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When someone says their game is for free, there's always going to be a catch - either
it's merely a demo for something larger, or there are multiple strings attached in an
effort to guide you towards their In-App Purchase store. While the former is something we're
used to, the latter is still a sore point for many gamers as developers often strip
back their game, holding back gameplay behind artificial walls (often through extended waiting
Middle Manager of Justice by Double Fine and Dracogen still holds to the tried-and-true
management style of gameplay, but while waiting can be involved, the game does something special
- it remembers your progress, allowing you to change what you're doing at a moment's
Such a simple thing turns out to be a boon for the free title as you're always swamped
with goals to complete. Some of the heroes in your organization may need a rest; others
may need their moral picked up; while the rest could be training to take on harder thugs.
Of course you can also take to the streets and dish out justice directly, but players
with too much on their plate can also 'delegate' work, wasting a minute of time and letting
the AI fight it out for you.
The real fun comes in taking control of the action directly by 'watching' the fight and
activating special abilities, items, and 'Manager' abilities to turn the tide. You'll always
have a battle or three to fight thanks to regularly spawning missions, and it's in your
interest to completely them as soon as possible as the 'moral' of the city you're protecting
will modify your modest income.
Having so much back and forth between turn-based combat and base building and management makes
for a full experience, and one that only gets better as you bulk up your fighting force
with new heroes, each with their own distinct skill set. Crush enough bad guys and you'll
unlock a boss fight, granting access to new areas and potentially higher incomes.
Middle Manager of Justice is freemium done right - it's basic, but addictive thanks to
its multitude of tiny, yet meaningful goals. Throwing cash at the IAP store isn't needed,
and while it does provide some advantages, it won't ruin the challenge.
Whether you're strapped for cash or you need yet another insanely addictive management
title, we recommend this game.