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Why did you say to meet here?
It's something that can't be said at home.
Sit down.
I have been thinking a lot this time.
I don't know why I'm acting like this.
It's so hard to accept my own feelings, too.
I'll just get straight to the point.
I seem to have feelings for you.
Let's get married.
You thought I'd say this?
Am I insane?
Why would I get married to you?
=Could it be that you really like him?=
=absolutely not.=
=It's only because of my mission...=
=that I'm marrying him.=
shouldn't you reveal your true identity now?
From the beginning you had intentions to get close to me.
And you still said what?
You actually dared to deceive me like this.
Do you want to be married to me that badly?
After getting married to me, you want to change your fate?
Is that why you're acting like this?

But, what can I do?
I won't just marry anyone.
Even the Galaxy Hotel's successor In A
is going crazy because she can't get married to me. You know that too, right?
But a person like you actually dared to dream of getting married to me.
Listen carefully.
You don't seem to understand me.
When it comes to marriage, you have to find someone in your league.
Maybe it would be allowed if you were a star of my level.
Stop dreaming!
This thing, you keep it.
I'm giving you this ring in place of marriage.
Whether you sell it or not,
it's up to you.
What just happened?
Comrade Han Myeong Wol, why did Gang U leave so angrily?
Gang U, I saw something interesting today.
Ah, seriously!
What is this? That rotten girl... why is it that all the men I know only likes Myeong Wol?
How annoying...
I was going to leave at first,
But I was curious about the conversation between both of them.
Are you all right?
I'm all right.
But, must it really be like this?
What's are they talking about?
That person is different from us.
I hope you can answer honestly.
=Could it be, that you really like him?=
=No, absolutely not!=
=It's only because of my mission...=
=that I'm marrying him.=
You've been completely tricked by that girl.
I love you!
Because I like you.
She dared to play me?
Is that so?
Then I'll play you, too.
Let's meet outside later.
Stupid girl...
You did save my life before, so I won't tell anyone.

Pack your things and leave quietly.
That's right.
Why would he like me?
What? Myeong Wol quit on her own?
Miss Myeong Wol? Why?
She even wanted to be re-instated. This is really strange.

