Mass Effect 2 Birth of a Renegade, Episode 4 - Recruiting Mordin Solus

Uploaded by JaosalS on 03.06.2010

they need to find work force
is that a clinic on the other side of the district
speaking in the future
and hopefully offering protection watch
doctor with military parade next helping people for free on Monday to grow up
but what you don't think much of a doctor and a clinic
porter trying to muscle into
he come down just like that hot
the good news is next
and this is her two children humans in a way to bring down the Clinton killed to back to
work school the case a trappist park
if you get towards you might have a survival for instance
the next
would never make to quell watch
you really can't tell us
besides not my lifetime commitment from someone in mind off of the sanctuary
cowering in this apartment might keep me alive for what work stoppages starvation when easy
for you to say
soldier on we're just ordinary people in making something
yes first
I would accept that the fighting to stay alive if you want to survive you're going to happen
I think that reported was inaccurate I find a lot of the woodwork point
they can hold your hand always worked streets
professor Gordon soulless
does the key issue for many to well I don't think that he's still nursing a uniform President
salinas and dissidents fortune scrutinize for Justice in the house
they this the possible use of violence
Hamas democrat
it applies to locate of command ship
some of the critical mission and a teacher may be some but must not make the already
took the it can find it controls what you've got
just what was it like to ask someone for help in here that's a sure
all right now no strings attached
I'm telling you the truth
I work for more typically I came here to help you
no those files to see if she were please
three things
pull that trigger you've read his removal
but I'm going to walk away
also join us as we know
let him let him leave
I do the same to you
I don't know yet what should be the medicine is a turnaround
your honor
you might hurt them
a lot
you want to know what does this area is just keep on Sunday
you're not set facts
acts shall
that's us
I've had enough of this
and it's a sin to gauge a record five thousand patients approving fortune the creaking out
and shoot thank you
can you pick month
which of those experience the cold blood
but first i'd like to see it well I think it's old and just now you're judging me
despite the jury instructions you would've killed him out to kill them
nice in everything is going well up here
we want to fit the norm to replace this the truck the truck with the lincoln-douglas
safety standards invest against it didn't run said his lawyers use our power and he
this time around
this thing off from the united states
I did it and that he joker
why do we deal with it
there isn't the intercom strong point
well you know this but to give bread