Le Comte de Monte-Cristo (1998) Épisode 3

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Don't let anyone trough
You've checked everything? It's working?
Please test it
There's an execution, turn back...
...or take another road
- Will it take long? - No. They're bringing the prisoner
They say she's killed many children...
...in their mothers' wombs
But God takes His revenge on earth
She... Who prevented so many children...
...Seeing their mothers' eyes
At dawn. She will no longer see the light
For God takes His revenge on earth
Who will mourn Gervaise?
She belongs in hell...
with her friend Lucifer
It's crawling with uniforms
They'll never think escapees would be mad enough...
...to taunt them right under their noses
Look at your father
Who will mourn Gervaise?
She was so very bad
She belongs in hell...
, with her friend Lucifer
When Monte Cristo asked me to meet you, I almost kissed his hands
He's actually doing me a favour since at last I can thank you for,.
Nothing, You owe me...
You saved my faTher from ruin and dishonour
Alas he died to soon to thank you
So allow the son to express The father's gratitude
You may ask anything from me
Thomson & French are opening new markets in the East
More precisely in Janina in Greece
Janina? It was our army's main stop on the route to India
Alas, despite the Count of Morcerf's heroism, the Ottomans took the city
I know. I asked Morcerf about the help he gave the Sultan of Janina
What courage
I wonder how the Turks finally won
I heard Ali Pasha was betrayed
All the more reason to investigate before opening a branch there
Could I meet one of your captains, Mr. Morrel?
One of those familiar with Janina?
The man we want is Cocles, Captain Cocles
He served Morrel for 27 years and is now retired in Fecamp i
Let's go.
It'll be a change from this stinking place
It's like a cemetery with open graves
This is the deep sleep potion
IT induces a deep numbness...
...Which resembles death
Another one of Faria's recipes?
He was no longer sure of the formula
Poor Faria
He was so old
Well we'll see
I know a recipe I'm sure your famous Faria never told you about
It's the recipe for happiness
It always fails
With your fortune life could be sweet and we'd forget all our misfortunes
I can imagine you in London Budapest St Petersburg, And why not America?
I can't put an ocean between my justice and me
What you call justice is revenge
Do you think I like being Monte Cristo?
I'd be afraid to have him for a friend Bertuccio
He's a terrifying man - ruthless and cold
I didn't want to become that man, I was happy just being Edmond Dantes
I expected nothing more from life. But they ruined it
Villefort, Morcerf, Danglars...
...and even that worm Caderousse, who knew all but said nothing
By killing the sailor who asked for nothing...,
...they created the avenger who's back for his dues, too bad for them
Have the carriage prepared. We're leaving
Three pillows Grandad
So you can sit straight to see the sky through the window
Maybe you’ll see the famous comet
He's grateful. But what Mr. Noirtier likes most is the coming of the day
The dawn
It reminds him of the Austerlitz sun
Dear child, why are you still here?
Your place isn't by a bedridden invalid
I helped put him to bed, He had a bad day
The way he is, it must have been like any other
Please, Heloise
He can hear
Shouldn't Valentine leave?
Why? It concerns her too
Try dressing differently
You'll get us into trouble with these rags
They scream: "Long live the Emperor"
These 'rags' have seen all the battlefields of Europe...
...that made France greater than ever
You needn't worry, M, Noirtier and I never leave this house
We have wonderful news
Mme de Saint-Meran is coming from Marseille
Don't you understand?
We can plan Valentine's marriage with Franz dEpinay
Does my father wish to speak?
Yes, Mr. Noirtier disapproves of this marriage
Barrois is talking nonsense
You're wrong
He uses his right eye for vowels
He bats his eyelid once for 'a' twice for 'e' three times for ‘I’ and so on
The left eye is for consonants
He can't control his nerves
That's all
He says...
...if you go ahead he'll disinherit Valentine
My dear father...
Leave it
If he disinherits her, everything is ours
He says his entire fortune will go to charity
I keep saying he must be put away
You see I'm right
She visits him and he thanks her... by disinheriting her
I'll ask Dr dAvrigny to visit him
I see his mind is starting to...
Mr. Noirtier says he knows exactly why you're crying
He'll do his best to stop the marriage
- Will she still marry? - Of course
- Despite your father's threats? - What threats?
