some of the scenes were filmed in Macapagal Blvd.
We continue tracing Rain's footprints and our next stop?
What else but his favorite restaurant in the Philippines: Maru
Maru is a Korean restaurant
Rain was said to have dined here four times
I heard Rain left a souvenir here in Maru, is that right, Eonnie? - Yes, ma'am
May I see? What's that, Eonnie?
Ooh! Rain's autograph!
What does it say?
You know what it says? I can read that
What it says is, "I love Monica" *LOL*
This is Rain's autograph
I'm so excited to try what Rain ordered here
After a few minutes, the dishes that Rain's lips have touched are ready to taste (Agent P's note: what is up with this dialog???)
We're gonna try what Eonnie is preparing first: sam gyeop sal
Next is galchi gui or fish fillet
Next is galbi jjim
Next on the list: haemul tang Yummy!
Eonnie, I heard that Rain has a favorite dessert here
Wow, what's this? - It's Melona
Oh, Melona! Whadya know, it's my favorite, too!
We're meant to be! We have a lot in common!
Melona... for Rain and for me.
Mmmm... yummy! So sweet! As sweet as Rain! I like it!
A unique thunder, er, thrill is what Asian Superstar Rain's visit to the Philippines has brought to us
So it's not surprising that he receives an outpouring of support from his Pinoy fans.
Kamsahamnida, Rain!
credits: Cloud Philippines