DigiExpress - iPhone 3G 3GS Battery Installation

Uploaded by DigiExpress on 03.08.2011

for this installation you will double 0 screwdriver, a plastic or metal
tool and a suction cup
and start by removing the two screws at the bottom of the iPhone

next is a suction cup to remove the front panel as shown here
use caution when doing this
Once open and you will see cables number from one to seven
if you have an iphone three g there will be no cable number seven
using your plastic tool remove the cables from the logic board by gently
prying them loose
you can see this procedure in more detail on our class and l_c_d_ removal
start by removing cables one and two
cable number three is hidden beneath cable number two

we will not remove cables number four, five, six
and seven if you have an iphone 3GS

there will be a sticker label do not remove covering a screw
near cable number seven you will void your warranty if you remove this though
it is a necessary step to remove the screw beneath the sticker
removed the eight screws retaining the logic board and camera
we will now gently lift the camera from the housing
and take note of a silver ground clip attached to the camera which we will
keep for reinstallation

remove the sim card tray

we will now gently remove the logic board from the iphone
there is a gold colored grounding pin on the logic board
the very careful not to damage this pin
directly behind the top of the battery
is a copper colored ribbon cable take care not to damages cable while removing
the battery
if you cannot pull the battery by hand
is a thin tool to work the battery free from the iphone

the battery is held in place by adhesive with the logic bored sitting on top of
the battery connection is shown here
remove the adhesive from the battery and place it into the iphone

we will now reinstall the logic board by placing it into the iphone
then ensure there are no cables in the way now gently slide the logic board in
towards the top of the iphone
and gently pressed down to seat the board

we will now reseat the camera into the housing
reinstall the silver grounding clip as well as the rest of the screws

we will now reseat the cables starting with cable number seven
though if you have an iphone three g you'll start with cable number six
followed by cable number five
and finally cable number four

now re insert the sim card tray
now reinstall the front panel
by inserting cable number three and closing the flip down tab

reseat cables number two and one

reinstall the screws at the bottom
power on the iPhone and test the screen
as well as charge the new battery