Perhaps... did something happen?
No, nothing happened.
And also, the movie we talked about last time,
tell them I'll do it.
Didn't you say you wouldn't do it?
Don't you dislike having to act in a lot of movies all at once?
And In A is the lead actress.
And also, Dae Gang,
arrange a lot of activities for me until my schedule is full.
Love programs, magazine interviews, whatever it is, just accept them all.
Do you understand?
What? Even variety shows?
Hyeong, don't you hate variety shows the most? (Hyeong - older brother)
Didn't you say you wanted to concentrate on singing and acting?
What's up with him all of a sudden?
No, how did this happen?
It's all over now, it's all over.
Do you really have to say that everyday?
It's over already, that's why I say it's over!
You've clearly already said that Gang U liked Comrade Myeong Wol!
So, are you saying this is all my fault?
In that case, Comrade Hui Bok,
haven't you been repeating my every word when I said I was right?
That's because Comrade Ok Sun said that she was confident, didn't she?
are we going to argue on whether it's your fault or mine now?
And when our superiors hear of this, do you think they'll care about that?
Do you want to stay alive?
First we must stay alive, then we'll argue!
even if we die like this in vain
will anyone care for the injustice?
Finally. A bidder has appeared.
Just like you have said,
they've taken our bait.
As long as the money is wired to the specified account,
we will give him the book.
You need to help me take the book over.
Then, I'll take care of the rest.
All right.
Chairman, will the bait work?
We must wait and see.
Let me check it for a moment.
Welcome. I've been waiting for you.
From the beginning you had intentions to get close to me.
And you still said what? Love?
You actually dared to deceive me like this.
Comrade Myeong Wol, Comrade Myeong Wol, Comrade Myeong Wol.
Something big happened.
Just now on the radio...
we've received an order.
It's a C2 order.
If it's a C2 order...
If we don't succeed,
Not only will we die,
but it will ruin our families honor and other people's status.
It seems our superiors already know.
Aigoo, we can't get in contact with Comrade Ryu either. (Aigoo - oh dear, oh my god)
When is the deadline?
About one month.
Comrade Myeong Wol, where are you going?
I investigated and discovered that your whole resume is fake.
You almost had me completely fooled.
Exactly who hired you to do this?
I'm just one of the people lurking around you. One of the people watching you.
You couldn't have planned this on your own.
Don't you know who I am?
Do you think I'll let you go?
You probably can't do anything to me.
I have two of the Four Joint Books.
And not long ago, I also managed to get one more by a stroke of luck.
Yes, Chairman, about the book in your possession...
Chairman, I regret to inform you that your book is fake.
I have already moved the authentic ones to another location.
And I'm the only one who knows where they are being kept.
Do you think I will believe what you said?
Of course whether or not you believe me is your choice, Chairman.
If you believe me, I have the same intention as you.
Also, I'll help you to find the other two books.
You want me to work together with you now?
Now that the four books have surfaced,
the map of the Korean Peninsula will change.
I'm sure that Chairman knows about its value more than anyone else.
As the Chairman wishes, I will give you the book. This opportunity has the potential to yield great profits.
The opportunity is in front of you.
Are we really letting him go?
If what he's saying is true,
there is good reason for its value.
So what solution do we have?
We can only wait and observe.
What's his true goal?
So we must watch him closely.
Ah, and who are the people helping him?
You must go and find out.
No, Myeong Wol just left like that.
How come she's not back yet?
Yeah, why isn't she back yet?
Choe Ryu hasn't contacted us either.
Could it be that they are abandoning us, and trying to figure out a way to save themselves?
How can that be?
We can disguise ourselves or change our names, however we must think of a way!
This person... it just started... really!
Your spirit got sucked out.
To be honest,
we can't just sit like this, waiting to die, right?
Why have you guys come out here?
Even if we are going to die,
we will die a glorious death for our Motherland and our people.
Of course, of course.
Comrade Major, how come we were unable to contact you?
Something happened.
But, what happened?
But a person like you actually dared to dream of getting married to me.
Listen carefully. You don't seem to understand me.
When it comes to marriage, you have to find someone in your league.
Maybe it would be allowed if you were a star of my level.
Okay, just wait and see.
Just wait, Gang U.
Was it really Miss Myeong Wol's request to quit being your bodyguard?
You didn't chase her away, did you?
If you dare mention the name Myeong Wol again, I will not let you off.
No, but this is very strange!
Miss Myeong Wol wants to stay by your side so much, Hyeong.
Have I warned you not to mention Myeong Wol anymore?
Anyway, do I still have to be a judge for the talent contest?
If it's like this, then can't I just ask someone else to do it?
No matter what, our company has put in a lot of effort to prepare this.
So Hyeong, you must participate.
Also, Miss Ju In A is a special invited judge.
On what qualifications can she become a judge?
It would be a feat if she could control herself.
To be honest, Hyeong's acting level doesn't really put you in a position to comment.
Here is our first contestant.
Hello everyone, we are the first contestants, the Bong Brothers!
1, 2, 3, 4...
If you want to be a star, physical appearance is also important. Do all of you understand?
How about becoming a comedian instead?
Ah, it's... interesting.
but if there's no interest,
that, how do I say this, that...
The ability to move people's hearts.
Sense of emotion.
Ah! There's no sense of emotion!
Hey, Gang U!
Hey, you...! You will definitely regret this!
You're the one who doesn't make sense.
Isn't that too superficial?
That is not called singing, that's screaming.
It gives me the same feeling when I watch adult movie actors singing nursery rhymes.
Can you not sing that song ever again?
We are done with our performance.
We didn't really receive any criticism, I think we've been selected.
Now we're left with the last contestant.
Please come out.
Myeong... Miss Myeong Wol!
What's she doing?
Aren't you Myeong Wol?
They've seen through her.
Comrade Myeong Wol seems very disappointed.
I really thought we could do it this time.
Where exactly are you, Han Myeong Wol?
Have you gone crazy?
What do you think you're doing here?
However, let's see what she has prepared.
Rep. Gyeong!
Are you serious? Don't you see what I see?
Since she came already, let's see what she has prepared.
Just try performing.
Hey, do you think this is a competition to pick stunt doubles?
Apart from that, have you prepared anything else?
You, can you portray expressions?
