Audacity Tutorial How to Remove Vocals Track from a Song Tutorial | Record Singing mp3

Uploaded by buckydurddle on 11.01.2012

hello everyone
My name is Andrew Mercer and this quick tutorial is on how to
remove the vocals from any song
using audacity
they prevent greatest makes it sound exxon valdez you check it out really
good recordings to mean they knew how to do about them
official removing the vocals from a tracking on density here dot
it's pretty simple i have a song here first of all in the u_s_ this is a
creative commons on by steven in bryant and it's called i'd feel extensive
on images play for the thirty second mark will use that as a reference some
thirty seconds
okay so the ego you decide to vocals in it
first thing we're going to do we're going to go to the track
the pull-down menu at the at the left hand side of the track and the tab or in
the course with stereo track and that will give me two-track since it one
and annexing onto his own select
track to of select the entire portion track too and you do that by clicking on
the the great you're you're right here
on the ten th
and go to affect
camp on the fix menu we go to invert
okay so new that and it'll do it's thing the over the last thing we do the last
his ego to each other tracks on the pull down menu on each tracked and left me xx
assuming make each track mama
first track and this
second track
manel then we go back to our thirty second mark push play
we are without vocals now i will say that this uh...
did does that the great sound quality
and makes mono your spiritual song has to be in stereo at the beginning so make
sure that the tractor using for your
values picture seen
any questions or concerns or
or suggestions please put it in the comments link below
and if you let the video kidney alike and please describe the keep track of
all the new on death he videos are the putting up wilson
take easy the next time