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Hey guys, welcome to an other edition of Orlando Attractions Magazine - The Show. Today we're
bringing you highlights of Magic Kingdom celebration for the Super Bowl champions, SeaWorld's new
whale show, Busch Gardens new cheetahs and the dates for the upcoming Star Wars weekends
and much much more. [music playing]
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So Jessica, here we are, just us girls for an extra fabulous edition of the show, are
you ready to rock it out? Of course I am, you know I asked Jimmy if he could play a
little bit of spice girls but I don't know if he's gonna do it. We could totally rock
out to some spice girls right now. Girl power. Now one of the most popular ads of all time
begins "Well you just won the Super Bowl, what are you gonna do next?" go to Disney
World of course and that's exactly what Aaron Rodgers did. The MVP of the 2011 Super Bowl
champions, the Green Bay Packers. Every year Disney invites the winners of the Super Bowl
to the Magic Kingdom. Let's see what happens when Aaron visited the park.
Well they weren't hard to find guys but I found the Central Florida Packers Backers
right here, very excited about the parade today and here to chat with Mike and his friends.
How special was today for this group? >>When your a Packer fan every day is Christmas,
this is like New Years.
As a Packer fan, to be here at Disney World, where everybody goes to celebrate after any
sort of victory, how does it feel to be here now and see Aaron Rodgers and celebrate? 
>>Awesome to be here, all these Packers fans here, it's great.
Go packers! [chanting "go pack go"]
So Aaron obviously a lot of excitement last night after the game, you've had about 12
hours now, how does this feel today? >>This is like no other, this is special for
me. Just to, you know, just being a kid and going to disney land and then in California
knowing how much fun that was. to see so many Packer fans down here and just being able
to share in the celebration with them it's incredible. 
When you were a kid did you see those commercials with the quarterback screaming "I'm going
to Disney World!" >>Of course I did, I always dreamt about being
that guy and now I am that guy. You know obviously winning the Super Bowl
is a huge accomplishment Aaron but your also the MVP of the game. Tell us how that feels,
that's something that is going to go down in history books man.
>>Well, it's a great honor to win this award, to be able to be here today. Just enjoying
the success of a great team. A lot of great men on that team and it's just special to
be honored in this way and to be able to be down here.
So tell me about the parade. How did that feel to be zooming down the street, Packers
fans all over the place screaming for you. Was that a special moment? What did that feel
like? >>It was special. A special time to able to
go through this parade. I thought at some point most people were waving at me but I
know it was a lot of little kids who probably didn't know who I was so they were waving
more at Mickey.
SeaWorld Orlando will be premiering an all new killer whale show this spring. The new
show “One Ocean” will replace the popular “Believe” show that has run for the past
five years. Shamu Stadium will feature special effects with colored lights, soaring fountains,
underwater imagery and global rhythms will highlight a new contemporary musical score.
The Show will feature the whales interacting in new ways with trainers, the audience, each
other and even the set itself. Although the trainers will not be performing in the water
with the whales this time around. That's unfortunate it was so cool when they used to do that.
The heart of the show is found in its message that both animals and humans are part of one
world, with one ocean. We can look for “One Ocean” to begin at the end of April.
You know our new show is going to emerse guests in the sea and were gonna do it with a lot
of new effects. There's gonna be lights in the show and beautiful fountains and of course
amazing imagery of the undersea life on beautiful, panoramic screens, LED screens and that's
all a backdrop. Because our killer whales are the stars of the show right? So they're
going to be performing amazing behavior, spectacular behaviors in ways people haven't really seen
before. One Ocean is really about celebrating unity in this diverse, huge world. We all
live in one world and that world is covered by one ocean and as vast and huge as that
feels as one species, we know that as individuals we can make a difference. So this show, will
effect people as all of our shows have at SeaWorld. It will effect people to walk out
and make a difference.
We're fortunate here in Central Florida because our theme parks entertain, as well as educate
and contribute to the preservation of endangered species. Besides donating almost $100,000
to cheetah efforts in Africa, the Sea World and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has also
funded programs for countless other species around the world. Busch Gardens Tampa recently
welcomed a family of 5 new cheetahs, in accordance with the international Cheetah Species Survival
Plan. They can be seen by guests on the Endangered Species Safari until the new Cheetah Run habitat
and Cheetah Hunt roller coaster are completed in a few months.
If you don’t know by now,most of us are huge Star Wars fans here at Attractions Magazine,
isn't that right Jessica?. Guilty as charged. And we have begun the countdown to Disney’s
Hollywood Studios annual Star Wars Weekends. The dates for this year’s Weekends were
just announced. It begins May 20 and runs each Friday, Saturday and Sunday through June
12. You can expect the usual parades, trivia challenges, memorabilia and presentations
during the event. But, of course, one of the highlights of the event are the stars. C-3-PO
himself, Anthony Daniels, will kick off the opening weekend with the much anticipated
reopening of the new StarTours 3-D attraction. And, you can certainly count on us being there
as well! Besides Daniels, Ashley Eckstein, the voice of AhSOka Tah-no in “The Clone
Wars” will be there for the opening ceremonies. Ashley will serve as celebrity host for all four
weekends. Other stars will be announced later. We’re excited these two stars will be on
hand, but, of course, we would like to see the man himself, George Lucas show up as well.
