Speed Dating with Eric Saade (Part 1)

Uploaded by EricSaadeorg on 03.09.2011

What is the world's best song?
Music lovers are not allowed to have a favorite song, it's actually illegal, I think!
A good song then, a really good song?
A really good song is 'Man in the Mirror'.
by Michael Jackson.
What do you want for briefs on Saturday?
A pair of white underpants selected, no ..... a pair of black actually,
probably even a pair of black underpants selected.
If you were gay ... who would you neck up, Danny or Brolle?
Danny, I tested today actually!
Okay, what was it like to kiss Danny?
No, it's good but he must practice a little on the lower lip but otherwise it's fine.
OK, if we could buy something at the bar... what will it be?
Wow a drink, a Mojito.
Okay, what's the first thing you would do if you were a girl for a day?
I would probably look a lot at myself it would be quite untrue,
I think then I would probably try to sing because you've got a completely different register.
What is the best song in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 which has not moved on?
Ehh Loreen's song, I think!
It's really modern and in the clubs and it's what Sweden needed at the same time.
I find it a bit too hard even for the Eurovision Song Contest, I think because you have to have a direct song,
they may only hear the song once and then it should be a smash on the first listen.
Have you voted for yourself this year?
Absolutely not!
First, there is no time to sit and vote for myself, sitting in the green room
but it would be pretty funny if you sat in the green room and the income itself
and then ask someone who writes you agree? No, I only write with my dad, no, but I think, you don't have time.
Do you know any words in German, in case you get to go to Düsseldorf?
Yes, I studied German for 4 years but I can type two words, so there was not much,
but my name is Eric, I can say.
Yes, it's a good start anyway!
what song did you sing last besides your own?
In The Club, I think!
What's your next single? Do you know?
No, I don't know yet, it might be called Timeless.
Because I wrote a song called Timeless, last week, that feels absolutely fantastic.
When will the album be released?
This summer, I can't really say when in the summer if it is early summer or late summer,
I don't know yet but the album comes out in the summer
and it's much more electronic pop now as well, the club electronic pop.
When was the last time you watched porn?
Oh yes, when I looked at porn, I think it was at some house party and then it was someone who had the TV1000
and, as some have and then somebody put on TV where the channel is on.
I saw the latest porn, it wasn't very long but for a while, I must admit.
If you get to go to Düsseldorf, it will be both glass and water to turn on an extra large?
No, it won't.
Get a glass box, come with me?
Absolutely it's a part of the story.
OK, what is your biggest threat on Saturday, which you feel is most dangerous?
There are nine artists who are my biggest threat, it's like 9 threats and 10 percent chance to win so I don't know.
Music is a matter of taste, there is no such thing as the best song, but it's a matter of taste.
QX readers voted on all 32 songs which were their favorite and popular won convincingly, what is your comment on that?
It's so flattering, but no one will be really happy because there is ...
it makes nonetheless that people listen and think it's good and it's really fun
but this is in fact that on Saturday then you should vote too,
it's not enough that you like the song in this competition, unfortunately.
Well everyone, this is Eric Saade... don't forget to vote for my song if you like it, don't forget to vote then!