A Quick Recipe for a Successful Copenhagen

Uploaded by dothegreenthing on 10.11.2009

A quick recipe for a successful Copenhagen. First, take the politicians from almost every
country in the world. America, Canada, China, the United Kingdom,
Brazil, Russia and
all the other countries.
Put them in a summit in a place called Copenhagen. Yeah, that is where they have the Little Mermaid.
Add the hopes and fears of billions of people around the world.
Tell the countries that because we are all carbon emitting so much quantity, the
world is overheating. We are loosing three species an hour. (Poor
little species). And the stakes are dangerously high.
Make the developing countries like India and China admit that they will be doing
the biggest emittings. Make the developed countries like America
and America acknowledge that it has been doing the biggest emittings.
Make them all hammer out who is responsible for what and who is going to pay for
what. Which will then mean that they can agree the
legally binding levels of emittings for every countries in the world.
(Yeah, the different levels for the different countries).
And those legally binding levels of emitting will allow the world to cool.
And there it is, a quick recipe for a successful Copenhagen.
If it does not look pretty that is because it does not have to be pretty. It just has
to work.