Using Flickr to Share Photos : How to Edit a Buddy Icon on Flickr

Uploaded by expertvillage on 24.10.2008

Hey everybody! My name is Matt and I'm speaking to you on behalf of Expert Village. Okay,
here we are at our homepage once again. This little guy right here, this is your buddy
icon. This is the picture that everyone is going to see beside the picture that they've
searched of yours. When they run a search and they come across your pictures, it'll
show this picture beside it. This is the default icon. If you click the arrow next to it and
go down to your buddy icon, you can change this. You can upload picture that you have
on your computer. It should be 48 x 48 pixels in size, or what you can do, what I'm going
to show you how to do now, is to use one of your existing pictures to use as your buddy
icon. If you want to click on...In your Flickr photos, it'll say below where's the image
you want to use. Go ahead and click that and it'll show you all your pictures. Say I want
to use this picture right here. What it's going to do is it's going to show you the
picture and have a little box up here. This is what's going to show up on your buddy icon.
You can drag this around. Say I just want the cat's face. Just place it over here and
you can click and drag and make this bigger or smaller. There's a little preview window
up here to the left. I've got this pretty well over the cat's face. After you get it
the way you like it, go up here and click make the icon. It's going to take a second
to process, and all done. Go to your profile page and go and click home. Now as you'll
see right here where there used to be that little kind of smiley face thing, now you'll
have the icon you just picked. When people search your photos, this is what they're going
to see beside the picture.