Audacity Tutorial How to Record Stereo and Mono Music | Recording and Edit Tutorial

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hello there My name is Andrew Mercer and we're gonna be talking about stereo and model
recordings in audacity how to do it white wanted knowledge
first of all we're gonna take a little trying to talk about what is jerry on
was mine
okay ten seconds
model means that you have exactly the same sounding both channels right and
effective readers
uh... serial means a slightly or drastically different sounds in both
years so drum set in one ear attorney other here or even just slightly
i think it was ten seconds
so audacity
audacity recording and stereo anika record in our in uh... molly either one
and riding in a uh... recording here my father playing the fiddle
and this was recorded
in stereo you see we have two channels here we have a rich and left channel
he's he's here and said this is the court with to microphones so there is
slightly different sound in the right and left him all those recordings sing
sing at the same time
here's an a slightly different steering of this and i settled mushrooms down
much more intimate concerned for instrument the fiddle verses mono
so i would require the film's cereal i can
all case so that's this is ministerial file looks like in audacity
person look at what
manel fire looks like mystery easy his record myself talkin' i'm using one
microphone here so whereas on the fate of recording he was using to microphones
so this one microphone produces one channel of sound
which would be dead center
and would send exactly the same in my recommend that years okay so the eagle
that stereo that smile sorry
now how do you say year heavyset audacity to be able to do exterior or
we do it
but going to preferences
preferences would be conceiving of devices at the very top here
and we can choose under recording we want to have a motto or stereo recording
and i think remodel most of the time um... you only want to record a serial
win you really need to
uh... i can record this microphone in stereo although when so many different
than not
uh... but it will produce a bigger file because a record two channels on one
so for the sake of her dress based
and making computer work too hard
record model wing whenever you can t if you if you're recording if it's her or
are where a microphone or
raid the skit her
if its motto signal that you're using
record in a month
the record and stereo so that'll save you a larger space and a computer work
better to but if you are recording stereo you have to microphones hooked up
at one time for your recording stereo signal from your lying in
on your computer because
most computers lines n
have are stereo so you can put your high tide
into your computer display
push record on audacity in your record in syria okay so in that case you want
to select stereo review
okay so that's that
network birthday
uh... patty chains uh... middle-east me this in the comments page and then
please put comments in if you feel
denise uh... people ask me how wide gates mysterio recording
in tomato now this is a got a good old technique you may need uses from time to
distin recording hero my father played fiddle is actually in stereo
so let's change it and tomato no we do is you before you sort of the file when
you go to tracks
new exterior track tomato
that's easement the script that and and the real bang on smile
now you might use it sometimes if u pre-recorded for affecting my wanted
change history reporting from out of it is in effect
it's also a really good to see the phasing problems in that something for
another video
but sometimes refrigerator phones and make it to be messed up when it comes to
the quality recording might not know why well describe first the microphones and
again we'll talk with an another video
that's called phasing
we put in model the phasing problems stipulates or phone
so it's not a bad idea when you do recording
put it in mono playback keep it sounds whacked have does sound whacked
move your microphones and do it again but with that but and the video
well he's in a dot any questions or concerns questions concerns anything at
uh... women that comments please please commence
section please
and good luck with it and i'll see you next time