CTA Bus Tracker in School - Nov. 2010 - Connections - Chicago Transit Authority

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>>Chicago public high school students are learning a valuable lesson in time management
and CTA convenience. Bus Tracker screens are now in some schools to cut down the time
students wait outside for buses.
>>"It'll tell them the bus is two minutes away and it will say
the bus is approaching
so they can walk right outide and get on the bus."
>>Harlan Community Academy High School on Chicago's Far South Side
is one of several schools taking advantage of the CTAs Bus Tracker program.
Bus Tracker information is displayed on a monitor near the school's main entrance.
>>"You can tell your parents
I'm five minutes from home or i'm ten minutes before the bus gets here,
so look out for me,open the door."
>>"It also helps kids feel a little safer,
and better about being in after-school programs."
>>Students who stay late after school don't have to worry about waiting alone at a bus stop.
>>"I like Bus Tracker because
I'm in a nursing program
and when its time for me to leave, I don't have to go wait outside in the cold,
I can wait for the bus and see when it's coming or not."
>>Students can also avoid the after school rush of kids
waiting at bus stops once the last bell rings.
>>"The Bus Tracker really helps when you don't want to be outside, and miss the trouble also
because after school theres a lot of stuff going on."
>>"The less we can just have kids standing around, the better it is for all of us."
>>School officials estimate that 30% of Harlen students use the CTA
to get to and from school. They were surprised how many students are familiar with Bus Tracker.
>>"They know more about this then you actually think.
we didn't have any special meeting to say what this is. They actually stop, look and pay attention to what's on there."
>>"Well, you can look it up from your phone, it tells you the exact same thing,
>>but not everyone has cellular devices, so its good for the school."
>>And it's easy to setup.
All that's needed is a dedicated computer and an internet connection.
>>"It didn't cost us anything. It's something that
CTA along with Mayor Daley are trying out
to help schools to be a safe as they possibly can."
>>Anyone with computer know-how
can set up a Bus Tracker display for personal or business use. It's all free and all the
information you need is on the CTA's do-it-yourself Bus Tracker web page.