Workout Tips - How to Track Your Gym Progress

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bjbj >>RYAN Hey guys, I m Ryan form and today we re going to talk about the number
one tool you need to use to help give you a better workout. Alright, so what is this
tool? It is called many things, but essentially it is a workout journal, or workout diary,
workout log, whatever you want to call it. Something where you are tracking the weight
that you lifted, the number of push ups you did, or how long you ran, whatever your workout
goals are, and whatever you re working out with, needs to be entered into this workout
log. [PAUSE] {0:41}>>RYAN Alright so one of the biggest benefits you re going to take
from using a workout log you ll notice right away, is you ll have faster, more efficient
workouts. And that is because you ll be going to the gym, or doing your workouts at home
with a sense of purpose and direction. You know exactly what you need to do, you know
how much weight you need to use, and you re not trying to remember alright how much did
I bench last week, I think it was this . There s no way you can easily track that if you
re doing a bunch of different exercises, plus with everything else going on in your life.
[PAUSE] {1:15}>>RYAN Alright so the second benefit to using a workout log is it s going
to help you stay committed to your program, for several reasons. One; you re going to
see your weight s going up, so that in itself is going to drive you to continue to work
more because you re seeing the progress. It s also going to help you stay focused on that
program. So you know, a lot of times I have a lot of friends who will kind of start a
program but then, you know, it s twelve weeks, and four or five weeks into it and they ve
changed to another program. So this will really help you get a sense of how far along you
are in the program and you ll be able to see how you re progressing, so you ll be more
likely to stick with it. [PAUSE] {1:58}>>RYAN And the third benefit to using a workout log
is that its going to help you plan more effective workouts in the future. Once you have that
notebook of data showing how much weight that you ve lifted per exercise or how many reps
or sets you did of push ups or whatever it is that you re doing at home, you re going
to be able to use that information for the future workout and create a better workout
from that. [PAUSE] {2:24}>>RYAN What should you use to track your progress in the gym?
There are two kind of popular solutions so I ll just go over those with you here first.
What I use is this small little Mead notebook. I picked it up at Staples, it s a couple bucks.
This is a five and a half by four and a half inch notebook, and I like it because it s
so small, it s easy to kind of put down, throw down on the floor next to you when you re
at the gym, and the holes right here are great for sticking a pen in. So you just hold your
pen in there and, you know there s really not that much to it. If you don t want to
use the notebook you can actually just use your phone if you re comfortable carrying
that around the gym. There s all kinds of apps out there that track your progress, probably
going to do way more than you need, but we re just looking for the bare essentials, so
let s go over those. [PAUSE] {3:21}>>RYAN There are three main topics or areas that
we want to cover, but first, obviously the most important; is the work done. So if this
is at the gym, you want to record the weight that you did, for obviously the exercise,
the weight, the reps, and the set. If you re at home, you re not lifting weight, you
re just doing body weight exercises, well, you need to at least be recording the exercise
you did, and how many reps and sets you did of that exercise. The second thing you need
to write down is the date, the actual day of your workout. The third thing you want
to write down in the log is any comments or notes for the day, whether you re working
out and you feel like you re coming down with something so maybe the workout wasn t as productive,
or if you have some type of injury you re dealing with, say a shoulder injury and you
re weight s gone down because you re rehabbing that, you want to note that in there so when
you re looking back you say oh yeah this was so low because I busted my shoulder or whatever
the case may be. {4:21}>>RYAN (cont) Alright, so that s in a nutshell, the most important
tool to improve your workout. Give it a try, you ve got the gist now, go pick something
up, whether it s a notebook or your phone or something else and bring it to the gym
for the next thirty days then come back and tell me how it worked for you. Guaranteed
that you re going to notice at least improvement and motivation, if not improvement in your
over all list because you and I are tracking everything. If you have any questions just
put them in the comment section below, I ll try and address them all. Make sure you leave
feedback and requests as far as other videos you want to see and don t forget to subscribe,
wherever the button is up there, I m sure you can find it. Click on that because I m
working on a lot more videos, but again, want to produce stuff that you want to see, so
let me know and in the meantime, stay strong. {5:10} [MUSIC] How to Track Gym Progress 2012 Page PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT vgXMX h;g" h;g" h;g" gd9B gd;g" h;g" 2B$d
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