How To: iPhone 3G/3GS Dock Connector Replacement

Uploaded by iFixitYourself on 02.03.2011

The Dock Connector on the iPhone 3G and 3GS is responsible for so many things. So, if
you’re having problems with the microphone, speaker, antenna, or dock connector, oftentimes
the problem can be fixed by just replacing it.
Hi, I'm mj with iFixit, and today I'm going to show you just how easy it is to replace
your dock connector yourself. It’ll take you less than an hour and it costs way less
than buying a whole new phone.
This video is just an overview, so as I repair this iPhone I’ll give you some tips on some
of the trickier parts, and while it's not a difficult repair, the iPhone 3G and 3GS
use different dock connectors, so make sure you order the right one, and as always, follow
the step-by-step instructions in the repair guide on our site.
As far as parts and tools go, you’ll need a small suction cup,
a paperclip, a plastic spudger,
a Phillips 00 screw driver which I got from our 54 piece bit driver kit,
and of course, your replacement dock connector.
I’m also going to use a screw tray, which isn't totally necessary but it helps to keep
all the tiny screws organized.
Now that I’ve got all of my parts and tools together, I can get started.
First thing first: I’m going to remove the SIM card with a paperclip, or an official
“SIM removal tool” if you’ve got one.
And once that's out we're going to remove the two screws down by the dock connecter
with our screw driver.
After I've got these out I am going to use the small suction cup to take the display
ok, once the display is loose you don't want to go yanking this off right away, because
it’s still held to the logic board by a couple of cables. So, I’am going to use
my spudger to disconnect those, and then I can take the display assembly off.
Now that I've got the display assembly off, there are a few more screws and a few more
cables to disconnect before I can actually remove the logic board. So, I'll go ahead
and take care of those now.
Before I remove the logic board, I’m going to gently pry the camera out of its housing,
and once that's free I can just use my spudger to go along the bottom of by the dock connector
and kind of pry it up and slide it out of the phone.
Now that I've got the logic board out we can see the dock connector, but we can't remove
it just yet, because there are a few more screws to take out. So, I'll go ahead and
remove those.
With those last screws removed I can take out the dock connector.
I am just going to use the end of my spudger to loosen the microphone from its housing
in the frame. And when I put this new one in, I am going
to make sure the screws in the dock connector assembly actually go in above the screws in
the bezel. Otherwise the dock connector doesn't line up on the bottom. And you'll be able
to tell that just by looking.
All that’s left for me to do now, is reassemble this iPhone and I’m back in business.
Of course, you can find the parts and tools you'll need for this and many other repairs
at And if you run into problems during your repairs, there are tons of resources
available on the iPhone 3G and 3GS repair manual pages.
Thanks for watching, and happy repairing!