I will try.
This is a sad expression.
This is a happy expression.
This is an angry expression.
Seriously, what are you doing now?
I can't continue looking at this.
Please give me one more chance.
This time, I will definitely do better.
Why do you have to be like this?
What kind of games are you playing now?
I also want to be seen as a star.
Didn't you say that...
if I became a star, you could marry me?
What the...
When it comes to marriage, you have to find someone in your league.
Maybe it would be allowed if you were a star of my level.
- So that's why... - Yes.
That's why I want to be a star.
You really are vicious.
Why must you take such drastic measures to marry me?
Just like you said,
I want to marry a Hallyu star like you to change my fate.
But seeing you like this,
It made my unbending pride swell up,
It made me want to take it all the way.
So don't forget your promise.
If it's like this, fine, I'd like to see you try.
But, do you think it will be that easy?
You even dare to do this...
I feel speechless just from listening.
What, you want to become a star and then marry Gang U?
You really are delusional.
What did you say, if there is a possibility, then you can go to the contest?
Must it be like this?
You are really pathetic.
What's the matter?
Do you think what you said just now makes any sense?
Is there any other solution?
I should try anything.
Comrade Myeong Wol, even though things are like this, but still...
My father is the pride of my life.
Comrade Major, doesn't know very well.
My father dedicated his life to serving our Motherland.
And died a glorious death in war.
Even if I can't do the same as him,
I don't want to taint his good name.
Is this the only reason?
Yes, I don't have any other reason.
Yes, I just heard them talk.
What do you mean actress? Does this make any sense?
I know. I don't think Gang U meant anything when he said it.
Myeong Wol should know that, too.
Perhaps this is the only way, that's why she's doing this.
Regardless of that, a spy,
debuts to be an actress, having scandal spread, and performed martial art in her casting. Do you think that makes any sense?
Well, what we will not do for the sake of mission?
Fortunately, Myeong Wol is not an official member of the Special Forces.
Her identity will not be easily exposed.
Why worry about this now?
Do you think just anyone can become a star?
Didn't you say that if I become a star, you could marry me?
What? A star?
This crazy girl.
What? Weren't you dismissed? Why are you still here?
I'm sorry, you will still have to see me for the time being even if you don't want to.
After doing that, how can you be so relaxed?
If it were me, I would feel embarrassed and never show up again.
In A...
What is it, Grandfather?
Do you really want to continue keeping him with us?
I told you before, he's not someone we can trust.
Haven't I told you, what he did with Myeong Wol?
He did that only because Myeong Wol requested his help.
Moreover, didn't he apologize? Don't be angry anymore.
Also, I'll tell you one more thing.
Since you want to continue,
then take this opportunity to keep Gang U as far away as possible from In A.
Grandfather, are you joking?
I'm not joking. I don't like seeing you being pushed around by Gang U everyday.
In short, I won't let anything that makes you unhappy happen again.
No, there's no one more reliable than Mr. Choe.
I will feel at ease if you are by my side, too.
You, just this once, I will forgive you.
Try doing it next time, I will not let you off that easy.
This silly girl.
How is it?
Have you investigated the people around him?
What about the people at the investigation agency?
Anything unusual?
Yes, after a week's observation.
Most of the time, all he does is sleeping in the afternoon.
In the evening, he will play chess with the elderly.
Every time he lost money, he just complained and returned home.
Why can't you just give me a chance? Why so serious when it's just a game between neighbors?
At night, he play cards with his wife, Ok Sun.
Oh. Three times. I pull three times.
How can it be three times?! It's obviously twice!
This is once, this is once, this is also once.
I told you it's only twice. What are you talking about?
I don't care, I'm not playing anymore!
One party always ends up unhappy and leaves.
Okay, that's enough.
Investigate other people related to him.
You are a bit late today.
It's not your company, don't you have anything on your schedule?
Me? My schedule today is following you around.
Seems like your company has given up on you.
Don't be like this. Try to get into my grandfather's good graces later.
There were so many people getting in our way, don't provoke Grandfather anymore.
He has all the money.
I especially bought him his favorite mushroom with abalone. So you go over there to see him.
And then what? Do you want me to just obediently please him, is that it?
You know how many celebrities he's put out. Not just one or two.
Hyeong! How are you? I was just going to contact you.
Chairman Ju says he will be dining with the Members of Parliament tonight.
And he invites you to go for the dinner too, Hyeong.
I'm not even a politician, why do I have to go?
Gang U...
Hyeong, Rep Gyeong says you must go.
Eonni, what about this? (Eonni - older sister)
I don't know. Just throw them away.
Then I can eat it? That's great!
You... what are you doing?
Oh... you came.
You... what are you doing here?
What happened exactly?
She said regardless of the situation, she still wishes to learn acting here. What should I do?
Since she can't be a bodyguard, she probably wishes to be an actress.
We owe her a personal favor. So at least we can agree to her request.
Can you teach me please? I will work very hard.
Your figure and looks are fine, with a bit more effort you should be great.
Good. This is your decision so I will not interfere.
But let me teach her.
Since you've set your heart to it, then do it well.
Are you saying she's returned to Gang U's house?
Yes, Gang U wanted to personally teach her, and just took her away.
Isn't it better this way?
How can you be so simple-minded?
Do you think Gang U is so innocent and wants to help Myeong Wol out of good will?
If he truly likes her, even if he hates her, he will help.
Don't you understand what a love-hate relationship is?
Thank you!
No need to thank me. It's not because I have a better impression of you now that I let you come.
What do you mean?
If I can't force you to give up, I will make you give up on your own.
What are you saying?
Just wait. And see how long you can hold.
I will never give up. When I choose to do this, I had already prepared myself.
Really? Good. Then, first change your clothes.
How long must I run? I've been running for 4 hours already.
Physical fitness is very important for an actor. And also you have to lose 5kg.
Then, can I drink a little?
In your dreams.
(South Korean tongue twister).
(South Korean tongue twister).
(South Korean tongue twister).
(South Korean tongue twister).
Again. An actor's pronunciation is very important.