Let him leave his fortune to the poor, I've never been interested in money
Money is good for the likes of Danglars
You're only interested in glory
No not in glory either
Glory is a toy just good enough to satisfy children...,
...like Morcerf
I have better: the power to condemn to death or life imprisonment
Same thing
As Prosecutor. I have the Kings favour
The dEpinays are close to him so Valentine will marry like it or not
I have 17 trunks and eight hat boxes
Don't complain it's heavy, It's just silk and satin
Take it all upstairs and tell a maid to iron my dresses
These coachmen are unbelievable
They keep moaning I have too much luggage. What times!
They can't tell me what to bring...
...for the wedding
I looked lovely when you married my Helene
What a lovely day
Really? I thought it rained
Isn't that...
...what you said?
It did rain. It was a deluge
But how we laughed in the rain
Excuse me, I must check the kitchen
Supper will be served at ten
Your new wife is as surly as ever
She's hardly a new wife now
It's many years since Heloise and I...
I'll never get used to it
What do you see in her?
Well she... IT seems...
You see? Marrying her was a mistake, I warned you. But you won't admit it
Let's forget your harpy, How's my angel?
How's Valentine?
She's very well, thank you
I meant how does she get on with the harpy?
For the best
So they hate each other
Still it doesn't matter now Valentine is getting married. It means...
...she'll be leaving soon
May God make her happy with Franz
- It's my only wish - Mine too. She'll be happy
I'll make sure of it
I hope so
Otherwise my ghost will come and box your ears
A staircase might not be the ideal place for what I have to say
But this wedding will be my last party
The last ceremony I'll attend and not willingly...
...will be my funeral
- Why do you say that? - Because it's true
So I want this wedding to be grand and beautiful
I want it magnificent and moving, I want to cry
I haven't cried for so long
Not since Helene's death
If you need money to make things grander than grand...
...just tell me
The Morrels were always good to me
The father - God rest his soul - and the son
If you weren't sent by young Maximilien...
...I wouldn't have told you a thing
But I'm not totally blameless myself
I can't believe that a general Count of Morcerf and peer of France...
Forget all those grand-sounding titles
Morcerf the scum didn't have them at Janina
He was just Fernand Momdego lieutenant colonel
Sultan Ali Pasha made him general...
...and the Turks paid him a fortune to betray him
Mondego gave up Janina to the Turks...
...and caused the massacre of Ali Pasha's family
But you weren't there Captain Cocles
I arrived at the end, but above all...
I heard a witness
A witness?
Yes sir
Haydee Ali Pasha's own daughter
But you said they were all killed
All except Haydee
The Turks used her like any young captive
They reduced her to slavery,
...in a harem
She became a piece of meat for men's pleasure
Listen to me
Since the Turks see Haydee as a commodity...
...we'll buy her from them
...twenty times her selling price
Given her rank youth and beauty it was already considerable
As well as the ransom we'd need a ship and money for the expedition
A fortune!
Supposing I find you a man who has this money...
I'd leave now
I'm cold
But it's not cold
You say I can't forgive
But if you'd heard Cocles' story you wouldn't forgive either
Beauchamp, I trought journalists too badly paid to play the Stock Exchange
I'm not here to play but to work
I've been assigned to question the Baron on his latest losses
Baron Danglars? Impossible
It's strange, but luck eludes him lately...,
...and his fortune is slipping away
But he's an exceptional financier
He's just lost five million...
...in a risky project in Mexican mines
It's the same with his sturgeon farms in St Petersburg
You seem rather pleased. You look like the cat who got the cream
These days journalists live on others' misfortunes
So be happy, Mr. Cat. Sonn you'll be able to gorge yourself all you like
Jani… what?
I warn you. That cream is particulary sickening. I would make one vomit
A ghost, There was a ghost in my room
Calm down, Ghosts don't exist, It was probably the wind in the curtains
I'm not mad, I tell you it was a ghost
My husbands ghost telling me my time has come to join the world of the dead
What's all this shouting?
What's happening?
Grandma had a bad dream
Go on, say I'm hysterical
Only a ghost would dare enter the Crown Prosecutor's house
The living can't hurt you
You're untouchable
But the dead are a different story
She's not mad, I too saw...
