Adam Sevani vs. Channing Tatum - The DS2DIO 360 Great Debate!

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 26.11.2012

TWITCH: 'ey what's going on ya'all? This is tWitch. CAMERON: And I'm Cameron.
TWITCH: And this is the Great Debate where we take on some of the world's biggest questions.
CAMERON: Like Coke vs. Pepsi, Edward vs. Jacob, exothermic reactions vs. endothermic reactions.
An exothermic reaction is when - TWITCH: Yes, I know Cam. It's a reaction resulting
in the release of heat such as a combustion engine, I know. I just don't want to have
that old debate again. CAMERON: Okay good, because today we are debating something that is way
cooler. It's Channing Tatum...TWITCH: vs. Adam Sevani. CAMERON: Perhaps you've seen some
of Channing's great works: Step Up, The Vow, 21 Jump Street, classic cult Amanda Bynes
film She's The Man where he plays a very sensitive, yet popular soccer player. Fun
fact, he can also be found nightly in my dreams. "I promise to never forget that this is a
once in a lifetime love." TWITCH: Yah, anyway, you might know Adam Sevani from playing Moose
in Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D, Step Up Revolution. He's danced for Will Smith, and
T-Pain, and NLT and he also has a huge fan base that's always asking us here at DS2DIO,
where is Adam Sevani? CAMERON: We've been getting this a lot from you guys and I'm starting
to get a little bit concerned. I think somebody needs to find Adam Sevani. TWITCH: Yah. Round 1:
Who's won awards? Adam won the Best Scene Stealer in 2008 Young Hollywood Awards
for Step Up 2. CAMERON: Yah, and Channing has won numerous teen choice awards, as well as a
Sundance Film Festival Award. Not to mention, he's won my heart. Okay, Round 2: Who rolls
with the best dance crew? TWITCH: Adam Sevani made this epic video that sparked off the
huge celebrity dance battle. "Crew assemble!" TWITCH: Jon M. Chu directed it. Chris Scott
was in it, Harry Shum, Legacy, Adam Sandler, Brittany Snow, Lindsay Lohan, Chris Brown
CAMERON: Okay, okay. I'm getting the drift here. Well, Channing did the response video
for Miley Cyrus with Jenna Dewan, Joey Fatone, Carson Daly, some other people. TWITCH: Round
3: Who's the most beloved Step Up character? Everybody loves the love connection between
Moose and Camille.
It's just cute. CAMERON: Yah, but nobody's love is truer and sweeter
than Nora and Tyler's.
TWITCH: You know they got married in real life, right?
They did? TWITCH: Yah. CAMERON: I'm gonna need a moment.
TWITCH: Final Round: Who's the better dancer? Look how sick Adam's moves are.
He does like the Michael Thing.
Ah, it's just so, so good. CAMERON: Yah, but what about Channing who's danced in several
films including this performance from Magic Mike?
CAMERON: Hello! TWITCH: Yah, so that is our debate.
Who do you think won? The Great Adam Sevani? CAMERON: Or Cameron Tatum?! TWITCH: Who?
CAMERON: Channing Tatum, I said Channing Tatum. TWITCH: Tell us who you think won in the comment box
below and Cameron, you know you're not married to him right?
CAMERON: I'm gonna need another moment.
CAMERON: Ohhhhhhh, noooooo! Wahhhhhh!