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-No, no "Breaking Bad" spoilers.
-Hello, everyone.
It's Monday.
This is "My Damn Channel Live." I'm Beth.
What's happening?
I'm good.
I'm rested from the weekend.
Sometimes that isn't the case, you know.
I'll tell you what, next weekend I'm
driving back from a wedding.
The wedding is on Sunday night-- am I yelling?
I'm driving back from a wedding on Sunday night and on
Monday morning.
It's not going to be pretty, so next Monday--
don't tell my boss.
Whoa, did I just tell her?
Anyway, that's next week.
How are you guys today?
Who's got a birthday?
It's my ex-boyfriend's birthday today Do you know, do
you remember those things?
I also remember his home phone number.
Do you remember when you used to know numbers, like, you
used to have them in your head, not just all--
I don't know anyone's number anymore.
It's all in my cell phone.
But do you remember home phone numbers?
Do you guys-- any of you remember that?
I really do want to know what's going on with you guys,
so let's find out.
Let's talk to you.
Can I get, can I get a comment?
This is from Lovinthelazies--
"lol is Beth really from Wisconsin?" Why--
why is that so funny?
Why are--
I mean, you could chuckle to yourself, but why, why are you
laughing out loud at that?
Wisconsin's awesome, so awesome.
It is, and I am.
And boy, the Packers are up again, so--
oh, this is what I'll do.
Olympics are over, and we're going to jump right now.
And it's going to be Packers talk all the time.
So thank you for that segue.
Let's do more of that.
Let's do that all show, talk about the Packers.
Just kidding.
Stay in the chat and stay with me, you guys.
Right now, I've got a video from you-- for you--
from you, if you're watching.
It's a new video.
It's from Product Displacement, and it's called
Big Anthony's Pizza.

-Hey, I'm Big Anthony from Big Anthony's Pizzeria.
There's no excuse why you can't come
down and try a piece.
Maybe you're saying, Anthony, the bus doesn't stop there.
Hey, shut up and eat the pizza.
Why not give my cheesy meatball a try?
Oh, but Anthony, I'm in a wheelchair and it's a struggle
for me to try and do anything.
Shut up and eat the pizza.
But Anthony, I'm stranded on a desert island and the only
thing keeping me alive is drinking my own piss.
You gotta shut up and eat that pizza.
I just wrote and directed a short film and I want to take
the next step as a filmmaker.
Shut up and make a feature.
I don't know what to do with my life.
Shut up and become a teacher.
Hey, you're only open two hours every other day and
every week is a different day because every week is an odd
number of days.
Shut up and mania the pizza.
So come on down to Big Anthony's Pizza in the heart
of Century Plaza.
You have no excuse not to.
Eat the pizza.

-That, that made me want pizza.
Not really, I want cereal.
I'm not going to lie, it made me hungry, but if I-- like, if
I think about what, like if I really am, like, you know, I
could have anything right now, I want a cereal.
Something crunchy and sugary, and one of those cereals that,
like, you know when it makes you more hungry after.
Same thing with soft-serve ice cream, you know, when you eat
it and then you're like, and now let's have dinner.
Those are bad decisions.
How about you guys help me get over those cravings that I
have right now?
Give me a comment.
This is from PrincessVanessaaa.
"Do you like dogs?" I love dogs.
I love dogs a lot.
When I was little we had a dog named Barney, a big black Lab,
and my mom and my sister were afraid of it.
And I was really--
it was like, bigger than me.
And I used to go be the one that had to
bring it in from outside.
So my mom and my sister would be like, go get it, Bethy.
And I'd be like, come here, Barney.
And I'd take it in.
And then one day, Barney hit my si-- or bit my sister in
the face, and that was it for Barney.
We sold it to our neighbor.
Or we gave him to our neighbor.
And so I got to see him.
But it was really sad because--
then my mom was like, we don't, we don't
have to keep the dog.
Because she was afraid of him.
So that was sad.
And then one day someone brought Barney back to our
front door.
And they were like, Barney was lost and we found him.
And he still had our tags on him.
And my mom was like, that's not our dog anymore.
And anyway, then we brought him.
It's fine.
So I do love dogs.