Until you say it right you can't eat.
These are my movies and television dramas. Finish them by tomorrow morning.
All of... these?
That's right.
You can learn best from watching acting itself.
Watch it yourself, this is called highly skilled acting.
I'm not tired.
Is my acting making you sleepy?
No. It's very nice.
Then, you can also watch these?
Exactly how long must I do it?
Everyday it's just running, practicing pronunciation, watching movies.
When will you properly start to teach me?
Okay, starting today come to the shooting set.
What, a corpse role?
Yes, you will play a heroic person who sacrifices herself. It's a very important role.
You are corpse no. 1.
You're running and running. When Gang U shoots, you just take the bullet and then hit the wall.
Collapse on the ground and you're done.
What happened? Why is she here?
I asked you what is she doing here?
I'm training actors.
You still haven't got it. You're being completely deceived by her.
If you don't understand the situation, just keep quiet. Once you start nagging, bad things happen.
What exactly is he trying to do? He knows I hate seeing her face!
We're starting.
Ready, action!
Very good.
Sorry, I'll do it again.
It was good!
I just blinked, Can we re-do it once?
Is it? Sure, one more time.
Do it again.
This is very good!
Sorry, one more time, Director.
One more time, Director. I can still shoot 4 more times right?
Sorry, one more time.
I didn't execute my actions properly just now, one more time.
One more time.
Just one more time please?
Gang U, it already looks really good to me.
Just one more time.
Are you all right?
Just one more time right?
Is that for real?
Yes, I heard from Gang U's manager.
I didn't even know there was such a deep meaning to this.
She's also living at his house again.
Don't you think you were too much?
Even torturing others on purpose has its limits.
You don't have the right to judge me. You've fooled me before, and now you actually dare to warn me.
I've been very merciful to have endured it to this level.
If you're that angry, does it mean that you really liked her?
Otherwise, you wouldn't feel betrayed so strongly.
Then why are you always being involved with Myeong Wol's matter?
Then what about you?
You really like her, isn't it?
So, let's go for one final shot!
Okay, you're trying to kill me, aren't you?
You thought I would give up?
Ready... action!
Cut! Okay! You've all worked hard.
It's okay now Miss Myeong Wol! We're done now!
Look out!
What was that?
Didn't you say both of you never had any relationship?
You said you had no choice but to help her.
But, why doesn't it feel that way?
Get in.
One-sided love?
That seems to be true.
Since when?
Does Myeong Wol know?
It is not like that.
Don't you think you were too much?
Even if you're to be this difficult, that has its limits!
How's Myeong Wol?
Discharged from hospital?
Where did she go?
You were calling for me?
When will my thing arrive?
In any case, only after it gets into my hands
can I decide whether to trust you or not.
Then great, we're going to execute the plan tonight.
Can I trust you?
You're not going to try any tricks, are you?
I'll be anticipating the results.
What about what we discussed before?
Let me make sure before we leave.
You can't trust us?
Because it was originally a very important matter.
So I want to be careful.
Comrade Han Myeong Wol.
You've even had to experience that kind of thing.
You should have stayed at the hospital a while longer!
It's because I feel more comfortable here.
I just rested a bit and left.
I know the mission is important but you don't have to take it this far.
This isn't something you're used to.
Yes, your face has already gotten skinnier.
It looks like being a spy is easier than acting.
You've come such a long way.
Let's have you all fed and ready at least.
I'm okay.
I have to go soon.
Comrade Myeong Wol, even though I'm only your fake mother...
a fake mother is still a mother.
Let's go together!
Comrade you're coming as well?
A fake husband is still a husband!
Comrade Major!
What exactly is going on?
What did you do to become like this?
Did you do something when I wasn't paying attention?
I can't tell you now.
It's something I can't even know?
Comrade, just concentrate on performing the task.
You always feel that everything is your responsibility.
And that's why you feel sad.
While we're in South Korea, you can't simply just walk into a hospital either.
What if it's a severe injury?
What should we do?
Am I crazy?
Why did I come here?
Carry them well.
Since you already have a stylist and a manager,
why do you make me do this everyday?
I've kept you because you have so much strength.
Why should I use someone else?
Just regard it as tuition fees instead.
Tuition fees?
A Hallyu star is teaching you. Did you expect to learn for free?
Aren't you a narrow-minded thief?
As if you've taught me anything.
Hurry up!
-=Supporting Actor Auditions=-
Pick some of our company's trainees and send them over.
Who else is there?
I also want to participate.
Hey, Han Myeong Wol.
I want to try again.
I think you have the wrong idea. A supporting role isn't that easy.
You just started acting, and now you want to debut immediately?
Don't be like this, just let her try again.
Since it's like this... can you let Myeong Wol try? Representative?
Okay, then let her do it.
Let her okay? just take it as a learning experience.
Thank you, thank you.
You don't need to say thank you.
Whether you get the role or not, depends on your ability.
Miss Myeong Wol, fighting!
Do you think it'll be all right?
It doesn't matter whether or not it's doable, but you should at least try first and see.
All right, it's your own business wanting to challenge yourself.
However listen carefully.
If you fail this time,
that marriage agreement is cancelled, understand?
Hello. Yes?
Thank you very much for coming out and seeing me.
Have you considered?
Even if you didn't come find me, when I received the proposal the previous time,
I've thought about it a lot.
Because this is something that can't be easily decided.
Of course it would be like this.
Perhaps it's because Chairman Ju has been taking care of me for a long time.
I can understand how difficult a decision this is, too.
But I cannot always rely on him.
That's why,
I will consider only the good aspects.
What did you say, met with other investors?
Yes, it seems to be sometime ago.
It is said that they have met several times already.
What, this brat?
I spent so much effort to nurture him, but now...
Arrogant brat.
I just knew the day he betrays me would come.
We need to teach him to keep his spirits up.
I'm innocent! I cannot die like this!
I'm innocent, I cannot die like this.
I'm innocent... I cannot die like this...
Miss. Myeong Wol.
How was your practice going?
Oh, you're here.
Ah, it's not too good.
I just knew it would be like this, so I came to help.
Will what I say help?
I've brought copies of the script.
Being with a humble servant like me.
It's too difficult for you.
As long as it's for your own good,
there's nothing that I can't do.

