Capture One and Media Pro metadata integration | Photo management

Uploaded by PhaseOneDK on 10.05.2011

Media Pro and Capture One 6.2 and later
can trade meta data back and forth
this includes tags like keywords, location
Rating, contact and copyright information and more
in order to make it work correctly you'll need to set your preferences
and you also need to know how the swap works
We’ll outline how the Process works with this diagram
then we'll see how to set the preferences and then we'll see how to actually make the
so we want to take metadata from Capture One and move it over into Media Pro and we'd also
like to take any meta data that we create in Media Pro
and move it back to Capture One
we can't do this directly, we have to use of third party
will use the image file
or rather we use a sidecar file that is sitting in the folder right next to the image file
and has the exact same name
but has XMP as the file extension on the end of the file name
when we create meta data in Capture One we can sync it out to the sidecar file then
When we import the images into our Media Pro catalog
all of the meta data that's in the sidecar file
will get brought into the catalog and will be assigned
to that image file
any changes that are made to the meta data
in the catalog
can be synced back to the XMP sidecar file and then that can also carry the changes
back over to Capture One
so if you were to add some keywords or change the usage rates or add or change
Copyright or contact information
you can push that back into the sidecar file
and then when you open the file backup in Capture One
you'll see the new information
associated with that file
and this is a manual Process as we have outlined it here
but we're going to make One change, we're going to set up the synchronization between Capture
One and the XMP sidecar file
to be an automatic
two-way synchronization
that way anytime we make a change in Capture One it's going to automatically update
the sidecar file
in any time
new information comes into the sidecar file
we're going to automatically see that in Capture One
the link between the sidecar file and the Media Pro catalog however is always going
to stay
as uh... something that needs to be invoked manually
you will either export annotations from the Media Pro catalog you’re re-import
uh... annotations
back into the Media Pro catalog
that won't be
An automatically updated link
in the same way we have it set up over here
in Capture One
their number of reasons Media Pro is set up this way
at the core, is the concept that catalog software contains the master copy meta data
you need a place to do your organization
and set the tags
and know that the work you do
will be reliably saved
it's simpler in safer
to keep all that information in one single place
the catalogue
think of the embedded and sidecar meta data
as a way to make the information visible to other Programs when that need arises
if we open the Capture One preferences which are in the Capture One menu on Mac and in the
edit menu on PC
and go into the
image panel we’ll see down at the bottom
the meta data items
this is the most important one right here
this auto sync sidecar XMP “full sync” this is what creates that two-way update between
Capture One
and the XMP sidecar file
I suggest you have these other two checkboxes
checked like this
but they're only going to be useful in very rare kinds of instances
and really that's all we have to do at this point we've set this up so that Capture One
will create these XMP sidecar files
and is always going to be updating them
anytime we add
meta data to some images
so let's see how that works
I’ve got a couple of images
and I want to add some metadata data
and I’m going to use a preset that I’ve got
I get a preview of what that is the information
shows up there in the meta data panel and I’m going to assign that information
and you can see
that information is now assigned
to both images let's keep these images selected
and add them to the Media Pro catalog
I can find my most recent import by the find menu shows last import
and here are these two images
that we've brought in
Let’s go look at the meta data for them
and you can see I have my city state country information as well as my copyright contact
all applied to these images
so these have come in with that information
that I applied over in
Capture One
now let's make a change to these files. I’m going to select both and taken some usage rights
okay have typed that in
and I can
tab out of that
and that's now been applied to both of these images and you can see
As I click through
there they are
let's go back into Capture One and see what we see
Back in Capture One we can see that the usage rights field is still blank, let's go back to
Media Pro and synchronize the annotations I’m going to select both of these images and
go to the action menu and choose sync annotations
you can see in the synchronize annotations
dialogue I have two options, I can either re-import metadata or I can export metadata
in this case I’m going to export metadata
Media Pro has added this new item
create XMP sidecar meta data files in this case because there already is a sidecar
file it actually doesn't matter
what I have this set to, and as long as your images are coming in from Capture One Pro
with sidecars
it actually doesn't really matter how you have this set
this only makes a difference
when there's no sidecar file already in existence
in which case you have the choice to tell it
not to make a sidecar file,
make a sidecar file when it thinks it needs to because it can't put the meta data into
the file, or to always make a sidecar file
regardless of what kind of file type you have. I suggest that for most people this is going
to be the right setting
once we have that set
let's hit “ok”
once we come back in to Capture One we can see that that metadata
has appeared in the correct field
and I didn't have to do anything to make it appear
because we have Capture One set too
update whenever
something happens to that XMP file
it simply read it in and shows it to me
now let's make a change here
and re-import that back into Media Pro
I’m going to change the location name here to the name of the road which is the M1
now let's go back into Media Pro
and we can see that of course this has not updated because we haven't told it to
So I’ll select both of these
and I’ll go up to the action menu
and I will sync annotations
And this time
I’m going to
I have three options
I can replace current
which will take
anything that's enough
XMP sidecar file
and it'll kicked out
anything that's in here that is different
or, I can say
and what that's going to do
is it will
only important new values when there's
a blank field, if I select merge
it's only going to import new values
for blank fields it's going to prefer the catalog if there's a conflict and when I say
merge prefer original file
if there's a conflict between
what's in the XMP sidecar file and what's in the catalog
it's going to
Prefer what’s in the XMP sidecar file rather than what's here. In this case it doesn't make
any difference
and there it is, showing up in the location field