- He offered me a drink - I'll fetch you an infusion
No I don't want to sleep. I want it to be day
- And things to happen - What things?
Your wedding, I want you married before I die
- That’s impossible - Why? Because nothing is ready?
But never mind. Let it be a private affair as long as it happens
A solicitor for the signatures and a priest for a bit of Latin. Don’t worry
My will shall exempt you all from wearing mourning
Nothing will stop you having a big party...
...once I've been buried
Why are you crying?
You can't see me die?
No and I don't want to get married either, I don't want to
What's wrong?
How should I know?
The world may be falling apart but that's no reason to flout traditions
The Saint-Meran tradition is to have grand and noble marriages
Isn't Franz a grand and noble catch?
The best imaginable
Lets stop imagining, then, Today is Tuesday
Saturday at the latest our little Valentine will be Baroness dEpinay
Your ticket, young man
May I speak with you?
No I'm expected
- I'll be brief, You'll see the show - I don't care
I've seen it. Let go, I'm meeting...
Mlle de Villefort? Do you love her?
Why? Who are you?
I need the truth, Then I'll let you go
- I'll scream - Fine
I'll say you tried to rob me you'll protest
They'll detain us and you'll miss your meeting
Let go, I'll answer you. Yes. I love Valentine
Does she love you too?
- Do you know who her father is? - The Crown Prosecutor
Few men have been as ruthless to others as him
It's Valentine I love, He can go to hell
He probably will, Hear me out
You love Valentine for her beauty? Don't trust that
What would you know of love and beauty?
I wasn't always a priest, Anyway, this isn't about me
You're sure Valentine is the one?
Then go to her
Hurry, the show is about to start, The magician won't wait
I just can't escape this marriage
I've spent two days in my room examining all the possible solutions
I'm a minor and the law...
And if I told you I know a country where there are no laws? Algeria
It's so far away
I only have one ship left
But it's in Marseille, the Pharaon can be ready to sail in a week
An abduction? You're mad.
Say 'yes'
I can't hurt my father and grandmother
You'd rather hurt me? Fine I know what I must do
Yes forget me
After the show. I'II go to a gunsmith
I'll buy a gun load it and sit by a fountain
- A fountain? ' - The sound will drown the shot
- Not even the pigeons - Very well
You agree? The gun? The fountain?
- My suicide?. - I agree to Algeria
You wont change your mind?
Not if you marry me once we're there.
- No - What no?
We won't wait. Once we're on the Pharaon, the captain will marry us
Tonight at eleven meet me at the gate. I'll have a carriage
Bring no bags, We'll buy what we need
Stupid foolish young Maximilien falling in love with the wrong girl
What does she have...
...he likes so much? Beauty?
She's so insipid, Too blond, too milky-white
That's just it, She's a brioche
- She's like a brioche - A brioche!
Mme de la Richardais to see the Count
You're off to a fancy dress ball?
Can I come? It's so long since I made myself up. What should I go as?
A brioche
I can just see it, A cheeky little round hat the colour of toast
A dress a bit lighter than the hat...
...With big flounces for the sides of the brioche
He calls her Brioche
Her mouth smells of vanilla
He says he's harder than a rock
They sit closely under the arbour
My goodness, happiness is so close
For Cocles to finance the voyage to Janina
- So? - It's full of gold and jewellery
- Let's go - We'd better wait until it's dark
You shouldn't visit unexpectedly
Yes I do
- On what? - Settlements of debts people owe me
I came because I missed you 53 hours...,
...without you
53 hours? You count them?
- And the minutes - And the seconds?
I don't have a precise stopwatch
You will tomorrow
No more presents
It's your presence I want
What for?
Something like this, for instance
But you who know all can teach me
Your song didn't lie, You smell of vanilla
Do you like vanilla?
I think so
But if you don't mind I'd like to make sure
The contents of the cabinet alone are worth a visit
There's a trick to opening it but I saw him do it
Seeing is one thing but going in...,
It's easy, Darkness a good ladder and a sharp diamond for the window-pane
What if we're seen?
You'd commit murder? You'd dare?
If we're caught, you know what we'll get as escapees?
