Black Jack TV - Full Episode 12 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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I saw your image in the flower that is blossoming sorrowfully
I love rain, yet it felt frosty today
The season changed, the forest was colored,
The wind played a tune, memories gushed out
Gather the pieces of the moon, decorate the dream, and sleep
Even if I sprinkle the sand of time, I cannot return to the past
Those searching for the meaning of life are all travellers
I set my course on this endless journey
for the place beyond the thorny path....
The artist of life who produces miracles through his godlike scalpel skills.
The genius surgeon whom the era has yearned for.
Black Jack.
I shall make you all into humanoids!
I'm scared!
Hold it!
The warrior of love and justice!
Big Mask!
Big Mask! Help us!
Hyper Justice Kick!
I'll get you back, Big Mask!
The boss of the Monster Maker Group!
I won't let you do whatever you want!
I will fight!
I will continue to fight!
For the sake of the human race!
Go for it, Big Mask!
This is so stupid.
You agree, don't you?
Sharaku is excited about this sort of thing.
Check this out!
Isn't it great!
I made friends with the Big Mask staff!
One after the other,
he collects all this weird stuff.
That's so stupid.
You're still a kid as long as you're excited about these things.
What's that?
It's one of the humanoids that Boss made, called Gorass.
He's really nasty.
So cute!
Let me see him!
Please, lemme meet him!
You mean Gorass?
Please? Please? Pretty please?
Fine then.
Let me ask the staff.
Gorass, you're super cute!
I'll come see you soon!
Pinoko, you have such unique tastes.
Give My Brother Back!
Originally by Tezuka Osamu "Give My Brother Back!!"
I'm done.
That was quick.
I'm hurrying because I'm going out.
Where are you going?
To where they're filming Big Mask!
You really like it.
Because Gorass is so cute!
I'll be going now!
Oh, and wash your own plate.
Wash it yourself!
It's the boss of the Monster Maker Group!
Doesn't the Boss look kind of like Dr. Black Jack?
Excuse me?
Not at all.
Please stand by!
Filming is starting!
Ah! Gorass!
Hey, here you are.
I'm sorry about rushing in.
It's okay.
Weren't you with a friend?
Cut! Cut!
Hey, Gorass,
come to my place.
I'll treat you to a fine dinner.
Someone get that kid off the set!
Hey, hey!
Give me a minute, Director!
Miss, it's not safe here, so you shouldn't come in.
Oh, my goodness!
Gorass is human?!
"To Pinoko"
that's only a TV set, not a real story.
Didn't you even know that?
Gorass in that costume was cute,
but the man inside was kind, and even nicer.
I was really embarrassed.
Did you just say something?
It's nothing.
You're good with small kids.
Maybe because I have a much younger brother.
I can't help it when I see small kids.
What's wrong?
My legs...
They're really swollen.
They are getting worse.
Maybe you should see a doctor.
Hey, I think that Sharaku kid knows an incredible doctor, Black Jack,
so let's get referred to him.
Yeah, please.
Big Mask is so cool.
I have them too!
Big Mask is so strong!
Here's Gorass that the boss of the Monster Maker Group made.
I hate him.
I know.
Hey, Yukio,
Gorass is your big brother, right?
So your big brother is a bad guy.
No, he's not!
Big brother is kind,
and not a bad guy!
Everyone hates him!
Nobody hates him!
Bad guys like this should be...
Now you've done it!
I won't forgive anyone who insults my brother!
Oh, come on!
Get him back!
What are you doing, Yukio?
Big Brother.
What, did you have a fight?
Why are you the humanoid Gorass?
Why do you have to play the bad guy?
I hate you, Big Brother!
Stupid! Stupid!
You're stupid!
That's why?
I heard he had a big fight with some kids who insulted Gorass.
I see, that's why...
By the way, how are your legs?
Shouldn't you see a doctor?
Yeah, I heard about a good doctor,
so I'll go see him now.
I'm home.
Where is brother?
He went to a clinic.
Is something wrong with him?
It's something with his legs.
But there's nothing to worry about.
I see.
I wanted to apologize to him...
Sharaku, what are you doing?
you'll be shocked when you go inside.
Oh, my goodness!
Hey, you are...
Hey, Gorass guy,
why are you here?
Did you come to see me?
He's a patient.
He'll be staying here a while for an examination.
Treat me well.
Thank you.
I'll cook my best!
I'll cook my best!
I'm home.
Welcome back.
Brother isn't back yet?
He said he couldn't come home for a while because of the exam.
