VicHealth 25th Anniversary

Uploaded by VicHealthMedia on 05.12.2012

In 1987, I had been in the anti-tobacco business for almost 20 years and we were getting nowhere.
VicHealth was a huge breakthrough.
We taxed tobacco, we got a unanimous Parliament, we spent that money on prevention of disease
and prevention of tobacco use.
VicHealth was the key instrument in ensuring that we could get sponsorship
away from cigarette companies and as a result of that have had a dramatic
impact on smoking rates, there's no doubt it was a changing element,
and the level of smoking has halved since VicHealth was created.
What's unique about VicHealth is that it covers a broad front
of public health and preventive medicine
And I'm particularly proud of the fact we took mental health
prevention and promotion very seriously.
Today VicHealth is leading the state in health promotion research, practice and projects.
Over the last 25 years we've had significant investments in sports and physical activities,
making sure that sports are inclusive places for all Victorians.
We've funded exploratory research and been able to show the health links between
violence, racism and mental health problems.
We've made major discoveries in the important role of arts,
social connection, and workplaces in promoting health.
And we're a well-respected organisation and a trusted source of information
about what works in illness prevention.
VicHealth is an organisation for all Victorians,
and that means we work right across the state, from the centre of Melbourne,
out through to rural and regional Victoria.
We regularly get visitors from overseas organisations and governments
coming to VicHealth to learn about what makes us special
and how we approach health promotion.
So they can take that knowledge back their own country.
For 25 years VicHealth has been a leader, it's a trusted brand.
We believe that with the programs now in place, and the partnerships that we've got
reaching out through Victoria and beyond, VicHealth is in a marvellous position to make
a real impact and to use our resources well.
I see VicHealth as being 25 years young.
The future bristles with possibilities.
There will be so many areas that VicHealth can fertilise with its unique blend of skills.
We face so many health problems, but many of them are preventable,
and VicHealth can help.
We've had some fantastic achievements, we've learnt so much but the job isn't done yet.
We've got an exciting time ahead of us.