Hey Squire
It's midnight. We've been waiting for an hour
I'll go and check, Stay here
She's dead
I can't believe it
And in such terrible circumstances
Did she suffer?
Atrociously, You only need to see her contorted face
The poison which killed her was badly dosed
Hence the uncontrollable pain and endless suffocation
Poison? I think you're jumping to conclusions
Who could have hated her that much?
I think suicide is more probable
Why would she have done that?
Especially at her age
There's no age for a desperate act
- Mlle de Villefort? - Upstairs but the poor lady...
Maximilien Morrel
I'm a friend...,
Whoever you are, thanks for coming so fast
How did you hear the terrible news?
Is this...
Where she rests? Yes sir
But I warn you we haven't had time to lay out the corpse
I thought...
I was so afraid
She was dying just as I was about to join you, I couldn't run off like that
You did the right thing, But will you be angry if I think of us?
This tragedy might be a miracle
A miracle?
You said she wanted to hasten your wedding to Franz
Her death is sad
But we can breathe
Before she died, my poor grandmother asked as a last favour...
What did she ask?
That the wedding take place on the very evening of her funeral
Tomorrow I'II be married
She spoke of some debt our family owed to the dEpinays
My father promised and you don't go back on an oath made at a deathbed
Where did I put this certificate? Wretched glasses!
Here we are
No, this is the will of Marchioness de Vetheuil
What is this?
The sale of the Hotel Gisors
Nothing to do with today's bussiness but don't worry. I'll find it
I can't sign a marriage contract the day Grandma's buried
I'm signing since you’re a minor, Just say you're present
Here we are
If everyone's ready we'll start
In preparation for their marriage today appear...
...Franz Alphonse Christian dEpinay officer...
...bachelor future husband acting on his own behalf
And Mlle Valentine Julie Marie de Villefort...
...Minor his future wife
Finally the. Dowry...,
...Of Mlle de Villefort will be 50000 gold francs
Excuse me. Wasn't it 100.000 francs?
We would have loved to be more generous
But my father-in-law acted on a whim as old people do...
...And disinherited the three of us
We must protect our future
You're not marrying for money
Of course not, It's out of love, Deep sincere and unselfish love
All parties having approved The contract...
...they will now sign before me Jacques Alphonse Delafosse
Issued in Paris on 21 July 1838
If you would care to sign
Are you happy? I am
Were it not for the funeral. This would be my happiest day
You're not saying anything?
There's nothing to say
Don't sign it
- What's all this? - Forgive me
Mr. Noirtier wishes to see Lieutenant d'Epinay
Tell him we'll see him when were done
Mr. Noirtier insists you come now. He says is a very serious matter
This one, isn't it?
Are we here to redecorate?
There's a note, Should I read it?
Or give it to someone?
To whom?
The confession in this note...
...forces me to break all ties with your family
Please leave us
You too. Barrois
What does this note say?
Franz nearly married the granddaughter of his father's killer
This is a confession signed by my father...
...Before he became paralysed and in which he admits...,
He's a murderer?
Not a murderer thank God
My father killed Baron dEpinay but not in a way that makes him a criminal
No it was a duel
Without witnesses, which explains...
...why the police thought dEpinay was murdered
A duel with swords is that right?
On the banks of the Seine
The fight lasted an hour, the swords broke and you continued with guns
That's it
Am I right?
- You knew? - Yes
Twenty years ago a man accused by an anonymous letter appeared before me
He was a young sailor arrested at his engagement party, I remember his name
Edmond Dantes
On Elba he'd been given a letter from Napoleon to you
The letter said that the ex-Emperor was preparing to flee the island...
...to seize power back in France
Your mission was to help him...
...by eliminating Napoleon's worst enemy
Baron dEpinay
Yes, I know
You never received that letter
To protect you to save you, I burnt it and reduced it to ashes
With no letter how did your father...
Accomplish a mission he knew nothing about?
Instinctively, he knew it was his duty to eliminate dEpinay
I too have always acted on instinct
I've never needed orders to know a man...
...Deserved death
And the sailor?
I had him put in solitary confinement at the Chateau d'If for life
Just for being a messenger?
I didn't know whether he'd read the letter, It was him or my father
But now you'll free him won't you?