How boring.
Is your mother home?
Who is he?
I'm coming in.
That scar on his face looks like the one on the Boss of the Monster Maker Group.
He must be a bad guy.
I will keep your son.
Your son?
My brother?!
I may cut him.
The operation will cost you 20,000,000!
Call this number when you have the money.
Oh, no!
My brother must've been captured by him!
Mom! He's the boss of the Monster Maker Group!
Don't be so stupid.
He's a doctor named Black Jack.
That's a lie!
Unless you give him money,
he's going to make brother into a humanoid!
Go play over there, son.
Mom, you're stupid!
You don't care what happens to brother!
This is it.
Wait for me, Big Brother!
I'll come save you!
It's like a haunted house.
But I must save my brother.
Here I go!
There's the Boss.
I must not be caught.
This is the operating room.
He must be making the humanoids here.
Come in.
Dinner is ready.
I'm sorry.
Isn't it inconvenient with the power outage?
It's okay.
All I do is sleep anyway.
Here you go.
It's special today.
Eat a lot.
My brother is in there.
Big Brother, I'm here to save you.
I'm serving spaghetti too!
How could this be...
What was that?
That was my brother.
Your brother?
I need to make it again.
My brother is...
My brother is made into a humanoid!
My big brother...!
Oh, Yukio just came home.
Came to see you?
So, how is Yukio?
He went straight to bed as soon as he got home.
He's mumbling that "Big Brother was made into a humanoid" in his sleep.
Your appearance must have scared him.
Oh, man, how can I clear up this misunderstanding?
What, Pinoko?
You haven't gone to bed yet?
Can I ask you for a favor?
Your son has lumphatic filariasis,
a rare disease in which the lymphatic tube is clogged.
The tight costume worn around the legs might have accelerated the intensity of the symptoms.
About the operation fee, I can get 10,000,000...
Mom, that's so much...
That's the best I can do with all of my savings.
Doctor, can we do something about it?
I said 20,000,000.
If you can't pay that,
then I can't operate on him.
We don't have that much!
Okay, doctor.
I'll see other doctors.
Thank you for everything.
There is someone who is eager to operate on you.
Who is that?
It's Dr. Pinoko.
I'll take the Gorass costume as payment.
This will sting you a bit.
Are you serious?!
Of course.
Enough of this joke!
Doc, I guess we don't need any anesthetic.
Oh, my goodness...
Thank you so much, Doctor.
Actually, thank Pinoko.
Thank you, Pinoko.
Anything for my Gorass guy.
Anyway, what do we do with Yukio?
He still thinks his brother has been turned into a humanoid.
Oh, man...
Only bitter memories will stick with him if I just go home now.
I have a good idea.
Big Brother...
I'm the Monster Maker Group's Boss's follower.
A humanoid!
I'm here to deliver a letter from the Boss.
There it is!
He disappeared!
He's been transported!
No, we haven't.
If you want your brother back,
come to the Monster Maker Group's hideout.
If you tell anyone about this,
we will kill your brother.
Come out, Boss of the Monster Makers!
I am right here.
I'm here!
Make my brother back to normal!
Let me go!
Big Brother!
Yukio, I'm fine!
I was only pretending that I was modified to trick the Boss!
So you're still human!?
Here I go!
Super Justice Kick!
You got me...
There are too many great enemies on Earth.
I will leave this planet.
Big Brother!
It's all okay now.
The Monster Maker Group is gone.
You're really strong!
You're the hero who saved the human race!
I'm sorry about making you worry, Yukio.
It went well.
Sheesh, why do I have to do this?
But it was fun.
Wasn't my act pretty good?
It's not easy being a monster.
I'm jealous of you, Doc, since you don't need any makeup.
Really, I'm serious!
No way!
It was so funny.
I wanted to see that.
Aren't you jealous?
You are...
Oh, uh, we decided to stay on Earth.
But we won't do anything bad anymore
You're still talking about that?
Those are just stories on TV.
You'd better grow up soon.
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier...
I wanted to see you forever
I'm laying on the grill,
being heated up by you,
so much that I change color
I dress up with sparkly grains of decorations
I love you, darling; Please love me more and more
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier
How does it taste?
He's arrogant, and lacks sensitivity.
It's swollen pretty bad.
This is...
I'm a gymnast!
Please save Icchan!
But this operation will be expensive.
Why did you give me such an arm?
Next Karte - A Pirate's Arm.
I'm hurrying because I'm going out.
Cut, cut!
I'm so sorry.