I'm still getting over the fact I never got to
grow up with one.
Next comment is from TheVideoCadet1.
"Hakuna Matata or YOLO?" Hakuna Matata, mainly
because YOLO is--
it's not, I mean, I just, that's new to me.
Hakuna Matata I grew up on, right?
And also, I used to play Lion King on Sega.
And my friends and I spent--
Andrea and I spent an entire summer passing every level.
And then we got to Hakuna Matata level set, six, and
could never pass jumping up the logs in
the water fill, fall.
Anyone else?
We never passed the Hakuna Matata level.
And then one day, I watched a friend pass it.
And Simba turns in the lion after that waterfall.
Spoiler alert.
Next comment is from KyoTe411.
"Say something in Wisconsin." (WISCONSIN ACCENT) Oh, sure,
oh, yeah, I can do that.
Yeah, I got that out there.
I can do that, uh, real quick for you.
Anytime you want, I can pull this out.
So, uh, I was thinking, though, talking with my friend
about how all accents can be kind of sexy.
And this is the one where really, oh, no,
there's just no way.
There's no way to make this sexy.
Friendly, oh, sure, yeah, oh great, for crying out loud,
but sexy, no.
OK, next comment is from 12beanss21.
"Hey, Beth, I dare you to dance around." Uh, then a--
is that a ice cream cone?
Is that just my stomach talking?
"My sister's birthday was yesterday!" I
know, that's a heart.
OK, you dare me?
Happy birthday to your sister.
I hate singing the birthday song, so I'm not
going to sing it.
But I'm going to dance for your sister's birthday.
Um, I'm going to do-- did you guys watch rhythmic
I'm not--
that was really amazing.
I don't--
I can't fake it.
But did you watch it?
It's incredible.
You should look it up and watch some of the rhythmic
I'm breaking the set.
That's what happens when I dance, you guys.
I'm too big.
I'm too big for the space.
Next comment is from gmplatz. "OWD, Olympic withdrawal
syndrome." Tell me about it. "It Hoyt's to even think about
it." It Hoyts.
It Hoyts so bad.
It Hoyts real strong.
I'm in big denial.
I'm going to still talk about it a little bit, but I thank
you for sharing that sympathy with me.
You guys, we could all start a club if you want.
I'm available to talk about it.
We can rehash any event.
I'm here for you.
Next comment is from saranovitch--
"Caught a turtle today.
It was of the painted variety.
I was bitten by a snapper when I was 9 or 10.
We let it go." Sorry, I hope you're healed
from that, and um--
I mean physically and emotionally.
Here's my day to tell you animal stories.
I have one.
This is also sad.
So my brother's friends, you guys--
I know this happened.
Unless it was--
they just lied to me, which now I'm realizing, this also
paints them to be bad people, 'cause maybe they're liars.
But I was very, very young.
And I remember hearing this story from them that that day
they were driving, our babysitter drove them, to,
like, the lake to go swimming.
They saw a turtle on the side of the
country road in Wisconsin.
They picked up the turtle to save the turtle--
they were going to save it.
And they put in the towel in the car and, like,
not get the car dirty.
And when they got to the lake, they realized that they had
suffocated the turtle.
And the turtle was dead.
And I mean, they were young, too--
I was probably like 5, and they were about 10.
they were trying to save the turtle.
Should I tell you this part?
This is the bad part-- which still could be a lie.
But I heard then that they, these terrible, terrible boys
then, with the dead turtle, played
Frisbee with the turtle.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I love turtles.
And that's terrible but I think that that happened.
I think that that happened.
I'm really sorry about that.
Here's a tweet.
Let's move on.
I'm sorry.
Are you crying?
This is from Bambu Fan, @bambufan-- "OMG, you're being
kidnapped by Robin Williams?" This, I favorited, I favorited
that because this is a reply to-- can we get the picture
that I posted?
So this is--
I've posted this with a tag, like, romantic stroll, which--
it's none of your business if that was a romantic stroll.
I just thought it was funny that this guy
was holding my wrist.
And it looked like I didn't know how to hold hands or I
didn't know how to be romantic.
And I think the sunlight really
captured that guy's arm.
And it really does look like Robin Williams.
Maybe it was.
