Crackòvia -UEFA vs Busquets [ENGLISH SUBTITLES]

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translation and subtitles: doris86pl for
Monsieur Busquets
French ex player, president of UEFA, he is responsible for..
Do someone know what UEFA presiedent is responsible for?
Monsieur Marcelo
Brazilian, left defender like Roberto Carlos but he's got more hair
Some say that he is funny, but cules don't find him funny
We start the case to discuss the allegations that
monsieur Busquets abused monsieur Marcelo
before we start let's fulfill our protocol
grab it here, please, and you here, please
wave it, come on, wave! wave!
The trial
which will prove if he said mooooonkey
Monsieur Busquets, could you repeat what you said to monsieur Marcelo?
Crazy monkey? What? Crazy coconut? Nyoko nyoko? Crazy crazy?
Monsieur Busquets please speak up
Oh, sorry, sorry, I said what nerve (mucho morro)
And I will repeat to make it clear
I said ..
monkey, that I'm monkey..
That's a lie!
I said what nerve
[talks in way difficult to understand]
ah, I mean that he also put finger into my eye.
Like that! ouuuuuuch
and since that day my peripheral vision in this eye is not perfect
It's Marcelo's fault who moved his arms like a mo..
no, I didn't even touch Busquets. He was behind me and I had to turn around I almost broken my..
no! I know that all evidences are against me,but I didn't said monkey, because it would be offence to..
monkey, he said it to provoke me! But I came to him to say that this is
uselessness! All my effortsto prove my innocence are useless
But I want to say this, because Marcelo can think about me
badly, I feel badly, and after that incident some people throw bananas on the pitch
and in the tunnel to dressing room they were wearing Ku Klux Klan hoods
ok, ok, we can't decide about this case on the explanations you presented
so we will make a decision like we always do in UEFA
the draw, judge, please...
Aaaa, ladybug!
I'm little ladybug, little..
good, and now, the verdict
and now the verdict in Mr Busquets case
Mr Busquets is not guilty
translation and subtitles: doris86pl for
why? why?