Why Would Mitt Romney Repudiate Massachusetts Healthcare to Run for President?

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bjbj David: Here's another funny issue that's going on, and this just literally makes no
sense to me, the... there's a number of different people including the newly elected Texas governor,
Rick Perry, who is saying, you know what? Mitt Romney is not going to be a viable candidate
for the presidential nomination on the Republican side unless he, again we're hearing that word,
"repudiates" the health care plan that he helped put in place in Massachusetts. And
you would ask, Louis, well hold on a second. Massachusetts has, it's not a perfect system,
don't get me wrong, but Massachusetts has the lowest percentage of uninsured Americans
of any state in the United States. And it's not close. It's not close at all. Why would
Mitt Romney want to repudiate that? I mean, is the Republican Party that sold, Louis,
on the fact that anything that sounds like a socialist plan, a universal health care
plan, is going to be a liability for Republicans? Is the Republican Party that out of reality
and out of critical thinking that they're just saying hey, if you were involved with
that, you've got no shot? Louis: It's not like that was something that was used against
him when he was in the primaries during the last election, right? David: How much did
it come up? Louis: So why would that be a big deal now? David: No, I think it... Didn't
that come up during the last election, Mitt Romney being... Yeah, it did come up. It didn't
become that big of a... Louis: It did, but it wasn't that big a deal. David: I think
it was because Romney ended up just not really being a contender that it wasn't that big
of a deal. I mean, again, this is not just my opinion. If you look up Census Bureau data,
Massachusetts has the fewest people without health care in the country, only 5.4%, and
that was actually two years ago. I think it's even lower now. And if you don't make enough,
you get free care. Now, I know we're going to get emails saying... Louis: Close to it.
David: Or close to it. I know we're going to get emails from people saying that the
system is not perfect and there's a lot of problems with it, people who can't afford
health care also don't get it for free, fine, but if you believe Rick Perry, then you must...
it just doesn't make sense that you would say the only thing Mitt Romney's campaign
is riding upon here is repudiating, not refudiating, the Massachusetts health care law. I just
don't buy it at all. So we'll keep an eye on that. Overall, I think there's going to
be a lot of changes in this 2012 election that we're maybe not familiar with. Louis,
what do we have going on? Do we need to break? Louis: I think we might as well go to a break
right now. David: OK, let's take a break. We're going to come back with an interesting
Tea Party candidate running for 2012. www.DavidPakman.com is the website. And plenty more coming up.
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