Pitt State makes a major announcement about the Fine and Performing Arts Center!

Uploaded by pittsburgstate on 08.03.2012

Dr. Steven A. Scott-“I am extremely pleased to announce today that the Walton Family Charitable
Support Foundation through the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, is providing a
five million dollar gift for this project, in honor of Pittsburg State University graduate
and former Wal-Mart president and CEO, H. Lee Scott. Five million dollars.”
After much anticipation that was President Steve Scott making the major gift announcement
of five million dollars that will be used to help construct the Fine and Performing
Arts Center here at Pitt State. For President Scott, he understands just how important private
donors are for the continued strength of Pittsburg State and words can’t describe how proud
he is of his brother for the work he’s done on behalf of his Alma Mater.
Dr. Steven A. Scott-“You know the combination of the campus that I love being advanced because
of this gift and the fact that it’s coming from the work that my brother did for a company
that really has an impact throughout the world, it makes the day beyond special, I don’t
even have a word for it. So, very excited about the day, very excited about the gift,
looking forward to opening that facility over there one of these days and then having Lee
here on campus to celebrate what a great outcome he’s provided for us.”
The announcement was made in the Wilkinson Alumni Center and it was full of faculty,
staff, students and alumni. For one Pitt State student Johnathan Eastman, he’s thrilled
to see yet another donor step forward to help construct a facility that’s greatly needed
on campus. Johnathan Eastman-“It’s really exciting
cause we’re that much closer to having the building completed, having the money for the
building and it’s a building that we really need on campus. I’ve talked a lot of my
friends in the music department and theatre department and they just are so excited that
this is so close to being done.” And for the Chair of the Communication department
Dr. Cynthia Allan who’s actually been involved with this project from the beginning stages,
she’s overwhelmed by how close this project is to actually being completed.
Dr. Cynthia Allen-“To see this project getting closer to fruition if just you know, it’s
the dream that we always hoped for but we never really thought might come true and here
it is about to come true.” Now although this was another major step forward,
there are still plenty of steps that need to be made before we can actually start construction.
Now if you’d like to help make this dream a reality you can always log onto our website
at www.pittstate.edu and look on the right hand side of the page where it says Make a
Gift Here, follow the steps and you will have made the future of Pittsburg State even brighter.