Learn to Speak Thai: Taking a Taxi

Uploaded by studythai on 18.10.2009

sawadee ka, today we're going to talk about taking taxi
for the cheap charlies, don't worry, in the future class
we are going to do busses, but you know
are not going to be meeting me, on it
first a tip, it would impress everybody, if you where polite in thai
all you need to do is finished the sentence with
word 'khrap' if you are a man, 'ka' if you are a girl
lets focus on the tones, 'khrap', 'kha'
and now lets get back to our taxi thing
today I am going to introduce you to five phrases
so first, all you really want to tell you taxi driver
is where you want to go, how to do that
example, when I want to go to siam
'pai siam ka' or 'pai siam khrap'
how would be go to different places, ratchada
'pai ratchada kha', 'pai ratchada khrap'
taxi driver may not be as nice as me
and at the same time they try and fix the price
what you want to say is, could you please use the meter
how to say that, could you please, in Tha is
'chuay', do something 'duay'
tones, 'chuay' do something 'duay', make it polite
'chuay' do something 'duay kha', 'chuay' do something 'duay khrap'
so how to say, use the meter
use the meter is, 'chai meter', 'chai meter'
'chai' means use, 'meter' means a meter
tones, 'chai meter', 'chai meter'
so how to say could you please use the meter
'chuay chai meter duay kha'
or, 'chuay chai meter duay khrap'
now you want to get off somewhere
and you have to say, could you please stop here
but this is the tip, a tip for you
in Thai we don't say could you please stop here
we say, could you please park here
we already know what could you please is
'chuay' do something 'duay', what is park here?
park here is 'jood thiinii', 'jood thiinii'
'jood' means park and 'thiinii' means here
tone, 'jood', 'thii', 'nii'
'jood thiinii' if you notice these characters, C backwards
they are sound in Thai that are not in English
and this is one of them, it is pronounced, oh
oh, but in this case it is a long vowel, we say ooorh
let do it again, ooorh, that is correct
so should we say it again, 'jood thiinii'
'jood thiinii', so could you please park here, we say
'chuay jood thiinii duay kha' or, 'chuay jood thiinii duay khrap'
now lets practice, could you please say, could you please use the meter
try go on,
that's good, lets repeat it again, 'chuay chai meter duay kha'
or 'chuay chai meter duay khrap'
now could you next please say, could you please park here
... that's very good
lets repeat it 'chuay jood thiinii duay kha'
or 'chuay jood thiinii duay khrap'
now lets go to our forth phrase for today
how to say how much, 'thao rai'
'thao rai', tone 'thao, 'rai'
go on try
'thao rai kha', 'thao rai khrap'
ok that's good, say it , 'thao rai kha', 'thao rai khrap'
ok move to the fifth phrase
fifth sentence, 'khoob khon', thank you
'khoob khun', lets focus on the tones 'khoob khun'
for a guy 'khoob khun khrap', for a girl 'khoob khun kha'
what to try to repear that
that is good, 'khoob khun kha', 'khoob khun khrap'
and now let's do a role play, I am a taxi driver
and you are a tourist, we are at the airport
you've got your suitcase, and
and backpack for the cheap charlies
and you approach the car, hello where do you want to go?
the car stop
ok, ok,
'nueng pan baht'
'neung pan baht'
what you going to say?
ah ok, ok
get into the car, careful with the door
you tell me where you wanna stop
how we go through asoke, oh nice lovely place
nana plaza, that is my student!
'neung roi baht'
'nueng roi baht kha'
got my money already
and I also say, 'khoob khun kha'
and I always say thank you to you guys
and I hope you come back after you own practice
see you next time, 'khoob khun kha', 'sawadee kha'