How to Sew a Handmade Christmas Stocking : Cutting the Squares of Christmas Stocking Fabric

Uploaded by expertvillage on 01.10.2007

So now that we’ve cut the front and back for our little stocking, we need to start
cutting out some squares. As you can see we have a rather large piece for a little quarter
flat here. We are not going to cut up the whole thing. I’m probably just going to
do two or three good strips because you can always cut off more later. These don’t need
to be really big strips. You don’t need to measure them. You don’t need to do anything
like that. It’s probably about a1 ½ to 2 inches big. That will be big enough because
what we are going to do is we are going to fold these under eventually. See I’ve got
a couple of strips here. Now what I am going to do is cut them into smaller little squares
kind of like mini quilter squares and you can make them longer or shorter if you would
like and you could always trim them later on as well but you want to go ahead and do
this for each one of your fabrics. Just cut out some little squares there. Might do one
more strip on this later. What I want to focus on for a second is our little flower pattern
one because I want to be a little more careful with this one. Let’s see, notice how there
is a real nice flower right in here and there is a bunch of them in different spots that
are real cute. What I want to do is look for the best way that I can cut this to get some
of these nice little flowers out. Sometimes it is nice to center your little flowers and
have some sort of extra little pattern or something extra special. Got that cut. I can
take and fold these up real nice later. Like I said you don’t have to cut up the entire
thing. You just want to use a couple of strips about an 1 ½ to 2 inches on each of your
little pieces and they will be ready for the next step which is we want to lay them all
out into a little pattern. We are going to show you how to do that in just a minute.