Can't you see we're practicing here?
We can't focus on our acting if the TV is on.
The noisy ones are you guys!
How is this acting? It's just noise.
Forgiveness for your sins.
You can't act anything with that kind of block headed acting.
Are you all right?
What do you want me to do?
As long as I think of you,
I feel like my heart is going to blow up!
Even for one day, if I don't see you for one day, I feel like I'll go crazy!
Hey, I'm the one going crazy watching you act!
You better keep quiet. Right now!
How was it?
That's right, this is genuine.
I've already kept my promise.
Now, can you accept my proposal already?
Okay, very well.
I can only believe you for the rest of it.
Before my identity continues to be exposed.
Better to find the remaining ones as soon as possible.
When everything has been found, I'll start again then...
I'm innocent, I'm innocent, I can't die like this.
I'm innocent.
I'm innocent! I can't die like this! I'm willing to do anything!
You really desperate.
I'm innocent, I can't die like this.
I'm innocent, I can't die like this.
All of you, come here and see this.
Hallyu star, Gang U.
Are you a Hallyu star?
Stop dreaming.
Do you think it's easy being a Hallyu star?
Hey, have you read your Korean textbooks?
Even the stray dogs are better than you.
Don't do these useless things. Just give up.
How can you say that?
It is okay if you are unwilling to help out...
but couldn't you say something nicer?
Even though I don't speak that clearly,
I've always been a straightforward person.
Just give up as soon as possible.
Wash your feet and go to sleep.
I'll trust you then.