That would be super awesome but you know Lucas and producer Rick McCallum were recently at
Disneyland to test ride the Star Tours attraction with the Disney Imagineering team. They gave
a big thumbs-up after riding the Starspeeder 1000 to several of its destinations. George
even stopped to have his photo taken with the Audio-Animatronic  C-3-PO  seated in
the Starspeeder cockpit. Even though Lucas was not a Star in our park, television host
and comedian Jon Stewart was. He and his children, Nate and Maggie, were seen riding the Indy
Speedway at the Magic Kingdom. Stewart and his family were celebrating Maggie’s 5th
birthday. Happy birthday Maggie. Happy birthday.
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Today, we have several updates for you from Disney. There are some new construction walls
in Fantasyland to hide the construction for the new expansion area in Magic Kingdom. However,
the construction of the larger buildings is rising tall enough to be seen above the walls.
Splash Mountain reopened earlier this month after being closed for refurbishment. The
64 boats on the ride are now equipped with lap bars to prevent riders from standing up
or getting off before the end of the ride. And here’s one last reminder that Toontown
is closing tomorrow for good. This area will be transformed into a circus area within the
new Fantasyland. Until the area opens again, the Railroad will stay open but will no longer
be stopping in Toontown so keep that in mind. Though, the characters that are now in Toontown
will be relocated throughout the park. However, Tinker Bell and her friends will be relocated
to Epcot. That's a good thing. A new meet and greet location at the Town Square Exposition
Hall is scheduled to open in the Spring. Until then, you can find Mickey and Minnie in Tomorrowland.
The area just outside of the Haunted Mansion entrance has been fenced off for construction
as well. Word is that they’re working on a new interactive queue, similar to Winnie
the Pooh’s. We can only hope! Yeah that would sure be fun. If you’ve heard any rumors,
be sure to let us know. Meanwhile, Epcot is hosting a special event this weekend called
Main Street in Motion. Imagine being able to test drive your choice of 70 different
vehicles in a no-sales-pitch environment. That would be pretty cool. It’s free! That's
even cooler. Yeah, even cooler. You get to choose from passenger cars, performance machines,
fun crossovers, full-size pickups, and hybrids. And, you have a first time opportunity to
drive the all-new Chevrolet Volt Electric Vehicle. I can't wait for that one. The event
runs Friday through Sunday in the Epcot parking lot. It is advised, but not necessary, to
register online in advance at Also at Epcot, the post show, hands-on area
of Journey Into Imagination is presently in transition. Besides some of the old favorites,
there’s a new computer experience where you can build your own Figment and email it
>>Look they got a compose your own figment area. Let's try it out. Then I can email my
figment or I can just keep it this way. Bye!
That one is one of my favorites. That sounds kinda cool, you should go do it. I'll go check
it out. And, if you’ve been to the Downtown Disney Marketplace recently, you will have
noticed the extensive renovation project for the Lego Imagination Center. Expected to be
completed mid-April, the new Lego store will increase its overall footprint by nearly 35-hundred
square-feet. Wow. And, of course, you can expect to see new Lego exterior models of
some favorite Disney characters. While the store is being renovated, they’ve set up
a temporary tent near ‘Once Upon a Toy’. Kind of hard to miss.
Now, speaking of imagination. Let’s take you on a journey into our imagination. Let’s
begin with the Lego Imagination Center greatly increasing its presence at Downtown Disney,
and add the fact that our Producer recently noticed Legos for sale in the Journey Into
Imagination gift shop at Epcot. Now, add in the fact that Legoland Florida is presently
being built less than an hour from Disney World. Now if you connect those dots and then
add the fact that a new sponsor is needed for the Epcot Imagination pavilion since Kodak
pulled out last year, what would you surmise? I'd definitely ponder some. Now, if that’s
not enough to get your imagination stirring, what if we add the fact that a chief Disney
Imagineer was seen recently was seen inside Epcot’s Imagination pavilion looking around?
Putting all these things together, see what your imagination can conceive!
Hey, it's JD here and here's your weather. And now, the weather.
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As many of you know, a new craze for collectors is Disney’s Vinylmations. One of our fans,
who calls himself The Vinylmator, sent us this video he made of his collection. It seems
he got to wondering what the vinylmations do when no one is around.  So he set up a
camera to see for himself. Let’s take a look at what he found out.
[music playing]
Hey, do you have any 5's? Nope, do you have any 9's?
It's my turn to make sound motion videos.
You know that was a great job Vinylmator. If you keep up the good work maybe one day
you will achieve your dream and actually be an animator for Disney. And for the rest of
you, get busy. We want to see your creative videos too! 
And now for some entertainment events happening this weekend. Universal Orlando is kicking
off it’s Mardi Gras celebration February 12th. The ultimate street party includes the
authentic Mardi Gras Parade, cuisine straight from the Big Easy and top-name national music
talent. This Saturday you can see Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons and Big Al and
The Heavyweights. Sounds like great fun, food and watch for the hundreds of beads that will
be thrown during the parade! Meanwhile over at SeaWorld’s Bands, Brew and Bar-B-Q, you
can jive to Huey Lewis and the News this Saturday afternoon. And on Sunday at the Busch Gardens
Bands, Brew and Bar-B-Q, Montgomery Gentry will perform.
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a tribute to Magic Kingdom’s Toontown which will be closing tomorrow. From all of us here
at Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show. Happy Valentine's Day!
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