Uploaded by StopXAM on Nov 6, 2011

Hi, I am Chugunov Dmitry! I am Kharlamov Michael!
And now you see the new video from the team StopXAM I would say that this video is experimental
And we took him to know what you think Because our views on this matter differed
I personally think that this topic is very relevant I do not think so, because I travel so myself
Well, lets watching a video, and instructions will be after
Some drivers believe that their business is more important and rather than turn away from the second row, they turn from the fifth or sixth...
People are trying to get through anyhow so we came here today and just fenced off some part of the cones
We have a project against the brutality, but you are rude
Show me the law. why can not I put myself higher than you [myself higher than you]
Right now we have removed the cones and that's what happens. Just watch ...
If you think I am right thumb up
If you are against such a format- thumb down!