See, Sing & Play (1/3)

Uploaded by BKDBrian2 on 15.06.2010

Come on, it’s time to play.
Hurry.  Come on, follow me.
I heard something coming.
But what?
I don’t know.  Come on.  Look.
It’s something new.
What is it?
I’ll look.
Look, everybody, it’s a wagon!
Can we play on it?
Somebody left it here for us.  Just for us!
Ooh, it’s pretty.  Whoopee!
Wow, it’s neat!
What is it?
It’s a playhouse.
Wow, look!
Let’s play in here.
Grab on.  Here we go!
Hey, everybody, come and look.
What’s inside?
I bet it’s something wonderful.
Just for us.
I’m afraid.
Open it.  Open it.
Okay.  Here goes.
(all gasp)
Feathers.  Hats.  Toys.  Costumes.  What wonderful things.
Am I not beautiful?
Take this, you monkey tier!
Pretty neat.
Pretty funny.  (giggles)
Let’s have a costume party!
Gather ‘round.  Let’s sing.
Make it a spooky song.  (cackling)
Let’s sing “Jack-O-Lantern.”
(evil cackle)
How’d she do that?
I don’t know.  Let’s finish the song; maybe she’ll come back.
How’d she do that?
I don’t know.
(witch cackles)
(panicking in fear)
Who are you?
I’m Stan, the stage manager for this travelling troop.  And I say your fun is over.
Now, go away.  Shoo!
Now, go away.  Shoo!
Now, cut that out.
Now, cut that out.
Get off my stage.  We’re putting on a show tonight.
Get off my stage.  We’re putting on a show tonight.
Stop doing what I do.
Stop doing what I do.
Don’t you know that monkeys like to do what they see others do?
Come on, sing along while we sing our favorite song.
Hey look, everybody, I found a bus driver’s hat.
Driving a bus would be so much fun.  I must try it on.
Wow, look at me, I’m a bus driver!
All right, you monkeys, get off of that stage!
Not until I try on this neat farmer’s hat.
A farmer is what I’d like to be.
Come on along and follow me.
What I need is a wife.
Hey, everybody, watch and listen while I show you how to play The Farmer In The Dell.
You can play it with your dolls and stuffed animals, or with your friends.
Partners, round up eight of your fun-loving pals.  And make a big circle, all you guys and gals.
Put that farmer in the center of the ring.  Now join hands folks, and circle as you sing.
Farmer, pick a pretty gal and take her by the hand.  Bring her to the middle; now there she stands.
Wife, pick a child and bring her to the middle.  It doesn’t matter if she’s big or little.
Child choose a nurse; now don’t be shy.  Bring her to the middle and don’t you cry.
Nurse take a dog; he’s a mighty fine friend.  Keep the circle moving, ‘cause we’re coming to the end.
Dog, choose a kitty to stand by you.  Mind your manners and don’t say boo.
Cat, chase a rat to the center of the ring.  Take him by the hand and sing, sing, sing.
Okay rat, it’s up to you to please.  Get up your courage and choose a hunk of cheese.
Do-si-do.  Swing out, if you please.  Go back to your circle, then circle ‘round the cheese.
Being chosen as the cheese is especially fun, since the cheese gets to be the farmer for the next game.
Unless it’s lunchtime and someone gets hungry.