Maybe it was.
That's funny-- he's a hairy fellow, right,
kind of a blond guy.
Very hairy.
My face is going to go away for a second.
I mean, not really, but stay in the chat, you guys.
We'll bring up more of your comments in a minute.

-OK, sure.

-All right, we're back.
We have a tweet--
we're back.
See, we're just going go right into it.
This is from Andor Andorson.
Uh, "Ha, just had cereals for dinner.
What are your favorite ones, Beth?"
Man, I'm jealous.
I talk about cereal a lot on this show.
I'm sorry if you're really sick of me talking about it.
But again, like the Olympics, we could start a club.
I'm available to talk about cereal all the time.
I really enjoy a mix, a blend of all kinds of bad cereal.
I would like to have a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries with
Cinnamon Toast Crunch, maybe something to even out that--
like, some Rice Krispies, just, you know, to fill it out
and give it a little bit of, like, give me a little time to
just chill out from the sugar.
And I'd like to throw in something with, like, flakes,
like, um, ooh, Honey Bunches of Oats.
That's what I want.
That's what I'm-- that's what I want.
That's it, those four, in one bowl, big spoon, cold milk.
I want it.
Next comment is from TheMarion202.
"What shoes are you wearing?
Trick question, you're not wearing any shoes.
Unless you are, then this question just became
Well, here's the thing.
I'm wearing some just shiny flats.
These are actually too small, so I wear them
only here in the set.
I can't wear them outside to walk around because
my feet don't fit.
And then here's the trick, though.
I'm not wearing the shoe on that foot.
You win.
We both win.
Next comment is from BeyondWeird1.
"Is there a video game you could never complete?" The
question is, is there a video game I could complete, because
I've never completed any of them.
Actually, no, I did just do--
I got Cut the Rope app on my phone.
And I completed all the levels.
And then I was bragging about it to a friend.
And he revealed that I just had the, like, the free
version that has, like, just 10 levels.
So uh, then I-- he pulled out his phone and showed me he was
on, like, level 200, and yeah, so-- back to, back to once
again, no, I've never completed any video game.
I enjoy playing them, but I don't--
I'm not good.
Next comment is from RitaPortugirl.
That's a cool name.
"Beth, how did you get in the Bachelorette movie?" Yes, you
guys, I don't know if you've seen, but I am in this new
movie, "The Bachelorette." There's a trailer out.
You can see me in the background of it.
Um, I auditioned.
I got it through my manager.
I got the audition, I-- fuck, I nailed it.
I really nailed it.
I feel, you know, that was just, whoops.
I nailed it.
I got the role.
The first day on the set--
I had my own trailer--
I met Will Farrell.
He produced the movie.
I hung out with him in the green room.
I had these great--
I had, like, a bunch of lines.
It was awesome.
I was on the set for a week and two days.
It was really cool.
I hung out with Kirsten Dunst and Isla Fisher and Lizzy
Caplan and Adam Scott.
It was really cool.
The thing is, all my lines are cut.
I'm just basically--
I do a lot of this in it.
I'm not wearing glasses.
This is what I look like in the film.
I'm doing a lot of background, a lot of background.
Really strong, really strong acting--
pretty good.
It's not in theaters.
I was going to say you should go see it in your theater.
But it's available on iTunes right now.
You can buy it.
So that's exciting--
still got paid, you guys.
I still got paid.
Next comment is from, um, snarfis.
"Can you give fishing tips?" I'll do that face in a minute.
"I'm out of luck there." OK, so the first face was, um,
mmm, and the next one was ungh.
So fishing tips, absolutely.
You got to have patience.
You have to have patience, and you have to bring a chair.
And you have to have beer--
you have to have beer.
I don't think you should bring liquor.
Because then you're going to get too out
of control and drunk.
And what if you catch a really big one?
You won't have the strength.
Beer, take it easy.
Definitely some snacks.
Throw one of your snacks on the fishing line, you know,
like the way you give a dog at treat sometimes--
not chocolate.
You know, give a, give a, snack to the, to the fishies.
Maybe that'll work-- maybe they want your food.
And, and again-- just the patience, a book
or friend, you know?
So that's guaranteed to get you a fish.
