NHS Choose Well - Vets

Uploaded by NWNHS on 31.10.2011

MAN>> It's ok mate, there's nothing to worry about.
He doesn't like these places, I think it makes him nervous.
WOMAN>> Me too. What's up with him?
MAN>> Swallowed a golf ball haven't you Samson?
WOMAN>> Is he going to be ok?
MAN>>He'll be fine, he swallowed a Rubik's Cube a few months back, and that seemed to
come out ok.
I just thought I'd bring him down, get him checked out.
What's in there?
WOMAN>>It's my nana's cat.
MAN>>Ah. Is she going to be alright?
WOMAN>>We're not sure, she had a fit, we phoned up and they told us to come straight here.
MAN>> Poor little thing, what's she called?
WOMAN>> Edna.
MAN>> Edna's a funny name for a cat.
WOMAN>> The cat? The cat's called Snowy, Edna's my nana. We don't want to leave Snowy on her
own because we didn't know how long we'd be.
TRIAGE NURSE>> I've got two dogs myself. I love them. But would you really bring them
down to A and E? Some people would I'll tell you. For the basic stuff, like coughs, colds
or sore throats, you're local pharmacy is a good start, not A and E. Come on!
MAN>> You're a brave little soldier aren't you Samson?