The new iPhone 5 iBelt

Uploaded by ZekeMahogany on 30.05.2012

One second.
Hey Honey.
Hi Sweetie, what are you doing?
I'm just teaching kids how to read
at the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
I can see you at the bar with those three whores!
I love you.
Are you somewhere you shouldn't be?
Then you need the new
Oh, hey sweetheart, what a surprise.
Hey honey. You working late again?
Yeah. As usual.
Go Trojans!
That's just our intern. He's from USC.
Jerry, go get me a pot of coffee.
Choose from such popular locations as church.
PTA Meeting
AA Meeting
Even your in-laws house.
I know, right?
Oh hey honey.
I just stopped by the arcade,
play some pinball.
Oh, I'm about to get a bonus!
Are you at a dance club?
What?! No.
The homeless shelter gets crazy on "Free Soup Night."
Oh, hey honey.
Yeah, I'm just at the gym working on my cardio-o-oh.
OK honey.
Talk to you later. Good night.
Who was that, baby?
Now available in pumpkin patch,
Russian gulag
and Mordor.
Hi, we're Zeke Mahogany.
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the greatest sword trick ever.
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to see a birth control that's 100% effective.
For men.