How to create your family tree on

Uploaded by mundiateam on 18.11.2009

Mundia is a site that lets you create, discover, and share your family history in a fun and easy way.
Here is a map of the latest activity of Mundia members around the world.
Here are recently uploaded member photos...
And here are the most popular family names on the site right now.
Now I'm going to type in my family name to see what I can discover about my family.
It looks like there are about 8,000 Aguilars in the Mundia network.
And about 2,400 in the United States alone.
Here are some fun family facts about the Aguilar family.
I'll click on the 2,400 matches to see who those people are.
Here's a list of those other Aguilars.
Here is an "Aurora Aguilar".
I remember my mother had an aunt whose name was "Aurora". So I'll click on her to find out more.
I'll register so I can see Aurora's information.
As you can see, registering is easy and it's also free.
Now I can see Aurora's information.
It looks like she was born in Texas.
Here are some events that happened in her life.
And here is a list of other family members in her family tree.
It looks like there are 493 in her tree right now. I'll click on that to see.
Here is Aurora and here is the rest of her family. I'll zoom out so I can see how big her family tree is.
This is really interesting. This makes me want to create my own tree.
I'll start by adding my father.
And then I'll add my mother.
Then I'll add my brother.
And I think I'll add and invite him to my tree because he knows a lot about our family.
So he could probably help me out.
And I also know some information about my father's mother so I might as well go and add her.
I know she was born in 1900 and I know she died sometime in 1959.
So that's 3 generations. To make it more fun and personal, I'll go ahead and add my profile photo.
There. Oh and it looks like there are some hints for some people in my family.
I'll go and see the hint for my grandmother.
(Mundia hints are based on information from millions of family trees worldwide...
...They help you grow your tree and find relatives around the world.)
So I'll go ahead and copy all of these to make sure I have the same information. Then I'll save it.
There. As you can see, it's really easy to create your family tree.
And the hints help you build it out even faster. You should try it. It's fun and it's very easy.