Xs La Peor Talla 1/8

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When I was at school, everyone called me the Machine Miranda...
because I was the champion of the Bonepitter.
23 times I fought there, and the 23 remaind unbeaten.
Hello, my love? I bet you are still in bed.
Sure, you turn off your light so late last night.
Listen, didn't you have a test early today?
No, mom, I am... just arriving at school.
Ok, dear. Bye now, im in a hurry today.
Late again, we will have to inform your mother about it.
Ok chief, I already paid my ticket, so please stop the bus...
No way cat...
But you are way over my stop by at least a couple of blocks. Why do you want to do me in?
You'll walk a little longer, cat.
Thanks... thanks.
Here it is. Let me in... Please.
No, do get down child. Get off, its too late, go away.
But it is barely two minutes...
Nothing, nothing... Go away now
Spare a smoke?
Dad, I swear its the very first time in my life.
Ask mum, it was her fault... I'll get a spot in my life record...
Listen, why don't you send Peñaloza a safe pass with instructions to let me in? Only me.
What a drag with Machine. Look where he parks his car.
Mmm, you're wasted.
Hi. Listen... Don't you think its a rather misplaced attitude to smoke that...
This early in the morning? I mean for the little kids,
well its a very bad example. Do you see what I mean?
But please...
Closing in the perimeter.
What do we have here?
A collection of individuals that don't even know the meaning of the word punctuality...
of the word discipline.
More over some are smoking, when they are well aware of the specific school rules on the matter.
I want to see every one in my office... Right now!
And you Mr. Miranda. Is that your uniform?
Please, tomorrow I expect to see you in full uniform.
Those tamer breeches, you'll have to leave home. OK?
In you go, in you go...
Do you see, sir? Comb up!
Comb up! they have no respectfor me...
Butthey have no respect...
But what can I do?
Get physical, man.
Physical, physical...
Good morning, Inspector's office.
No, Mr. Peñaloza is in a meeting with the students at the moment.
Who's calling? Yes, he is there. I'll transfer you if you wish. Ok, just a moment.
Good morning, Inspector's office.
Hi, he is with the students now...
Ok, bye. Well I have that information.
If you just wait for a second.
Ok, I'll tell him, bye.
Of course not, sir. Give my regards to your father.
In your name sir, in your name. Don't you worry.
Bye Miss Gladys. Take care.