[ENG SUB] YG ON AIR 4 - BigBang & 2NE1

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[ CHIBA CONCERT - 11/05/13-1 ]
Almost as soon as we start
I think you can raise us up slowly from these two ends
This hyung is also getting progressively smaller
Doing one of these.. and this..
OMO I must be insane
Usually a very cold-hearted hyung, reduced to that
This needs to be aired
[ BIGBANG JAPAN TOUR decorating the front pages ]
I think this is from the Osaka Concert
What's interesting is that all of these photos are the same one
( Every photo has this expression )
Osaka concert is done, and now we've come to Tokyo
And we're preparing for this one
- On the last day of Osaka concert
We heard you hurt your leg, is it alright?
Yes I did hurt my leg but,
It wasn't hurt that badly, so
[ Wrapped in bandages ]
I don't think I can jump so..
And there are a lot of jumping in our performances
So I created a move so that without actually jumping-
I will appear as IF jumping
( Jumping?? )
Even if I am not jumping-
I look like I am.. right?
I am not even jumping right now
I will do that on the stage.
When I go up there later...
I won't feel the pain much
It will probably hurt afterwards
Today's concert, FIGHTING
Can we spray the hair once more?
[ Daesung, praying before going on stage ]
Tokyo Concert Fighting
[ Chiba Concert - 2010/05/13~15 ] 16,000 seats x 3 days = 48,000 seats sold
What's up we're Big BANG
It's been a while!
I am G-Dragon
[ G-Dragon going outside in the middle of the concert ]
In the middle of the concert, for a second
I came out to..
..I look very at leisure don't I?
We're coming in from the side doors, as a surprise, so
I'm on this side
and Top-shi is on the other side
This is the first time
That I've ever had to go outside during a concert
Don't go home!
Don't go!
It's already our last stage
We'd like your continued support
And this last song,
With more enthusiasm than ever
[ Last song of Chiba - 'Hands Up' ]
Everyone, our final jump is coming
Everyone! Jump!
[ Preparing the Encore stage on the lifts ]
It's our final stage.
Encore concert... Ah, ke-
I mean Tokyo Concert Encore
We're closing the curtains on our Tokyo Concert
And now, to Nagoya
When we get to this point, we're not conscious
Thank you so much
We're doing it now
We're going to sing now
So much energy.. I'm excited