Wait till' you get a stroke and have a twisted mouth, then you will wake up.
This is harder than it looks.
Even that you don't know.
You look like a fool.

What can you do by looking like this?
My child...
You can't just die like this.
My child...
You can't just die like this.
You should have called me! How can you just ignore me!
What should we do if we are late?
Where is it?
What is she doing here?
What business does she have here at the broadcasting station?
Drama audition.
What? Her?
These things you are not confirm yet.
How can you just simply write it out?
Yes, I understand. I'm hanging up.
What is it?
No, it's nothing.
-=Gang U's education is faked? The son of mother's friend is right?=-
No need to care so much.
I will settle the matter.

Who is the one responsible for this?
Chairman Ju?
As I said, there's no benefits to provoking Chairman Ju.
I heard that you didn't go to the dinner either.
You've dealt with Chairman Ju for so long, do you still not understand?
I will personally go and meet Chairman Ju.
You should go beg him before it's too late.
Then this matter will pass very quickly.
But I can't always be ordered around.
Gang U.
What? Why is the atmosphere like this?
Help me contact the reporter who wrote this article.
Tell him that there's a even more shocking message for him.
Miss Myeong Wol!
Miss Myeong Wol!
Why are you guys here?
Dae Gang told us.
Comrade Myeong Wol, you...
When these things happen, you should tell us earlier.
It's nothing great.
Of course it's great.
This is our last option.
This one...
It's here, the maltose I ate during the examination to make sure I pass.

When time passes, you will be understood.
Miss Myeong Wol!
Myeong Wol, from now onwards...
I'm your fan.
-=Our famous Korean actress Han Myeong Wol.=-
Miss Han Myeong Wol.
Fighting! Fighting! Fighting!
Famous actress.
Miss Han Myeong Wol.
You said this is the first time you're acting?
Then act for us.
Show them your true self.
Acting from experience is true acting.

Though I don't have the right to give you advice,
Acting is not about pretending to be someone,
but it's to express yourself to others.
Acting from experience is true acting.

Miss Han Myeong Wol.
Yes. I'm going to start now.
Where are you?
Come here, quick!
Sweat. You missed out the fish oil!
This is not the water I drink!
You want to wipe your mouth with the same thing you use to wipe your bottom?
I said I don't celebrate birthdays! I don't!

Can you call yourself a human being?
How could you treat me like this all the time?
There are limits to my patience.
I've had enough of your insults.
If you ever appear before me again,
I will definitely not let you off.
You'd better prepare yourself...
to die together with me!
Give me that, quickly give it to me!
What are you doing?
Didn't we already agree on this?
You're too much...
Haven't we already gone through this?
Did you get it?
You actually dared to deceive me like this.
Do you want to get married to me that badly?
Stop dreaming!
This thing, you keep it.
I'm giving you this ring in place of marriage.
She's out! She's out! She's out!
How did it go?
Was it unsuccessful?
I made it!
I made it!
She made it!
There's still one more person I have to thank.
Who is it?
It's Gang U.
Gang U's here.
Is that true?
There's been some public announcement about your relationship with Ms In A.
Are you both really in a relationship?
When did the two of you start dating?
Why didn't you announce it publicly before?
Ah, yes.
In A and I are indeed lovers.
We have already started to discuss marriage.
-=Acting from experience is true acting.=-
-=Next Episode Preview=-
From the looks of it, he's trying to oppose me all the way!
Who did you say was dating who?
Why was the announcement so sudden?
Wasn't this what you wanted?
I'm just saying that you're being rude!
Then let me just call it off.
Who's telling you to cancel it?
Okay then, thank you.
And also, I'm sorry.
I want all the evidence regarding Gang U's involvement
be brought before me.
I want this rascal, Gang U, to be put down.
What was reported was untrue. It's all on the news.

What? I have never said anything like this!
So, you've finally decided to put me in storage.
What exactly are you planning to do that you dare to act so recklessly?
Do you think Chairman Ju's battle could be won?
Go and buy some flowers and then follow me.
The news is wrong.
With regards to these question of yours...
Is this.