SYTYCD 2012 - Season 9 Top 20 Dancers - Guest Judge Zooey Deschanel - Full Episode Recap

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Hi guys, I'm David with DanceOne.
And I'm bringing you your weekly recap of So You Think
You Can Dance season nine.
This week was So You Think You Can Dance's 200th episode.
And also the announcement of season nine's top 20 dancers.
Also, they continued their trend of having really useless
guest judges, namely, Zooey Deschanel, who did not give
one valuable piece of feedback the entire night.
So really funny, love her in her show, but
dance critique, really?
Also Nigel announced that there are going to be two
winners this season, a boy and a girl.
And while I think it's cool to mix it up and whatever, and
having two winners might be cool, I don't know if I'm a
big fan of him saying that there will for sure be one boy
and one girl.
If it were just two winners, then there would be the option
of it being two girls or two boys, or maybe
it'll be one of each.
But with the genders being set, I think it makes the show
a lot less interesting this season and a lot less
mysterious in that way.
They announced them in their genre, which I thought was
kind of cool.
They announced all of the contemporary dancers.
And then they announced the ballroom dancers, and then
they-- so on and so forth.
And I think that it allows the viewers to identify the
dancers more with their original style, because I know
that I've gone through an entire seasons of So You Think
You Can Dance without even knowing what the dancer was
trained in after having seen them doing all this stuff.
The first dance featured Alexa,
Amber, George, and Will.
And I honestly couldn't pay attention to anybody other
than Alexa, because everything that was wrong with her face
during Vegas week has magically been fixed.
And she is so performance oriented.
And also her technique is beautiful.
I think that she's a superstar.
And they're totally toting her to win with all of the screen
time they're giving her.
And how much they're pushing her.
I think that she is definitely a contender as I
look at the top 20.
They put through both ballroom girls, which was awesome
because they're friends.
I honestly don't know what they're doing having two
ballroom girls that look exactly the
same in the top 20.
But it's cool that they're both on the show.
And actually, the one that I liked, Whitney, who was giving
a lot of face and performance energy, still was giving that
performance energy.
But she was very sloppy.
And Lindsay, while not as much performance oriented,
technically was awesome.
So I think it's toss up between the two
them at this point.
I was very much Whitney, and now I don't really know.
They then did a ballet number with a few of my favorite
dancers, namely Eliana and Cheyon I'm not a big fan of
Daniel Baker.
I think that he is very false in his performance.
And it's very plastic smiley.
The choreography actually was sort of silly, I thought.
I know the choreographer is really good and stuff.
But near the end when the music was very intense, the
movement was very slow.
And it just seemed kind of out of place.
But still, Eliana and Cheyon are two amazing dancers.
And I would love to see them partner and
do an amazing routine.
I'm sure they will, at some point.
And also the Stacey Tookey routine was so wonderful.
And I'm so obsessed with Matthew.
I think that he has such vulnerability when he dances.
And I know that I've said earlier that I have issues
with Amelia's personality, I also have
issues with her dancing.
I don't know what's going on with her legs,
but they're not straight.
And I don't know if it's her fault, or if it's just the
fact that her legs don't straighten completely.
But it is so annoying to me that there's just a little bit
of wonkiness.
The Christopher Scott routine was really fun.
And I think it featured all of the dancers very balancedly,
if that's a word.
I am a big fan of Cyrus, even though he was so obviously
sloppy some moments in the choreography.
I just can't help but love him.
I think that he has such a teachable spirit.
I think that he's really going to get a lot of competition.
So I'm excited to see him.
And he's very good at what he does.
He's very talented within the his realm of dance.
Travis Wall did a top 10 girls routine that was beautiful.
Their costumes, the flowing dress skirt
things, it was gorgeous.
And I like that they put Alexa in the door at the end because
she's just so clearly going to be the winner.
It was so obvious that they're toting her as the winner.
And the Sonya Tayeh top 10 guys routine was just--
I'm obsessed with Sonya Tayeh.
I think she's such a great choreographer.
I love her weird shoulder move things that she always does.
The guys are so strong.
So that was just a joy to watch.
And the music she chooses is always so good, top notch,
unknown, I want to download it the second I hear it.
And then what better way to end the night than with a
freaking Mia Michaels routine for the top 20.
It was jaw dropping.
I couldn't even comment on it after I had seen it.
My jaw was just on the floor.
I'm so happy to have Mia Michael's back on the show.
I missed her so much.
She was one of my favorite
choreographers back in the day.
So I'm so happy that she's going to be involved.
I hope that she's involved in a big way.
They're taking the week off next week, but they will be
back the following week with live shows competing.
And I am just bonkers excited for season nine
live shows top 20.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
And I will see you guys next time.
All right, bye.