It's too late
He drowned trying to flee
So unfair
He can't take revenge on your father
No lights Hassan, Fetch Muhammad
- We should have waited until dark - That means moonlight
This is too risky, We should have just blackmailed...
...your father
He'll be more useful if we're caught, Climb up
You go
- No if anyone comes. I'll hoot - I can do that...
... as well as you
I get vertigo
If you're chicken, I'll bleed you like a chicken
Climb up
I get vertigo
Two men...
...with a ladder are trying to get in
- I'll take care of them - No, let them come
Men outside
- Thieves? - Murderers
If someone knows me, They want to kill me
Or denounce you
Too dangerous
I'd say everything I know about Danglars Villefort and Morcerf
- Watch this floor - Shall I tell...
...the others? Hassan is a good strangler
Don't panic, Pretend the house is empty
Watch but don't shoot, I want to know who sent them
- There are only two? - Go on
These must be worth millions
I'm very disappointed...
Busoni? What are you doing here?
And you?
Me Father? As you can see. I'm looking...,
Looking for what?
Something to live on
Isn’t what I give you enough?
Everything is so dear for an escapee
To sleep under a roof to have a hot meal. Even to wash...
...they charge me ten times the price
Or they threaten to turn me in
Even you Father...
...saintly as you are, if I begged you to let me go. I know what you'd say
All right Caderousse get going...
...but buy my silence if you don't want me to turn you in to the police"
So I'll give you everything I have quite willingly. You can give it...
...to your poor
You'd sell your own parents
One can be a priest without being a martyr
Have mercy, I didn't mean to hurt you
Killing a man doesn't hurt him. It takes him closer to God
Yes that's it
So when the executioner places your neck under the blade...
- No please - You stink
Is fear making you stink? Did you shit yourself?
Leaving already?
May I go?
Will you let me?
That's up to God, Do you agree to be judged by Him?
Let me go and I'll agree to anything
It's a deal
If you reach your lair safe and sound, it'll prove God forgives you
And Busoni will forgive you too. Pick that up
No, I said it was for your poor
My poor? I'll never find anyone poorer than you
Pick it up...
...and get lost
- Did you find it? - Here
I was taught to survive
Not to share
Fetch Muhammad
Stop or I'll shoot
Don't kill me. I give up
Thank you. Leave us
A surgeon. Send for a surgeon
No surgeon cam help you. You need a priest, Caderousse
To hell with priests. I don't believe in your God
Why don't you?
Because He doesn't exist
If He did. the world wouldn't be so ugly
Good people would be rewarded and bad people punished
Remember, we've talked about this before
You told me about Dantes
Young Dantes, don't you remember?
On your deathbed you think of Edmond Dantes?
Yes, because he was punished
And the others those who betrayed him.
...are all rich and triumphant
Your God isn't just
He is, Caderousse. God is just
Look at me. I am Edmond Dantes
He's dead
No he's alive. He's by your side, holding your hand
Look at me. I'm alive. Really alive
You're Edmond Dantes?
But if you're Edmond Dantes. Then...
Then what?
Go on
He's the first to pay, but not the worst traitor
You’re his friend Toussaint?
Tie his hands behind his back
- We'll take him to the police - And if they ask what he did?
- Say he's his father's son - lf you knew him, you'd be shaking
If you knew who I am you'd know it's your father who's going to shake
Well done. Nice race
First prize. Congratulations
Well done, son
Nice race
- Thanks but it's an unfair victory - Unfair?
I'm not exactly an amateur when it comes to boats
Of course. Your long voyage in the East. Don't you miss the sea?
Miss many things
I miss many things
Despite of your fortune?
Come on you can afford anything you dream of
I don't dream much
My nights are heavy
What a strange man you are. One could almost think you're unhappy
Is it too late to go for a row?
It's true, you row well. A real sailor
Do you like sailors?
That's a very strange question
What question?
Whether i like sailors or not
I'm just making conversation
We don't know what to say to each other
Like all gentlefolk making acquaintances
In Paris we call it modesty
...if we shared secrets, no one could hear
- Do you have a secret to tell me? - Me?
No And you sir?
No. Madam
Very well, no secrets lm Mercedes de Morcerf and my life has no secrets
Yet you and I,.
...have a past
We were young once
Were you happy then?
