NEC OnlintTV : Mobile Attraction Reservation System

Uploaded by NEConlineTV on 12.08.2010

Universal Studios Japan, located in Osaka, is one of the most popular theme parks in
Japan. To enjoy its high-tech attractions and family-friendly
events featuring movies, over 8 million visitors come here a year.
Recently, this figure is increasing as Universal Studios Japan has taken the strategy to attract
families as well as young people. On the other hand, there was a problem. It was long waiting
time on popular attractions. The park began to sell reservation tickets
and express passes, but a "much more convenient, easier to use" solution was required.
What we wanted the system to do is to be able to allow our guests who purchase it to reserve
a time, a specific time that they can visit an attraction and not have to wait in line
or have a reduced wait.
To solve this issue, NEC proposed the "Universal Express Pass Mobile", that allows visitors
who have mobile phones equipped with IC chips to reserve popular attractions at the time
they prefer.
They can purchase tickets and make reservation for attractions or shows at the time convenient
to them any time, anywhere via their mobile phones at the official website from 10 days
before their visit. Then, just by holding the virtual tickets installed in their mobile
phones over the readers at the Express Pass gate, they can enter the appointed attractions
"Universal Express Pass Mobile" is utilizing "Tokutoku Pocket", which is an application
service platform NEC had developed for mobile FeliCa IC chips.
With this service platform available to all mobile operators in Japan, costs to develop
the system could be minimized. In addition, the service was up and running very quickly.
with Universal Express Pass Mobile we looked at many different types of systems, reservation
type systems which there are many in the world. Because we were looking to use cell phone
technology because let’s face it, most Japanese have cell phones nowadays, we want to be able
to offer them the convenience of that. So NEC was able to develop that system, offer
our guests the convenience. But also they developed it within five months for us so
we were able to get it online very quickly as we came up with the idea.
By reserving popular attractions beforehand, guests can plan their activities conveniently.
Now that waiting time is reduced, they can enjoy the park fully, trying more attractions
and relaxing in restaurants.
Also, Universal Studios Japan has made complicated manual operations more efficient and achieved
a rise in profit.
Additionally, the park can grasp the exact data such as the number of guests or what
attractions are popular, by utilizing the Universal Express Pass Mobile system. They
are making use of this data as a resource for management.
Now, it is possible to know how the park will be congested and where to post staff.
The future, the future of that could be in our merchandise and food areas to allow guests
to purchase things by using their mobile phone versus cash or credit cards. Really looking
at convenience for them.
What supports the novel ideas of Universal Studios Japan is NEC, making the most of IT.