[ENG SUB] MBLAQ's Sesame Player Ep 9 Part 1 (1/3)

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Step pon(mobile): Jjoo~oon and earth's observation
Where are we?
Hello~ We are here in Cheongkaecheon's experience! Cheongkaecheon's experience!
Jjoon~ and the footsetps are now one~
This... Is this Cheongkaecheon's experience...?
His style of walking is a little...
We see Jjoonie having some fun!
Joon-ah... you look like the town's babo...
Is he really having fun?
Is it fun?
It is fun!
Is Cheongkaecheon's experience going to end that easily?
I'll follow the footsteps again!
Ah... I'm not doing it!!
When will I finish running all that?
Is he going to give up?
I can't continue...
The reason why Joon is running?!
"Green Korea" Campain to save the nature and economy; there are 10 promises(steps?).
He has come to Cheongkaecheon
I took the bus all the way here, but it's because I have a promise to fullfil.
The district isn't distributed well...
Conclusion: He has to follow the footsteps!!!
So the district will walk(?) again
For the districts health!
Run~ Run~ Run Jjoonie~~
I'm running for the district
For the district's health, we can do it
Ah we've arrived!!
I ran all that, look~
Now it's our turn to make the district healthy?
I want to stop doing that
Everyone! What's the program's today special?
Children's Day Special!!
Today, we'll organize the program just the two of us
The ones you see as a background are...
You simply have to see them as a decoration, and today we've prepared a game!
I've prepared it!
Come here!
Hairy hyung is first!
Come here, come. Today, we'll play the memory game!
Before I explain the game we'll play, in your childhood, what was did you use to play?
Ah when I was little I played "Rock, paper, scissors" a lot.
What did you play when you were little?
When I was little, I sat in the park, just like now.
If there's a person who's sitting while you walk in front of them, it's as if you were a thug.
True, true.
That's why, today, we'll play the memory game! Tag-Tag!
(Seungho)Hyung's responsible to catch (the members)!
How to play Tag-Tag: Who catches can only walk normally when he's on the ground.
The members can only use one foot
But they can be saved!
"Soollaejab" game, start!
Hyung starts playing
First target localized!
They hurriedly escape
Save me too!
It's as if he saw a ghost
He uses his entire body
Seungho... the guy who runs on the roofs?
BlockBuster's new movie, MBLAQ's "Soollaejabgi"
They're in danger of dying
He's going to catch Joon, the one who saved G.O!
He runs towards his objective!
On the roof once again, our Yang Leader.
Doongdoong saving his second hyung: accomplished?
G.O is in danger!
He wanted to land... but failed~
Joon and G.O are trapped
The hand approaches its prey!
Go towards the yellow thing!
He keeps coming closer and closer
Keep your butts down and stay still
He talks and they obey
And now is when the maknae uses the "dog fight"
With the simple objective of getting him!
Cheondoong can't move
Can I try it now?
If it's to live, okay then
He took off his jacket
Second round, start!!
How is Joonie going to do it?
He's doing fine!!
The hyungs are unstoppable!
He grabs Cheondoong for a moment!
Using high speed
He gets G.O
The leader is left
Yang Leader teaches us how to walk using just one foot
And the ending is... Game over!!
I'm the king!
Go one more time
This time I'll get you guys quick
Who catches Vs Who runs away
Third round, game start!!
He climbs like a squirrel!
After flying, he gets in the tube(?)
And just when he goes down...
DoongDoong escapes once again!!
Runs like a bat
It seems like Joon decided to give his life for the game
Hairy G.O and Yang Leader are left
Next target~ Hairy G.O!
I'm afraid of hurting myself! Let me go!
First, he saves Cheondoong.
I'll stay here pretending he didn't save me
First act: Why am I here? Why me?
Second (fake) act: Why are you here?
Just by touching his hand, G.O is alive again!
Why? Yah come here!
Don't you see that he's been saved?
Today, Joon is running non-stop
Why is he up there?
He can't even move and loses~
Lee Joon! I'll ask you one thing~
A Chicken has put an egg in the roof. One part(of the roof) has 45ᄚ and he other 55 degrees, where did the egg fall?
45 degrees!
How can a chicken put eggs?! *laughter*
Super pissed!
How dumb! How can he be so dumb?
You believed it too!
I'll also ask you a question
The "Jo" of the word "Jogging" come from "the morning Jo" or from "the dawn Jo"?
*Morning?* *Dawn?*
And now is where Yang Leader appears!
He saved DoongDoong but... Joon got him right away
Yah! "Jo" from "The Dawn Jo"
Jogging is an english word
Playing with Joon is really fun
Do you wanna play like a babo again?
He also thinks that he's a babo and that it makes no sense
If you answer this question right
If I do, you climb without saying a word!
A snail spins(?) in a field. If he spins towards the left side, it lasts one hour and 30 minutes, and if he goes towards the right, it lasts 90 minutes,
why is that?
The field is misshapen!
You babo! One hour and minutes is ALSO 90 MINUTES!!!!
Ah, Changsun-ah...
Because of the questions, Joon gets punished!
Today's punishment: Go to the roof and yell "I'm a babo(naneun baboda)" three times!
Even if you think like that, the public already knows that I'm not stupid.
Look at the camera and say that you're a babo~
Here are your friends
"Jeoneun baboeyo" (I'm stupid)
We know it!
They break in laughter after hearing the answer from his friends
I'll go crazy!
You really look stupid
I'm a babo!
The 2nd memory game! Make the buzzer sound(?)
Each of them sits in the round chair and spin ten times
And how makes the buzzer(?) sound first wins!
First contestant, Cheondoong!
Okay, preparation time is over.
H-How many?
St... art!
One... Two... Three... Four...
The 10 spins are over but it cannot be stopped
Hold on, it's been 20!
Whatever! Run!
If you continue like that you'll be last!
Run run!!
Slightly awake he makes the buzzer sound!
Cheondoong's record is 20.0 seconds
Joon: 4.72 seconds
Next is Hairy G.O!
Screaming, he runs!
He wants to leave already?
G.O: 6.6 seconds
He runs at the speed of sound!
Is he first?!
I did my record fast!
What will Yang Leader's record be?
It's not possible, not possible.
Yah I'm also dizzy!
Tell me, honestly, how many seconds?
I'll do it again
Then, I'll do it again too.
Let's make him repeat it
What are you doing? So everything we've done isn't valid now?!!
This time, after spinning 10 times and touch the buzzer, come back and touch the chair too!
First one: Everything was just a mistake, Cheondoong!