Up to a certain point. And you?
Up to a certain day
She was the one who asked for a ride
I really wanted to go too
He'll take you when he come back
I don't want him to exhaust himself and it's getting late
Tell him I went back to Auteuil
What if I let you call me Mercedes, at least when we're alone?
Thank you. It's a lovely name. I like saying it
And in return.
...what should I call you?
As you wish
Let's see
Why not Emile?
Emile takes us to the sun. It's cold here
No. I don’t like Emile
Try something else
Since we're on the letter 'E'...
why not...
Edmond, please take me to the sun
We're init, Mercedes
We're in full light even
isn't it blinding?
Yes it's burning my eyes now
You must know I'm not happy
My husband...
We said no secrets
Accept them. I've never been able to talk to anyone
Why me?
Because you're just passing through Paris
You don't count. You're like a cloud
Listen, Mr. Cloud
I loved another man
I loved him madly
We were engaged when he disappeared in strange circumstances
Suddenly and dramatically
Disappearances don't happen except in death
In other cases, you dig, scrape, search and find
Or find again
What do you think?
Of course I tried to find out where he was
His father said Edmond was dead
His name was Edmond?
Pure coincidence
You're right. I'II give you another name
I don't want you to have a dead mans name
Even if it's just a game
A game yes.
As a child, I feared the moment when my father called out: "It's late
"Come inside"
It was always around this time
Your father was right to call you
It's true that its late
Much too late
Grandad, Maximilien wanted to thank you
Mr. Noirtier...
...I wont forget what you did for us
It must have been hard to face Franz dEpinay when you heard the truth
From now on...
...Valentine and I will look after you
Without forgetting.
Here is some cool lemonade Valentine made for you
Aren't you thirsty?
Well, I am. It's so hot tonight
The summer is refusing to end
With your permission...
Icy drinks are dangerous when it's hot
An old beast like me fears nothing
I almost burned in Moscow and survived crossing the Beresina, so...
My God
- What's wrong with him? - I don't know
I'll call Father. He's with Dr dAvrigny
Don't stay. Its not wise
These are common medicinal plants
Separately, yes. But certain combinations can be highly toxic
Your mother-in-law...
Can you imagine her poisoning herself playing amateur chemists?
Come quickly
His pulse is barely perceptible
He must vomit
Run to the nearest chemist and ask for the most powerful emetic
The lemonade
It started after I drank some lemonade. Oh, it hurts
What lemonade?
The lemonade... over there
Yes, it's lemonade
Did you make it?
No, it was...
...it was Mlle Valentine
He's dead
I won't go
Yes, you will
I entered your service. You can't make me work for someone else
What am I to you? Some commodity?
Some slave you can lend, hire or sell?
I'm lending you to the Villeforts. But you're still at my service
- More than ever - Elsewhere?
With Valentine
Serve me by protecting her
Unbelievable. It's beyond me. A few days ago, you wanted her to drink.,.
...a vile potion so her father would die of grief
And now I'm to protect her?
- Why? - Do you know...
No. And I don't care
An example: Socrates is mortal
All cats are mortal, so Socrates is a cat
Amusing, subtle even, but completely stupid
Here's another sophism
I like Maximilien, Maximilien likes Valentine, so I like Valentine
She's in danger. Need I go on?
Fine I'll be her nanny. It's a good thing she's pretty
Your bottle, Nanny
At the slightest sign of illness, give her that
What makes you think...
...The Villeforts will have me?
Heloise told me all their servants are leaving. You'll be like the Messiah
I'm here for the position
We're glad to see you. Come in
Your meal is on the table
And the rest?
You'll find out. I'm not staying in this cursed house
Why cursed? Aren't you happy here?
In a week, two people have died: Poisoned
That's not my idea of happiness
Better safe than sorry
The analysis report...
...on the lemonade that killed Barrois is very revealing. He was poisoned
A mixture of digitalin and hemlock
It couldn't fail
My father drank some of that lemonade - and suffered no symptoms
...he's literally stuffed...
...with pills
I know. I prescribe them
They probably stopped the effects of the poison by acting...
