Would Union-Haters Give Up 40 Hour Week, Weekend, Child Labor, Overtime?

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What exactly are you willing to give up under the guise of being so against unions? Number
one, Louis, and this is something that I think people are having the wool pulled over their
eyes here, unions make up, or rather, employees who are part of unions are a small fraction
of the total workforce. We're talking about 12%.
Louis: Of course, right.
David: And that 12% number, by the way, I haven't found definitive numbers, does not
even count... that only considers employees, in other words, if you're self-employed or
have your own business, you don't even figure into that, and certainly, you're not unionized
then, OK? So first, step one is make people think that unions are huge and that tons of
workers are part of unions.
But then part two is ignore, while still reaping the benefits of the things that unions have
provided for you. Do you think, Louis, that those who are against unions and against collective
bargaining would oppose the child labor laws that we can attribute to unions?
Louis: I don't think so.
David: Safe work conditions?
Louis: Probably not.
David: The grievance processes that have been put in place by unions over time?
Louis: No way.
David: The 40-hour work week, right? I mean, how about that? Or the weekend, or overtime
pay? By the way, I watched a fascinating documentary on Wal-Mart the other day, and it really points
out how Wal-Mart has manipulated numbers to be able to publicly make statements like for
example, this is the average wage of employees.
Louis: Oh, when you factor in store managers, managers, regional managers...
David: When you factor in the CEO. But also, not considering that there is a lot of forced
overtime going on, a lot of listen, wink-wink, when you're expected to come in tomorrow,
but you're not going to be able to clock in, and if you don't, we're going to have to find
somebody else to take your spot. Fascinating documentary. It's the Brave New Films one.
So listen, ladies and gentlemen, I hope I've at least outlined a case and presented you
with some information you may not know about what's happening in Wisconsin. I don't know
how long... I worry that Scott Walker can just wait out the protestors. That's my concern.
We'll see what happens.
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