2011 Medical Family Day and White Coat Ceremony, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Uploaded by schoolofmedicine on 04.11.2011

I remember feeling excited and accomplished. I think it’s a big milestone in the process
of medical education. I remember the talk that was given by the President of the Class
of 2009, who’s now an orthopedics resident at union. I remember lining up with all my
classmates and getting the coats put on was a special feeling. I’m going to be talking
to the parents and I’m going to be telling them a little bit about what medical school
is like and what the white coat means. My name is Kim Ashadi [phonetic]; I’m from
Southern California. I’m Greg Lessons; I’m from right here in Baltimore. It’s a big
first step, I guess, in the world of medicine. I don’t know, it’s definitely a big symbol
so it will be nice to formally be entered into the field. It’s going to be great,
also, being able to go to the hospital and actually having a white coat instead of dressed
up in our suit and tie or whatever so we’re finally part of the tradition so that’s
exciting. Okay. The white coat ceremony is a very important milestone in a student’s
life, in fact. It’s almost the first entry into the field of medicine as a student. And
I think it really symbolizes a lot; it symbolizes commitment, it symbolizes a start of a career
and it really is a high point in just the educational, and, later, in the career because
it really is a point where we give them a charge. We give them a charge that they are
now entering a very noble field, and one that is just so rich with a rich history that they
are becoming a part of. Kaitlin Carnell, Megan Cassidy, Richard Cass [applause].