...as permanent antidotes
Have Mme de Saint-Meran's body exhumed and examined
I bet the same poison will be found
Never. I'll do no such thing
I understand the truth scares you. IT was Valentine who made the lemonade
Shut up. You're out of your mind
She had nothing against the servant
She was aiming at Noirtier
But by a tragic accident, Barrois drank from his master's glass
That's absurd
He disinherited her
An act of senility, Valentine doesn't care
Outwardly only
Young girls...
...are deceitful
Come in
I'm Bertuccio. Your new steward
Nothing, sir But you rang
Really? I don't think so
- You said you needed a cognac - Right away
I'll drink it alone. I don't want to share anything with you any more
Leave and never return
I said what I thought
Listen, Villefort
Unfair and intolerable as it may seem. Valentine must be rendered harmless
Her demure appearance hides a mad woman whose perverted nature...
...may prompt acts of insanity if crossed
It's keeping me awake at night
I know what awaits Valentine if you denounce her
No, you don't know.
You've never seen someone's head roll. I have
I've seen hundreds
Close up
I've seen abject terror in their eyes
I've touched their skin covered...,.
...in a cold sweat which had the smell of death
I've heard their teeth chattering to the point of breaking
Should I inflict that on my daughter?
You're a monster to. Suggest it
We could avoid it and obtain confinement
In a madhouse?
Treated like a rabid animal, tied up day and night? Now you listen
Repeat a word. Of this and I'll throw you in jail
In jail? On what pretext?
Trust me
I'll find something
I'm used to it
All right. I'll keep quiet
But I pity you
Above all. I’m afraid for you You could be the next victim
Anyone living in this house could be
Get out
My dear...
I heard everything
She's my daughter
No one will harm her
She won't leave the house I've locked her in her room
You did well
But I fear she hates being imprisoned
It might be better if she turned on me instead of you
Where's the key?
In her door
I'll go
Have a rest
Leave it all to me
Can I taste it now, Count?
I love it when your mouth politely says "Count'.
...while your eyes beg: "Kiss me like a chef"
How do chefs kiss?
It's delicious
Why are you here?
Lm afraid
Afraid? Fear doesn't exist. It's just an illusion. Go back
I'm afraid for her
What Valentine?
Valentine de Villefort
That little girl?
What is it?
Some doctor thinks Valentine poisoned Barrois and Mme de Saint-Meran
The lemonade Barrois drank really contained poison
What kind?
A mixture of hemlock and digitalin
Damned woman
Now her mixture works. She won't stop there
You too think she’s guilty?
She's in danger. Go back there
Don't let anyone in Valentine's room, especially Heloise
I'll join you later. How can I enter?
I don't know the house well yet
Maybe the roof...
Fine. Go back and look out for me
You should be with Valentine. Run along
You look preoccupied. I don't like it
A slight inconvenience
Nothing important
- Except... - Except?
Except I was hoping to keep you with me after dinner
Yes, keep me with you. My house is so cold
Please, I want to stay with you
By your side
Right up against you
- Be sensible - Why?
It can wait until tomorrow night
Impossible. Its tonight I'm expected
By whom? Not a woman, I hope
If death looks like a woman, then yes
Bertuccio, what are you doing here?
What you should be doing. Protecting Valentine
What do you mean? Is she in danger?
Don't worry. We're looking after her now
You say that, but you're only Bertuccio
- Of course - I didn't mean it
No but I mean it myself. Don't worry, sir I'm not alone
- There's another man - What man?
He's my master, but I'll soon see him as a friend
One day I'll stop calling him 'sir' and I'll hug him. Come on to work
Wake up
Wake up for Gods sake
Wake up, little toad. I need you
Wake up
Well done. Bertuccio
Careful. The stairs creak
Mile de Villefort's room
Poor child, all these events have exhausted you
Here's something to help you sleep
I don't need anything. I was sleeping fine
With this, you’ll sleep even better
With this, you'll sleep even better
Drink up
That's good. Drink it until the last drop
There, there
There, my child
Sleep well
Good night
Quiet or we've had it
And you won't see Maximilien again
- What did that drink taste like? - The taste?
Be more precise. You life is at stake
A pleasant taste of plants
Where's the phial I gave you?
