Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - Secret Ending Movie English Subtitles

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The darkness awakens
Young Xehanort: This world is too small.
The light in the darkness
leads to the last key
Goofy: Sora's late, isn’t he... I hope he's okay.
Goofy: Lea's gone back to Radiant Garden,
Goofy: and Riku's off somewhere doing something for master Yen Sid.
Goofy: Isn't there anything for us to do?
Goofy: Hm? Aw! Welcome back, Riku!
Goofy: Buh... What the?
Yen Sid: Due to the Keyblade War,
Yen Sid: the true Kingdom Hearts was swallowed by darkness, and its counterpart the ?-blade was also shattered.
Yen Sid: Replacing that Kingdom Hearts,
Yen Sid: the light that remained in the children's hearts restored this Realm
Yen Sid: and became the seven hearts of pure light.
Yen Sid: Accordingly, at the same time, to protect them,
Yen Sid: seven lights split from the shattered X-blade.
King Mickey: Seven hearts of pure light.
King Mickey: The seven princesses.
Yen Sid: Yes. Those seven hearts of pure light are the the origin of our Realm.
Yen Sid: If they are lost, our worlds will be trapped in the darkness once more.
Yen Sid: For us to evade a Keyblade War, we must ready seven lights,
Yen Sid: as I fear Xehanort will once more pursue the seven hearts of pure light
Yen Sid: in order to complete the X-blade...
King Mickey: So, seven lights and thirteen darknesses.
King Mickey: Is there any way we can avoid beginning a Keyblade War?
Yen Sid: Seven lights must oppose the 13 darknesses,
Yen Sid: in order to protect the seven hearts of pure light.
King Mickey: Then we need one more protector...
King Mickey: Riku! Welcome back.
Riku: Hey.
Riku: Yen Sid, the visitor you asked me to get is here, but...
Riku: Why would...
King Mickey: What! You mean!
Yen Sid: I heard this one could also wield a Keyblade, and so requested they come here.