Find out more about the Creative Technology BSc(Hons) at Kingston University

Uploaded by KingstonEMarketing on 20.04.2010

This summer 2010 we'll be introducing a brand new course
called Creative Technology.
It's really there for students who want to combine
their very strong interest and aptitude in design
and combine it with the latest technology.
And we cover such areas as special effects, interaction,
and compositing amongst other modules you can
choose which allow you to combine and specialise
in your growing interest over three years of the course.
It complements other courses we have in the suite of
courses here for example Television Technology which is
one that specialises in television, or Media Technology
or Computer Graphics Technology.
There is also room for progression after graduation
onto courses such as Moving Images here at Kingston University
or special effects courses that are dotted around
universities around the UK.
Students who have studied on this kind of course
have gone on to work in industry at Framestore
in special effects, in design, and others have gone on to
the National Health Service to design websites and
interactive material for e-learning. So there is
considerable scope to combine the design with the technology
today. If you wish to find out further about the structure
of this course you probably want to check out this URL
specifically designed for this course
and if you have any specific questions for me as the course
director of the Creative Technology BSc(Hons) you might
want to email me directly.
So, if you are interested in Creative Technology, please do
email me or look at our website for further information.