- The antidote - I don't have it any more
They gave me dinner and I was suspicious, so I drank all of it
I can hardly breathe
Run to the laboratory. There's antidote left
Seventh test tube in the rack
I'm cold. Very cold
Faster, do you hear me? Hurry
It's me, Captain Cocles. Mission accomplished
I know it's late...,
...but please could you tell The Count of Monte Cristo the news?
Wonderful, but later
- Where's the coachman? - He left
Come on, please. Hurry up
Someone's coming
We only have seconds
Thank God the antidote acts faster than the poison
Just in time
She's saved
Temporarily Heloise will try again...
...when she sees the poison didn’t work
She'll concoct another one and I wont know the formula or the antidote
Excuse me
What will my punishment be?
Because of me, she almost died
I'm not infallible either
At last, it's you, Count. It's unbelievable
What a night
First we wait at your house, then we come here...
The Turks are less twisted...
...than your Bertuccio
Oh, my God
If you knew where I found her
And in what state!
I know. I can guess what she endured
I'II take the reins. I'm suffocating. I need air
Welcome, madam. I'm the Count of Monte Cristo
And I'm your slave, since you were kind enough to buy me
I didn't buy you. I freed you
You were imprisoned. I hate jails
I know
I should have left
But I was curious to find out what you meant by a 'meeting with death'
Your sort of death is very pretty
This young woman has suffered a lot
Young women who suffer are your secret
I'm Camille de la Richardais. I've suffered quite a lot too
Widowed after only two years.,.
...I fell in love with someone I thought was a man
He's in fact an owl or a bat
A beast who likes to roam at night and never stays in a warm bed
Thanks for saying "in love". We'll discuss the rest later
You must be exhausted. Muhammad will prepare your room
Wouldn't a hotel be better?
No one must know she's in Paris
I demand total secrecy for her safety and my plans
Since you know my house, madam, make sure she wants for nothing
Thank you. Captain
You also asked for some documents. Here they are
Beauchamp, I asked for an article on Victoria's first year on the throne
This isn't a political article
It's a declaration of love
It’s just that with her nineteen years, her pretty round face...
...and her shy smile. She's a charming queen
Very urgent
We'll let the Queen of England grow up. I have here something explosive
Read this
If it's true. What a scandal
Do you trust this information?
I trust the man who sent it
I hope so or I'll lose my newspaper
For now, let's be cautious
We'll light the fuse, but won't explode the bomb
Letter from Janina"
Let's hope you never fight in a duel. Not against me anyway
A bullet in the heart is no punishment
A true punishment should last ages
- Have you ever missed your target? - Never
Teach me
Enrol with the master. The next session is Saturday
I've no time
You saved my life in Rome. Don't let me die in Paris
Albert, what is it?
I'm fighting a duel
- I've been offended - By whom?
- Beauchamp - The journalist?
- Aren’t you friends? - Not any more. Read this
"Letter from Janina"
Where’s the offence?
It says a certain Fernand...
...an officer serving in Greece. Betrayed the Sultan Ali Pasha...
...handing him over to the Turks
Signed Beauchamp
A certain Fernand? That concerns you?
My father's name
Hundreds of people are called Fernand in Paris alone. It's a common name
If 'common' is insulting, let's say 'fashionable'
Serving under the Sultan of Janina? The allusion to my father is obvious
If you say so
If your father has been attacked. It's not your affair to defend him
It's his
Luckily he doesn't know about it
He sees 'Le Messager' as the organ of the enemy
What if your father had been insulted?
My father?
They did worse than insult him
They made him die of grief
- Haven't you tried to avenge him? - Yes
You see?
I have choice of weapons
I fence well, but Beauchamp can't hold a sword
He prefers pistols. We were friends once and a duel is not a murder...
...so I chose pistols. But I’m no good
So you're replacing murder by suicide?
Not if you teach me
I refused Making a marksman out of Albert means taking aim at Beauchamp
He based his article on a document...
...I sent him myself
Albert is innocent. Must children pay for their parents' faults?
In that case, Valentine too...
If I confound Fernand today, his son won't have to fight. I hope not anyway
But with Valentine...
Heloise is always around her, offering coffee or blackcurrant
We could save Valentine from her step-mother
Remember the toad to which I gave the deep sleep potion?
I don't like it
No. But it's the only way
In the meantime. Go back to your protegee I'II see you tomorrow at ten