All right.
Next comment is from vanessagregoire--
"What is your top favorite candy, Beth?" That's such a
hard question.
What's yours?
I don't--
um, so many different categories.
Let's just go with recently would be Dots.
Remember we broke the Justin Bieber pinata?
Lots of candy in there.
And I think I've had a reemergence of enjoying Dots
and enjoying finding a bit in my teeth, you know, like two
hours later.
You know, you forget about it.
And then you, like, finally get it out.
And you're like, aw, good, good--
that was good.
That did taste good a few hours ago.
And it tastes good now, because it tastes the same as
it did then.
And I'm sure that those Dots--
well, they couldn't have been in that pinata for too long
because it's Justin Bieber.
And he's only about 12, right?
So they couldn't have been in there for
longer than two years.
Dots, it's Dots.
Next comment--
ooh, sorry, we'll go back to that in one second.
Come back to me--
wait, I want to tell you something.
I did lose a tooth in a Milk Dud when I went to see the
movie "Aladdin" in the movie theater.
True story.
Next comment--
"How do you feel about the choices you have made in
life?" Man, Nick--
really hard hitting today.
Favorite candy, how do I feel about the choices
I made in my life?
I, you know, I feel, uh, I feel strong.
I feel strong.
They've brought me here, and I'm pretty excited about that.
Uh, I'm, I get hoit a lot.
That's not my fault.
That's not my choices that I make.
I think that I think that I'm happy with my choices in life,
because they've brought me--
I'm happy with my life.
I'm happy about them.
I'm not happy about the five-pound bag of Mike and
Ikes I ate-- have I told you about this--
that has now caused me to have this sweet tooth, which is why
it's what I talk about.
So that was a bad decision.
But I was a child, and I blame my mom.
I blame my mother for that.
Next comment is from wiias40.
"What movie would you want to be in?" Like, I want to be in
any Christopher Guest movie.
Upcoming or a movie that's already been made?
Guys, these questions are so hard.
Very good questions, thank you.
I think I'd like to be-- well, any Christopher Guest movie
from the past. "Best, Best in Show" is one of my favorite
movies, which is kind of what my blog is named
after, Beth in Show.
I just love movies that have characters that really, like--
the actors get to really figure out who their character
is and then almost, like, play on the set and, you know, kind
of improv a little bit.
That's what I want is to have a really awesome character and
then just, like, play with other actors and comedians who
are, who are game with a really good director.
That's, that's the dream.
Next comment is from easymoney202.
That's also the dream, easy money, right?
"What kind of car do you drive?" Well, I live in New
York City, so I don't have a car.
But the only car I've ever driven is a Pontiac Sunfire.
And I don't really know cars very well.
So that's the only car I ever really want, because
I loved that car.
Although one time, I went to Europe for a month.
And I came back and the sunroof had been left open.
It also was towed, by the way, because they did construction
on the street.
So it was towed.
I went to pick up the car, paid like $300 in towing fee
because it had been towed for a whole month.
And the sunroof had also been open.
And there was moss growing in my car.
So when you come back from Europe and you're broke from
that trip, it's really awesome to then have that happen.
That was special.
Still love that car, though.
Next comment, and this is the last one for today.
"what's your favorite school subject?" Um, theater or,
like, drama, or like something like that doesn't involve math
or science.
I like English, too.
Uh, dancing, if dancing's a school subject.
I didn't have that--
I went to a small high school, so like something that's arty
that you can kind of, like, act or fake your way out of
and, like, pretty much guarantee an
A, that's my favorite.
That's our time, you guys.
Thank you for hanging out.
Let's do this again tomorrow, because I'm
doing a summer haul.
I want to bring in, I'm going to bring in all my favorite
things that I've used this summer.
And if and when you're here in the chat, I'd love to hear the
things that you're using this summer.
It'll be like show and tell, you know, right?
And Wednesday, Judah Friedlander's here, the world
champion himself.
And I will be breaking some records with the assistance of
Dan Rollman from RecordSetter.
And we maybe have a dog hosting on Thursday, like an
actual dog--
that dog.
Tommy the Pomeranian, the Tumblr dog.
No big deal.
Big deal!
See you tomorrow.