Powerade ION4 training tips: Marcin Lewandowski

Uploaded by Powerade on 04.11.2011

Hi I’m Marcin Lewandowski and this forest is where I do most of my preparation for the Olympic Games.
Come on inside.
I have some workouts I have prepared for my training, there are some general ones and some specific ones
Today I will show you the exercises that help me be the fastest for the last 200 metres of my discipline.
To do these workouts you must be fit and prepared.
If you’re not sure that you are, you should ask a specialist.
I work out for up to six hours a day, so I sweat a lot.
If you do the same you have to hydrate yourself, and that’s where Powerade ION4 comes in.
As part of my 12 minute workout, I use a combination of skipping, jumping and sprinting.
They improve my dynamic speed and shave my reaction time, so that I can be better for the last few metres.
Whichever of my exercises you do you must remember three things, which I’ll show you now.
The first is to have an active and dynamic foot, like this...
Next is your hip, don’t do it like you’re sitting on a chair, your hip must go up, like this...
And the third thing is active and dynamic arm movements, like this...
So you’ve seen my toughest exercises, check out the other training videos and try the whole 60 minute Sweat Challenge.